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5 Most Famous Incubus Movies To Watch, 2024

This article will only familiarize you with the films concentrated on the concept or idea of incubus. Not many people are aware of the supernatural beings called incubus. They are male demons who try to mate with sleeping ladies through sexual intercourse.

Below are a few movies that feature incubus and stories about these demons.

5 Most Famous Incubus Movies To Watch

1. The Incubus (1982)

IMDb Ratings5.5
Duration1 hour 33 minutes
ThemeHorror, mystery

John Hough’s directed film The Incubus was released in August 1982. It is an adaptation of a 1976 novel by Ray Russell under the same name.

George Franklin’s written movie follows the tale of a small town named Wisconsin that faces the issue of a sex killer. The sheriff and doctor come together to hunt down the mysterious figure, who seems like an unstoppable embodiment of a demon who rapes and murders young women.

2. Incubus (1966)

IMDb Ratings6.1
Duration1 hour 18 minutes
ThemeHorror, black-and-white

The horror movie Incubus debuted on October 26th, 1966, and was made under the direction of Leslie Stevens, who also wrote the film. Incubus focuses on the story of a man who fights the powers of evil for his survival on a bizarre island populated by devils and spirits.

The American film stars William Shatner, Milos Milos, Allyson Ames, Ann Atmar, Eloise Hardt, and Robert Fortier. The 78-minute-long movie’s copy was discovered with French subtitles at Cinémathèque Française in 1996 after being believed to have been lost for numerous years.

3. Deadly Blessing

IMDb Ratings5.5
Duration1 hour 43 minutes
ThemeHorror, mystery

The slasher movie Deadly Blessing was released on August 14th, 1981, and helmed by Wes Craven. It follows the story of the widow, who grows more and more suspicious of the local religious group that considers age-old sin and curses, believing they may have evil intentions towards her after her husband passes away inexplicably.

Glenn M. Benest and Matthew Barr are behind the writing of the film that stars Maren Jensen, Lisa Hartman, Sharon Stone, Susan Buckner, Jeff East, Lois Nettleton, and Ernest Borgnine.

4. The Black Room

IMDb Ratings3.4
Duration1 hour 34 minutes
ThemeHorror, Comedy

Rolfe Kanefsky’s directed-written film, The Black Room, was released on August 11th, 2017. It narrates the tale of a recently married couple, Paul and Jennifer, who shift into their dream home not long after a terrifying nightmare.

They found a diabolical secret in the form of a sinful and lascivious spirit in the basement that plots to destroy human souls and the world. The American horror movie cast members include Natasha Henstridge as Jennifer, Lukas Hassel as Paul, Lin Shaye as Miss Black, Tiffany Shepis as Monica, Augie Duke as Karen, Robert Donavan as Oscar, and more.

5. A Visit from the Incubus

IMDb Ratings6.4
Duration26 minutes
ThemeHorror, western

The Anna Biller-directed American film A Visit from the Incubus was released in October 2001. The 26-minute-long movie is centered on a young Victorian woman named Lucy. She encounters issues with an incubus, tormenting her in an Old West background.

These films will help you learn about these supernatural beings and their powers.

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