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Top 20 Hottest Bleach Characters Male Ranked (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:30 am

Bleach had been one of the longest-running manga before coming to an end in 2016. However, it still has a vast array of male characters that are thought to be both attractive and powerful. Some of these characters have insanely high power levels and an equal level of fan following.

Therefore, this post will rank the top twenty hottest Bleach male characters in Bleach. This is a comprehensive list that will include all of the hottest male characters. Does your favorite Bleach male character make it into the list?? Stay tuned till the end to find out.

20) Arturo Platedo 

Arthuro Bleach

just like his name suggests, this Platedo is a natural Arrancar and one that is considered one of the hottest Bleach male characters. He has long turquoise hair, and the remnant of his Arrancar mask passes up from his right cheek, giving him a dark, broody sort of vibe that fans find immensely attractive.

With contrasting yellow eyes, he appears to be gazing deep into the soul. He is also an extremely competent military strategist and a powerful combatant. In the English dub, Arturo is found to have a mind Spanish accent that seems to add to his appeal, placing him in the 20th position.

19) Uryu Ishida

Uryu Bleach

Well, there would be very few that would disagree that Ishida, with his glasses and his neat uniform with a tie, makes for a formidable figure in the world of Bleach. What it means is that this character now is one of the most followed, owing to his partial Quincy origins and also because he is a doctor, and well, there is nobody who does not like a doctor.

Additionally, his neatly parted black hair and an austere manner of carrying himself get him to the 19th spot on this list.

18) Yumichika Ayasegawa

Yumichika Bleach

Well, you cannot hold it against Yumichika that he does not look the manliest of all characters, but he also has his unique selling points. For one, he is immensely powerful, holding the 3rd seat in Division 11 and the fifth seat in the Gotei 13. Additionally, he is an excellent combatant with an exploratory record, making him a highly sort after man.

Granted that he does give off effeminate vibes, it is really his self-confidence and partial narcissism that get him all the attention. No surprise, therefore, that he takes the 18th spot on this list.

17) Keigo Asano

Keigo Bleach

In contrast to Yumichika, Keigo really has none of those selling points. He is just an average high school guy whose primary concern is his homework and who inordinately gets involved with Inchigo’s adventures.

Keigo has brown eyes and hair in bangs, often running away from all the trouble. But then again, this is the guy who is known for his typical Japanese vibes and one that is known for his simplicity that makes him attractive. Therefore, it is easy for Keigo to take up the 17th spot.

16) Szayelaporro Granz

Granz Bleach

Granz is quite attractive: in an evil sort of way. He was cast down to hell for becoming a member of Sosuke Aizen’s army and therefore came to be known by the term “jailer of Hell.” He has pink hair, and his Arrancar mask has attached to his face, giving it the appearance of spectacles, one that goes with his evil genius sort of look.

With long pink flowing hair and a devilish smile, Granz is considered to be one of the most powerful Arrancar ever-present. Granz is also an expert strategist, along with being a powerful manipulator and a warrior on his own, rightfully taking the 16th spot on this list.

15) Kisuke Urahara

Kisuke Bleach

As the ex-shinigami captain, Urahara is a powerful combatant who knows exactly what to do in crisis situations and is also one of the deadliest warriors. Being an ex-captain meant that he had to maintain his figure in an athletic sort of way, and no wonder, therefore, that he is considered one of the hottest male characters in Bleach.

Kisuke, with his long blond hair that extends to his nose, gives him a cute vibe. He is generally friendly to the people he knows and is also polite and understanding in his own little ways, taking the 15th spot on the list.

14) Jushiro Ukitake

Jushiro Ukitake Bleach

Jushiro gives off a kind of calm and serene vibe, and that peacefulness seems to wash over all that surrounds him. For most of his life, he has acted as the right-hand man of the soul king and is therefore well versed with the working of the soul society and is also one of the most authoritative and powerful characters to date.

During one of his previous attacks, his hair turned white. Suffering from a terminal illness, Jushiro still manages to serve the soul society in numerous ways and takes the 14th spot on the list.

13) Ichimaru Gin

Gin Bleach

Well, not going to lie; Ichimaru kind of looks like a lizard when he grins, but then he is also the guy with smooth silvery hair and sky blue eyes, so maybe not the right place to complain.

Granted that he is kind of perverted, he is also one the strongest captains and has one of the strongest Bankai in the entire series. This adds to his already powerful sway, giving him the 13th spot on the list.

12) Sora Ino

Sora Bleach

Sora made his appearance in the Soul Society arc and won hearts with his peaceful smile and love for his sister. However, his life was cut short in an unfortunate accident that turned him into a hollow by the name of acid wire.

However, it is really his human form that we are considering. He had blown skin with large lustrous brown eyes, long hair with bangs, and a certain sense of calm as he went about things. Perhaps his deep love for his sister turned him into a hollow in the first place, but whatever the circumstances were, he takes the 12th spot on this list.

11) Coyote Starrk

Coyote Bleach

Well, if flamboyance is not usually your style, then we have got just the right man for you. Coyote is less of a speaker and more of a doer; he does not go about beating drums and is yet easily one of the strongest Arrancars that Aizen ever recruited.

The remaining portion of his Arrancar mask is in the form of a fang that hangs around his neck. He has deep greyish blue eyes and brown unkempt long wavy hair that gives him kind of the rockstar vibe. No wonder he takes the 11th spot on this list.

10) Ashido Kano

Ashido Bleach

Ashido is quite the specimen himself and is also a shinigami trapped in Hueco Mundo. Asano is a deadly opponent to anger since he has very little remorse about killing anyone or anything and can easily adjust to the circumstances.

Ashido has tan brownish-red spiky hair that appears to go up from all sides. Despite his ruthless nature, he is at peace with all the decisions he made. He wears a coat that has five hollow masks at the back that he can use for a variety of purposes. Ashido takes the 10th spot on this list.

9) Hanza Nukui

Hanza Bleach

Well, you can refer to Hanza as the Kakashi of Bleach. While their characteristics appear to be vastly different, they are almost similar in terms of physical presentation and will fool anyone who doesn’t know the distinction between the two.

Hanza has light purple hair and covers his face with a mask that extends to his neck, just like Kakashi. As one of the deadliest assassins in Bleach, he is healthy, deadly, and powerful. Considering his gorgeous grey eyes is enough to put him on the 9th spot in the list of hottest males in Breach.

8) Tesra Lindocruz

Tesrai Bleach

Another blonde makes it into this list, which is no surprise this time. Beautifully unkept medium blonde hair that appears to cover the remanents of his Arrancar mask on his forehead, Tesra is a force to be reckoned with in battle.

A scientist by nature, his uniform represents a lab coat with sleeves rolled up. Yet another feature of him is the eyepatch he wears over his right eye, giving him quite the mysterious vibe. With his excessive combat ability and valuable scientific knowledge, he takes 8th place on this list.

7) Kaien Shiba

Kaien Bleach

If blonde really isn’t your type, we have got the raven-haired Shiba just for you. He served as the former Lieutenant in the 13th division before he was horrendously murdered by the same hollow that claimed the life of his wife.

Kaien was really the epitome of what the most ethical men were and were also a loving and caring man for his family. Shiba makes it onto this list of the hottest males in Bleach, given the beautiful contrast his sea-green eyes make with his raven black hair, giving him a certain austerity, placing him in the 7th spot.

6) Renji Abarai

Renji Bleach

Renji, with his long red hair, has often been labeled a menage, but it must not be forgotten that this character served as the Lieutenant to Byakuya and is one of the deadliest warriors in the entirety of Soul Society. The unique art about Renji is that he is not static and can easily alter his mood in accordance with whatever the situation requires.

Renji is quite the warrior, taking on complex tasks and seeking to surpass Byakuya, which derives his quest for power. He takes the 6tth spot on this list.

5) Byakuya Kuchiki

Byakuya Bleach

Whatever your opinion is of Byakuya, you cannot deny that he is hot. And honestly, it is mostly that mean face and the “I don’t care” attitude that does it for him. Also, not to forget, he is the captain of the 6th division as well as a member of the Gotei 13.

His long black hair was neatly arranged, and that mean look on his face is testimony enough of his serious demeanor. His slate grey eyes appear to complement his appearance, placing Byakuya in the respectable 5th spot on this list.

4) Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow Bleach

Well, yet another Arrancar makes it onto this list, and this time it’s due to the sky-blue hair and sea blue eyes, giving him a complex yet calm look. It is difficult to find out how Grimmjow pulls off the calm yet evil smile.

To then, now add the fact that he was a cardinal member of Sosuke’s army, and we have a character that cannot and will not be turned down, taking the fourth spot on this list.

3) Toshiro Hitsugaya

Toshiro Bleach

Toshiro is a prodigy on more than one account, it appears. Not only is he the youngest captain ever, but also the captain of the 10th division and a captain in the Gotei 13.

Add to that his silvery-white hair and turquoise eyes, and it is impossible for anyone to justify him not being on this list in the 3rd spot.

2) Ichigo Kurosaki

Ichigo Bleach

We have found all sorts of hair colors, from purple to red, ranging from green to sky-blue, and yet Ichigo is the only one that appears with orange hair throughout the entire series. Being the protagonist in the series, it is only justified that Kubo sensei made Ichigo one of the hottest males in Bleach.

Given that he is a Quincy, Hollow, and Shinigami all rolled into one, Ichigo appears to be doing quite well for himself with his medium-cropped spikey hair that makes ladies go gaga over him. Add to that his physique and battle prowess, and we have a character that is so complete that the beat would fear to go against him, taking the 2nd spot on this list.

1) Sosuke Aizen

Aizen Bleach

So who exactly is this guy that comes along and defeats the protagonist in terms to looks to claim the top spot for himself? Well, Aizen is much more than what his looks project (and he literally is gorgeous), but also, Aizen is an excellent combatant and later on joined hands with Ichigo to defeat Yhwach.

Aizen’s Shikai is second only to Yamamoto, and that too can be brought into contention. But, with his lustrous brown eyes and brown hair, and accompanied by his devilish charm, Aizen claims the top rank in this list.

So here we conclude the complete ranking of the hottest males in Bleach. The Bleach manga is available on VIZ, and the anime can be streamed on Crunchyroll, so you can go and check these out. And in the meantime, for such exclusive Bleach content, keep following us.

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