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Dark Gathering Ep 17 Spoilers & Release Date(Eiko and Yayoi’s Adventure)

Dark Gathering Ep 17 would introduce to us yet another creepy ghost, but this time, there is only Eiko and Yoyoi to deal with this spirit. In the previous episode, we saw Eiko’s true feelings and that she still wants to visit haunted places along with Yayoi and Keitarou. 

For setting up one of their Graduates, Eiko and Yayoi are searching for a cheap home. They find one but are immediately greeted with the news that this house is haunted and that many weird incidents happened here. 

So, then the regular inspection of Eiko and Yayoi starts, and the episode ends there. 

Dark Gathering Ep 17 Spoilers

Dark Gathering Ep 17 Spoilers

This will be a unique and eerie experience for Yayoi and Eiko. Even if they stumbled on this house by mistake, they must now deal with a powerful spirit. 

  • After the owner explains the history of this house, he explains his concerns. 
  • Yayoi and Eiko start with their inspection of this house. 
  • Oddly enough, the door opens independently, and a ghost enters the mansion. 
  • Eiko decides that they should trail this Ghost. 
  • They are soon met with the ghosts of the original owner and his daughter
  • Both of these ghosts welcome the other spirits that enter the house. 
  • The daughter ghost is a young girl but has set up traps for any intruders. 
  • Eiko would have almost fallen into one of them if not for Yayoi. 
  • They soon find a secret well under the floor of a room. 
  • This moment is when they see the true face of the Ghost
  • The Ghost has a very powerful presence, and even Eiko could see it. 
  • After this, they explore the house and find a spiritual altar
  • They find yet another powerful Ghost at this location. 
  • The young girl’s Ghost calls it Angel-sama and keeps offering it something. 
  • The new spirit seems like the Ghost of a Baby as it runs towards Eiko. 
  • Both Eiko and Yayoi are frightened and run away after seeing this.
  • After escaping it, they look into the memories of these ghosts. 
  • A couple, along with their daughter, used to live in this house happily. 
  • However, one day, the mother dies in an accident caused by the father. 
  • The father and the daughter are extremely sad and depressed since this incident. 
  • This is when two mysterious people come looking for them. 
  • They say that they have a secret ritual that will save them. 
  • They explain that the father must make a child with his daughter to be saved. 
  • The father is reluctant to do it, but the daughter believes they could be saved. 

Dark Gathering Ep 17 Release Date

Dark Gathering Ep 17 Release Date

Dark Gathering Ep 17 will be released on 29th October, in 5 more days. The release time of the episodes is around 9:35 PM IST, but it takes a bit longer for the episodes to get updated on the Hidive streaming service. 

There is also a preview for next week’s episode, which gives us more insight into how the next episode will be. The manga series for this anime releases monthly and has around 50 chapters

These are all major spoilers and plot points for the Dark Gathering Ep 17. Check out some of our posts below for more similar kinds of articles. 

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