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How Powerful Is Damnatio In Black Clover?

In the recent chapters, we saw Damnatio in the Black Clover manga series after he didn’t have screen time for a long time. He had only returned more potent as a Paladin serving under Lucius now.

But how did his power level and abilities change since the devil possessed him? We know he singlehandedly dealt with all of the Black Bulls members, but how strong is he now?

To know the answers to these questions, check our article, which focuses on everything about Damnatio in Black Clover regarding power level.

Who is Damnatio Kira?

Who is Damnatio Kira?

Damnatio Kira was from one of the prominent royal families in the Clover Kingdom. He is the Chairman of the Country Magic Parliament, which oversees all kinds of criminal trials.

He was also the person who had judged Asta’s sins of possessing a devil host. Damnatio’s magic is also perfect for evaluating all criminals‘ good and wrong acts.

He is a cold and calculative character who would do anything to achieve Justice according to his norms, in his country. He also dramatically respects Julius Novachrono and a few of his decisions.

After he turned into a devil, he was possessed by the Devil Baal, which also presented him with a second magic attribute.

Powers and Abilities

  • His magic attribute is scale magic, which he uses to evaluate all criminals. 
  • With this, he measured the opinions of all of the other court members about the criminal. 
  • He can also adjust or balance the scale using various other factors. 
  • Damnatio also has an immense mana pool, letting him easily use strong spells. 
  • He had a three-leaf Grimoire, which proves his strength despite not being in battles much. 
  • All his powers and abilities were in his standard form before the Devil possessed him.

Before Devil Possessed

Before Devil Possessed

Before the Devil possessed him, Damnatio led a peaceful and happy life, judging different convicts. He held a very significant position in the Clover Kingdom and could deal with many different kinds of people.

But he also showed that he cared about his country during Asta’s trial. Instead of blaming the Magic Knight, he directly blames Asta. If the Magic Knights were guilty, Clover Kingdom would become prone to enemy attacks.

Another factor is that most, if not almost all, of them come from other high-ranking Royal families in the Clover Kingdom. One wrong move, and he would have lost his position and his standing.

He mostly only cared about his work and didn’t have a good relationship with his brother and father. But, his peaceful life was disturbed after he tried digging into the past of the Devils.

When he found out that there was a different kind of Devil called Astaroth that manipulated time, he notified Julius. This led to Lucius’s awakening inside Julius and Damnatio being turned into a Paladin.

After Devil Possessed

After Devil Possessed

After becoming a Paladin, Damnatio instantly became one of the series’s strongest characters. He had also received a second magic attribute, which proved to be a massive hurdle for the Black Bulls members.

His scale magic power and strength were increased significantly in this state. He could directly interfere with his opponent’s spells using his Scale Dominate, which alone proved a significant problem for the Black Bulls.

Damnatio’s mana had also exponentially increased in this form. He could even unleash a vast sword with his scale magic alone. This proved to be a very offensive tool, which almost killed Gauche and Grey.

He had efficiently dealt with all of the other Black Bulls members. But this wasn’t his most robust form of magic yet. He had the atmospheric magic of Baal, who was considered a higher Devil.

This alone is enough to prove his strength. Using this, he was flawlessly able to deal with the rest of the Black Bulls members and had almost broken the Witches’ spell. He can manipulate the atmosphere and air around him to slash his opponents with invisible blades.

He also has a near-immortal body, thanks to his Paladin nature. However, this doesn’t matter when he can defeat all his opponents using his long-range sword attacks and atmospheric magic.

Even after the devil possessed him, he still had some of the values and justice he previously had. He thinks this is all for justice and the whole world’s greater good and keeps talking about this in his fight.

How Powerful Is Damnatio In Black Clover?

How Powerful Is Damnatio In Black Clover?

Damnatio was a decent mage with his scale magic, which could be helpful in many situations. However, his standard form wasn’t a fighter, nor was he ever meant to be one.

Only in his Devil Posessed form does he unlock his true power. Even if Lucius granted him unique magic attributes, using all the abilities and spells still depended on him.

We could credit him for turning into one of the most powerful characters in the series. Even if he isn’t the strongest Paladin, he comes close to snatching away the top spot from Morgen.

We can put him as a top 2 strongest Paladin as of now, as we don’t know the power of the rest of them. And, now, the main question: How does he rank in the list of the strongest characters in the whole series with his Paladin form?

Since he had the power of a supreme devil, he can be ranked in the top 10 strongest characters of the series. He possessed tremendous energy and almost single-handedly stopped the entry of Asta into the Clover Kingdom.

He only revealed a little of his other scale magic or atmospheric magic spells in this form. Damnatio still stuck to his ideals and had only shown us a couple of his powerful spells.

Had he turned wholly evil and not retained his ideals and values, we might have seen an even more powerful of him. He didn’t attack seriously from the start and did not unleash his all-powerful atmospheric magic. This was what led to his demise later in the series.

These are all the abilities and the power level of Damnatio in Black Clover. Although we have yet to see some of his other magic attributes, this was enough of a showcase to prove why he is one of the strongest characters in the series.

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