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Dark Gathering Ep 12 Spoilers & Release Date (S-Rank Threat)

Dark Gathering Ep 12 will be an exciting horror ride for fans after judging the reaction to the latest Episode 11. Keitaro and Yayoi went ahead with the new Graduate to investigate a location that needed to be marked on Yayoi’s map.

It was H-Castle Ruins, which quickly had an S-Rank Danger level. In this episode, we learned the horrors of the S-Rank threat and how it had easily manipulated Yayoi and Keitaro’s minds.

Both of them were separated at the start, and we also saw the bloody and gruesome history of the Castle. Keitaro was the one who witnessed it himself, and he was even cursed during this time.

In the meantime, Yayoi’s senses were manipulated as she assumed the scary Old Woman to be Keitaro. The Old Woman later takes care of her and shows Keitaro that she is now dead.

Keitaro is confused and shocked after seeing the power level of this spirit. At the end of the episode, we also see that the spirit has the whole range of the Castle under its hypnosis spell.

This was the reason there was no death ever reported in this area.

Dark Gathering Ep 12 Spoilers

Dark Gathering Ep 12 Spoilers

There won’t be a problem for Keitarou and Yayoi with this Big Ghost. Since they also have the newest Graduate of Yayoi, the situation becomes easier for both. 

  • Keitarou keeps lamenting that he should have thought rationally.
  • Meanwhile, we see the situation of Yayoi and the Old Woman ten minutes before. 
  • Yayoi was unconscious but still managed to wound the Old Woman reflexively. 
  • She also wakes up following this and swiftly takes care of the Old Woman. 
  • In the present, it was just the spirit’s illusion to catch Keitarou. 
  • He now understood that Yayoi wasn’t dead and was safe somewhere else. 
  • Keitarou is being pulled up into the sky, and he sees a lot of skeletons killed on top of the dome. 
  • Yayoi arrives at the right time to save Keitarou, and they discuss this Ghost for some time. 
  • She also understands that only her Graduate could now help them in this situation. 
  • Yayoi unveils this new Head Priest of the Evil Sutra, and Keitarou instantly gets chills. 
  • She said they must not hear the Sutras and would be crippled if they listened to it. 
  • These sutras start dragging the women ghosts out of the big Ghost and forcefully send them to hell
  • Even when almost all Women Ghosts are released, the Big Ghost doesn’t crumble. 
  • It runs away but is soon cornered by Yayoi, Keitarou, and the Graduate’s sutras. 
  • Yayoi gives an option for the Ghost to either die or join her army. 
  • The H-Castle Ruins Ghost now enters one of Yayoi’s plushies, and Keitarou’s curse is lifted. 

Dark Gathering Ep 12 Release Date

Dark Gathering Ep 12 Release Date

Dark Gathering Ep 12 should be released on 24th September, in exactly six days. There was also a preview at the end of Episode 11, which gave us a glimpse of what to expect from the next episode.

The episode will be released at precisely 9:35 IST on the official Muse Asia YouTube channel. It will take around 30 minutes more for the episode to get updated on the Hidive streaming service.

These are all of the spoilers for Dark Gathering Ep 12. Check out some of our other articles while we develop exciting and similar ideas like these.

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