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Top 15 Sexiest Vampire Female Actresses In Movies/Series (Of All Time)

Vampires are often hailed as some of the sexiest characters in fiction. I mean, what is really hotter than a blood-sucking, seductive creature of the night who has been on this planet since the time of your great-great-great grandfather? Few things, really.

There is an allure about vampires that nothing can mimic. I can say I am a werewolf person myself, but I can never look past the undeniable charm of vampires. While some of them may hold a deep hatred for humans, the way they are often drawn to humans despite everything is extremely endearing.

Today, we will delve into the Top 15 Sexiest Vampire Female Actresses In Movies/Series. From the seductive sirens of classic horror to the modern warriors of the night, these actresses have breathed life into iconic vampire characters, showcasing their talent, beauty, and undeniable allure.

As we say, all it takes for a vampire to go from terrifying to captivating the woman who portrays her.

Top 15 Sexiest Vampire Female Actresses In Movies/Series

15. Catherine Deneuve (Miriam Blaylock)

Movies/Series Name: The Hunger

French actress Catherine Deneuve is considered one of the best European actresses ever, and we can easily see why.

The charm she holds while portraying the various beauties on the big screen is unparalleled. She has won various accolades and has been critically acclaimed over the years.

Miriam Blaylock is an elegant and seductive 2000-year-old vampire in the British movie The Hunger. 

She has been transforming lovers throughout history, each eventually succumbing to the insatiable hunger that comes with immortality. From the moment she appears on the screen, she holds everyone’s attention and remains a captivating character throughout.

14. Natasia Demetriou (Nadja)

Movies/Series Name: What We Do In The Shadows

Moving to a more recent, modern-day vampiric series, Natasia Charlotte Demetriou is a British actress, comedian, and screenwriter who is well-known for her role as Nadj in FX’s What We Do in the Shadows. Natasis is multi-talented and even worked as a makeup artist before moving on to becoming a professional comedian.

Nadja of Antipaxos grew up poor but was turned by a vampire masquerading as a snake. Three hundred years have gone by, and now she has cemented herself as a senior on the vampiric council and owner of Staten Island’s hottest vampire nightclub, “Nadja’s.”.

13. Lady Gaga (The Countess/Elizabeth)

Movies/Series Name: American Horror Story: Hotel

Lady Gaga needs no introduction. An “icon” is what describes her perfectly. She took the music industry by storm in the 2000s and never looked back. If being a music icon wasn’t enough, she has insane versatility. It’s no secret that Hollywood owes her a lot.

Elizabeth, mostly known as the Countess throughout the horror anthology series, is the owner of Hotel Cortez. She carries the blood virus that can turn humans into the afflicted. The countess is not only a stunning beauty but also an emotionally layered complex character. She may appear cold on the outside, but she feels more than she lets on.

12. Salma Hayek (Santanico Pandemonium)

Movies/Series Name: From Dusk Till Dawn

Who better to portray the seductively beautiful vampire queen working as an exotic dancer to lure men into being her blood bags than the gorgeous Salma Hayek?

When she arrived on the screen with the snake slithered around her neck, she became more than a memorable part of the horror history.

Salma is considered one of the most famous and influential Latina actresses. Multiple media outlets have also taken note of her beauty, citing her among the most beautiful in the world.

11. Katya Wyeth (Mircalla Karnstein/Carmilla)

Movies/Series Name: The Karnstein Trilogy

Katya Wyeth is a former model and actress, well-known for her work in various horror classics of the 70s. She started her career in theatre as a stage manager at the Theatre Royal, Windsor, later debuting on the stage as Lucienne in Dear Charles.

Katya is probably best remembered for her performance as Countess Mircalla in the Karnstein movies. An Austrian noblewoman and a female vampire, she is known for seducing and vampirizing both male and female victims in 16th and 19th century Styria. Her alluring charm certainly makes it easy for her.

10. Gemma Arterton (Clara Webb)

Movies/Series Name: Byzantium

Debuting on the stage in 2007, Gemma Arterton is a British actress and producer. Since then, she has portrayed many charming characters both on the stage and on the big screen. She runs her own production company called Rebel Park Productions, which emphasizes producing material directed by women both in front of and behind the camera.

Clara Webb is a fascinating character, as she is not just a seductive vampire but a vampire who is doing her best for her daughter. This combination of deadly with a touch of kindness made her a truly unique character.

9. Monica Bellucci (Dracula’s bride)

Movies/Series Name: Bram Stoker’s Dracula

European women must have something in their blood because it’s amazing how many stunning women come out of the continent. Monica Bellucci is an Italian actress and model who is hailed as one of the most successful Italian women in the world. Saying she has an impressive resume is almost underselling her.

One of the key reasons that Francis Ford Coppola’s 1992 masterpiece, Dracula, is among the finest ever created is because Monica Bellucci played the bride. The brides remained nameless throughout the film, but their presence was enough to leave an impression on the audience.

8. Juliet Landau (Drusilla)

Movies/Series Name: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

Juliet Landau is an American actress, producer, director, and former professional ballerina. She is, of course, beautiful and has a stunning body, probably honed by her years in ballet.

Drusilla is a fan favorite in the American supernatural drama series. If not for the ruthless Angelus, who slaughtered her whole family right before her eyes and turned her into a vampire, she could have been a saintly woman living her life quietly, helping others.

But the mental trauma broke her. She is a compelling antagonist of the series, one who is cruel because she was created out of cruelty.

7. Sharon Tate (Sarah Shagal)

Movies/Series Name: The Fearless Vampire Killers

It’s always a misfortune to see amazing talent die young. Sharon Tate was an American actress and model during the 60s.

She was hailed as one of Hollywood’s most promising newcomers and received positive acclaim for her witty and charming performances.

Everything is going fine in Sarah’s life until the creepy Count von Krolock bites her. Caught between the quaint life of an innkeeper’s daughter and the thrilling world of vampire hunters, Sarah has to figure out where her loyalties lie.

The unique innocence of the character, coupled with Sarah’s charisma, makes for a memorable figure in cinematic history.

6. Deborah Ann Woll (Jessica Hamby)

Movies/Series Name: True Blood

An American actress, Deborah Ann Woll, began her acting career in 2007. But her breakout role was through the HBO drama series True Blood in 2008, in which she played the role of Crompton’s progeny, Jessica.

Jessica Hamby was turned by Bill Crompton as punishment for killing a vampire. although she struggled at first, her turning gave her a kind of weird freedom, one she never expected while living with her strict Christin family. She is a vampire on the kinder side, trying her best to hold onto her humanity due to Bill’s teachings.

5. Silvia Colloca (Verona Dracula)

Movies/Series Name: Van Helsing 

Silvia Colloca is an Italian-Australian actress and opera singer. She is also a cook and a TV show personality who has six published cookbooks under her name.

Count Dracula always has the most stunning brides, and Van Helsing is a prime example of that. Verona Dracula is the elegant yet commanding bride of Count Dracula.

She is the oldest of the three and holds a sense of authority. Beautiful and deadly, the bloodthirsty Verona can move heaven and earth to aid his husband as his second-in-command.

4. Tilda Swinton (Eve)

Movies/Series Name: Only Lovers Left Alive

I feel like something in the air changes whenever Tilda steps foot on the screen. Her unconventional beauty and her alluring acting almost hypnotize the viewers.

You never know what to expect of her as this is a woman who thrives on blurring boundaries. Of course, I am not the only one who recognizes her charm. A receiver of multiple accolades, she is hailed as one of the greatest actors of the 21st century.

No one really could have played the poetic and sophisticated Eve as well as Tilda did. She may not be your typical blood-sucking, seductive vampire, but she’s an embodiment of the artistic spirit, a timeless soul who reminds us to savor the beauty of decay, embrace the darkness, and never stop seeking meaning in the vast tapestry of existence.

3. Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen)

Movies/Series Name: Twilight

The Twilight series had to make it on the list since it’s basically what Gen Z thinks of when someone says vampires. You may hate it but you can’t deny the impact the movies left on the industry. Of course, everyone remembers Edward’s gleaming body, but the franchise is well known for having plenty of hot vampiresses too.

Alice Cullen, portrayed by the strikingly beautiful Ashley Greene, is one of the most popular. She is married to Jasper and is Edward’s adoptive sister.

Even in the books, she is mentioned as beautiful and graceful; her movements are continually cited as dancing with a carriage that would “break any ballerina’s heart”.

2. Kate Beckinsale (Selene)

Movies/Series Name: Underworld

Kate entered early in the industry with Kenneth Branagh’s Much Ado About Nothing in 1993. Her roles in period dramas, romance, and action films have gained her a spot amongst the favorites. Her role in the Underworld series is one of the best, and it’s evident the movies couldn’t have done it without her.

Selene is an elite assassin of the vampire clan, nicknamed “Death Dealer,” and hunts down Lycans to avenge her family. Fierce and captivating, Selene is a force to be reckoned with. In a male-dominated character troupe, she totally knocks out her competition, portraying an image of unwavering determination.

1. Nina Dobrev (Katherine Pierce)

Movies/Series Name: The Vampire Diaries

There is no way you can talk about Nina Dobrev without talking about the sweet, sweet femme fatale of CW’s Vampire Diaries. A master of manipulation who can have the entire world at her feet with a flick of her perfect lashes. It’s difficult to describe Katherine Pierce in a few lines and what she was. However, we do know what she wasn’t: boring.

Destroying men and always being one step ahead of our main cast, Katherine was like a mischievous fairy. Except she probably traded her glitter for fangs and her sunshine for shadows.

Perfect casting is what we can call Nina. Her angelic yet devilish charm was truly a sight to behold on the screen.

And that brings us to the end! Hopefully, you also like these ethereal beauties as much as we do.

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