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Infinite Level Up In Murim Wiki, Characters & Plot Review

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Infinite Level Up in Murim is a Korean webtoon written by Gonbung and illustrated by Jinwoo Kim. The main character of the series, Yuseong Dan, is a 40-year-old warrior from a poor background who used to serve in the military.

Due to not having a proper military education, he was only at the foot soldier level and was deprived of any critical missions. One day he got to participate in a critical mission and become a person who will go down in history.

Something felt odd to him, but being excited, he did not bother to ask questions or anything and went ahead with the mission. The main goal of this mission was to attack an enemy base at night, but there needed to be a proper location given.

After arriving at the location, Yuseong realized they had been used as bait to draw out enemies; suddenly, a mighty enemy arrived, killed all the soldiers, and attacked fiercely toward Yuseong Dan.

As soon as he realizes it is all over, he accepts the defeat but suddenly goes back in time and wakes up in the body of a 16-year-old. Now that he has a chance to redo his life, he is committed to not making the same mistakes he did in his first life.

Infinite Level Up In Murim Wiki

Yuseong Dan

Name:Infinite level up in Murim
Serialization:April 1, 2020-
Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy


The series begins in the 1700s when Yuseong Dan is one of the army members and is assigned a vital mission. It came as news to him since he was the last person assigned a mission with the authority to lead the group.

He spent his whole life training hard, but due to not being rich and having a well-established family, he did not raise his rank and was placed in a third-tier group that had no use during wars; their primary duty was to supply resources.

He gladly took on the duty, was determined to give his best, and saw this as a chance to rise in the ranks and become a commander. Despite needing to be adequately trained, Yuseong Dan craved success and read all the books he could find on war.

He did not care about his rank or status. He had the urge to learn about it, which made him one of the most formidable people in the army. His father always told him that “hard work always pays off.”

Yuseong believed in those words forever and always went the extra mile compared to others. Even when he was sent back in time, he did his duties rigorously and with a proper plan.


Yuseong reached the place marked on the map to defeat the enemies, make his name in the army, and become one of the most influential people in the kingdom’s history.

To his surprise, the location was empty, and no one was to be seen; it looked like the enemy used the place, but there were no signs or footsteps on the trail, putting them in a difficult situation.

Everyone started to look for them, but something felt odd to Yuseong Dan, as he could not understand how such a vast place was not filled with enemies. Suddenly a man appears, and everything becomes clear to him.

The hope he had that this would be his breakthrough in the army and the road to success started to fall apart second by second as he saw the terrifying fate met by his comrades, who were getting massacred.

Due to not being given the proper training and experience on the battlefield and being encountered by such a strong enemy, he made Yuseong lose his willpower to fight and give up.


As the enemy started killing soldiers mercilessly, he realized that the army had made them scapegoats and that they should retreat to the nearby warehouse where they could refill safely. Yuseong and the other soldiers could buy some time for them.

While the enemy almost slaughtered most of the soldiers, he approached him; instead of giving up, Yuseong remembered his father’s face and decided to face him head-on as he had no chance of escaping him.

The enemy unleashed his attack, killing all the soldiers nearby with only Yuseong remaining. As the enemy kept walking closer, his life flashed before his eyes as he realized his time had come.

When he brewed his last breath, he asked himself whether everything he had learned was worth it and fell into pitch-black space; Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice. Although he died, he now wakes up in the body of a 16-year-old.

Now that he has this opportunity, he will do everything he can to ensure that the dreadful past never becomes a reality and give his father the good and happy life he deserves.

Infinite Level Up In Murim Character

1) Yuseong Dan

Yuseong Dan

Yuseong Dan is the main protagonist of the story. Due to being involved in a trap, he died at age 40 but was given a chance by the system to travel back in time and redo his life again.

He has a very cheerful personality and is always looking to improve himself. His father has drilled the importance of discipline into him, and he follows it. In the current timeline, he is one of the strongest characters in the story.

2) Cheon Tae Hong


Cheon Tae Hong is the Cheonbong Academy leader and the country’s most potent teacher. Over this period, he has trained thousands of students and is one of the most well-known generals in the world.

He has an eye for talent and nurtures them very carefully to make them strong so that they can serve the country. He trusted Yuseong Dan from the beginning and always took care of him.

3) Jang Gihu

Jang Gihu

Jang Gihu‘s best friend is Yuseong Dan, and he considers himself his eternal rival. They use each other as inspiration to become stronger than their counterparts.

If Jang becomes stronger, Yuseong works hard until he is stronger. In the original timeline, he was the most decisive and ruthless king. He had no mercy for anyone, irrespective of men, women, or children.

4) Cheon Soso

Cheon Soso

Cheon Soso is one of the most technically skilled women of all time and one of the friendliest people around. In her previous life, she was one of the most terrifying women ever to live and used to murder people with her bare hands.

All of this happened because she was forcefully married into the Sacheondang family, which was at the time one of the five most prestigious families but was later wiped out by Sado Jesuits with only her as the sole survivor of the clan.

5) Jin Hoon 

Jin Hoon

Jin Hoon is one of the most underrated characters in the series and was a role model to Yuseong Dan in his first life. He was one of the handful who wanted people to become stronger, irrespective of their ranks.

He always helped Yuseong with training and magic and was his father figure on the battlefield. He died while protecting Yuseong from the enemy, but he always kept smiling, no matter the situation.

Infinite Level Up in Murim Plot Review

Yuseong Dan was one of the hardest-working soldiers in the army and desperately wanted to succeed and become one of the strongest, but his luck had other plans. He came from a poor background and could only do low-level work, potentially wholly shutting down.

Despite the difficulties, he never gave up and learned all about war and one-on-one tactics that would ensure he survived the longest on the battlefield compared to all his peers. After a very disgraceful death, he has a chance to level up and change his future.

He is now assigned tasks by a system with rewards for completing them and penalties for failing. The tasks get complicated, and he sometimes thinks of giving up but unfortunately cannot, as he wants to become the strongest.

Infinite Level Up in Murim Worth Reading?

You might think an abundance of Isekai Webtoons would be available, but you could not be more wrong about it. Despite having a slow start and the fact that you might find it boring, the series is well-written and developed carefully, and the story is unique.

The series is filled with awesome fights and unexpected plot twists that will change your opinions on the series, and you will start craving more. The characters are not getting random powerups but are well-trained and evolved.


To understand how good this series is, read it with an open mind. The series is one of the best in recent years and follows a very well-written plot where characters don’t have random power-ups. The series’ characters need to undergo strict training to become stronger.

The power scaling is constant in the series, and the fights are choreographed correctly. The pace is okay, neither too fast nor slow, but just the perfect speed the readers require to enjoy the series.

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