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Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in Hell’s Paradise (Ranked)

No matter how many new anime series make their debut in 2023, fans are always looking for their hottest female character. As we know, Hell’s Paradise emerged as one of the best anime of 2023 because of its top-notch animation and wonderful fantasy world.

Moreover, its characters also do not hold back themselves to take their series’ popularity to its peak, especially its female characters. So let’s move forward and meet our top 10 hottest female characters in Hell’s Paradise.

Here you will also meet some of their manga characters who have not yet made their anime debut. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Hottest Female Characters in Hell Paradise

10. Gabimaru’s Mother

Gabimaru's Mother

Gabimaru’s Mother is a former high-ranking member of the Kunoichi of Iwagakure. She is a beautiful woman and mainly follows the grace of traditional Asian fashion.

As a result, she has a bun hairstyle and wears simple robes. Beyond her striking appearance, she is a kind-hearted woman who loves her family and is also admired by her fellow villagers.

9. Zhu Jin

Zhu Jin

Zhu Jin is one of the members of Lord Tensen, the major antagonist group in the series. She is a tall beautiful girl with orange eyes and short, orange/yellow hair. She wears quite unique outfits that consist of a shirt with a large collar, a fancy dark skirt, and boots.

Zhu Jin is very unenthusiastic and isn’t interested in doing any work she is assigned. Moreover, she often made a bored face whenever she was assigned a new task.

8. Mei


Mei is another supporting character, yet one of the hottest female characters in Hell’s Paradise. Even though her actual age is more than 1,000, she excellently retains the appearance of a 10-year-old girl.

She has a cute baby face with pink hair and eyes that make her quite adorable. Like her face, she also has a childlike personality, and her shyness and innocence add an extra layer of charm to her character.

7. Isuzu Yamada Asaemon 

Isuzu Yamada Asaemon

Isuzu Yamada Asaemon is one of the hottest supporting characters in the series. She is a very tall sexy girl who has dark skin and long Frizzy hair. As an Asaemon, she wears its official attire along with a beautiful chain.

Isuzu is also very respectful towards her companions and very loyal towards Shugen, the strongest member of Asaemon Yamada. Aside from her exceptional beauty, she is also quite skilled and has impressive physical strength.

6. Rien


Rien is the main antagonist of the series and the head of Lord Tensen. Despite being female, she looked like a boy because of her short hair with a distinct large bang. Moreover, her bang gracefully draped from the left side of her face, which provided a very unique look to her overall appearance.

On the other hand, she is a quiet individual who rarely talks with anyone until and unless she has some urgent work to do with them.

5. Yui


Yui is the daughter of an Iwagakure Chief and also one of the prominent characters in the series. She is a young girl with a charming face and wavy long blonde hair that gracefully reaches down to her shoulders.

Furthermore, her hazel eyes and the stylishly swept bang on the left side of her face add more charm to her face. Like her appearance, she is also a very kind and caring person who talks softly to others.

4. Tao Fa 

Tao Fa

Tao Fa is the major antagonist of the series and is an adorable young lady. She has cute pink short hair, which makes her the cutest female character in the series. She also dressed in East Asian clothing styles that enhanced her beauty and made her even more appealing.

Tao Fa is consistently observed as a cheerful and friendly individual, rarely exhibiting a negative mood.

3. Akaginu


Akaginu is the infamous criminal and a minor character in the series. She is the perfect blend of cuteness and hotness, having a beautiful face with long floating hair and a voluptuous figure.

Furthermore, her attire, which reveals her shoulder and cleavage, makes her even more hot and appealing to audiences. On top of that, her personality exudes a seductive allure, and she often employs sexual temptations with her beauty to prey upon men because she possesses a cannibalistic nature.

2. Sagiri


Sagiri is the second main character of the series who is the 12th rank Asaemon of the Yamada clan. She is a young beautiful woman with long brown hair and a ponytail hairstyle. Her beautiful white attire also makes her beauty quite elegant.

Behind her beauty, she has a very stoic and serious personality because of her great sense of responsibility. As a samurai, she was a highly skilled swordswoman, but she lacked battle experience in comparison to other Asaemon Yamada.

1. Yuzuriha  


Yuzuriha is one of the strongest members of the Death Row Criminals, an antagonist group. Despite being a supporting character, she gets lots of love and attention from fans for her lethal beauty.

As a result, there is no doubt Yuzuriha is the hottest female character in Hell’s Paradise. Her sleeveless dark shinobi attire also adds to her charm by revealing her sexy body. Her friendly and carefree nature also makes her cute sometimes.

But her cuteness suddenly changes to hotness whenever she pulls her kunai and starts fighting like a female ninja


That’s it for the post! We hope you like our list of the hottest female characters in Hell’s Paradise. Each of them had an extremely beautiful appearance and an attractive figure. As a result, they left an indelible impression on fans’ hearts, even some of them became their favorite waifu, such as Yuzuriha and Sagiri.

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