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Kojirō Sasaki: Past, Abilities and Other Facts In Vagabond

Kojiro Sasaki is a fictional character from the manga series Vagabond. He is based on the legendary Japanese swordsman who lived during the 17th century, named Sasaki Kojiro. In the series, he is portrayed as deaf and mute. He is shown as a highly skilled and mysterious swordsman.

What makes him even more astounding are his fancy sword moves, which are both graceful and deadly. He is the perfect mix of a skilled swordsman and a profound and exciting personality. Kojiro Sasaki’s story is all about him being the best swordsman in the ancient Japanese period.


Even though, at times, he may look calm, there is an intense rivalry going on between him and his opponents. The most crucial part is Kojiro and Musashi’s rivalry; how both fight and argue over their beliefs adds much excitement to the story.

Kojiro Sasaki is a very playful guy and acts like an idiot sometimes, but here is the twist: he is also into romantic stuff a lot. His favorite way of communicating with people is sword fighting. That’s how he connects with others.


Kojiro Sasaki was born to his parents, Sasaki Sukeyasu and his wife. A big battle called the Battle of Shizugatake was about to happen, and in the war, Kitanosho Castle was about to get destroyed. To keep Kojiro safe, his mom and he were sent to his old master’s place, Jisai Kanemaki. They wanted to avoid consequences that could affect them because of the battle, but unfortunately, Kojiro’s mom passed away when they were traveling to Jisai’s place.

Kojiro had a tough start in his life because of this battle, losing his home and his mom. Later, after three years of raising Kojiro Sasaki, Jisai gets a surprise visit from Ito Ittosai, one of his former students. Ittosai shares surprising news: Kojiro is deaf.

This shocks Jisai because he didn’t know about Kojiro’s disability. At first, Jisai wasn’t sure about raising a deaf child; it seemed challenging. But as time passes, he loves growing Kojiro into his son. Meanwhile, Kojiro is introduced to his real dad’s sword, which he likes. Knowing Kojiro is super good at using swords, Jisai hesitates to teach him.


He thinks that because Kojiro is deaf, he might be unable to swing a sword properly and use it in real-life situations and end up in danger. So, it was a massive problem for Jisai to decide whether to teach Kojiro. When Kojiro is nine, his village faces hardship due to a rogue swordsman terrorizing them, Fudo. The villagers ask Jisai to defeat Fudo, as he is a good swordsman.

Jisai accepts, under the condition that the villagers must confront Fudo if he fails. Meanwhile, Kojiro, who is deaf, endures bullying but finds some loving friends, especially Tenki. As Fudo threatens the village, Koji and Tenki initiate the fight. In the fight, Tenki is defeated, but Kojiro cuts off Fudo’s arm. Fudo is about to kill Kojiro, but Jisai intervenes, sacrificing his arm but defeating Kojiro.


In the manga series, Kojiro Sasaki is shown as an exceptionally skilled swordsman with a deadly and unique technique known as Tsubame Gaeshi, which translates to Swallow Reversal. While in action, this technique is depicted as an incredibly swift and precise sword strike, making it impossible to encounter a move.

Kojiro Sasaki

This technique is almost unbeatable in one-to-one combat. He gained the great ability to swing a sword in the finest way possible through his deep understanding of the way of the sword, which he achieved and mastered through years of training and experience.

In addition, Kojiro’s journey in Vagabond not only shows his physical strength but also his mental ability to adapt to anything, allowing him to handle his opponents with finesse.

The series also shows his mental and spiritual growth. His overall proficiency is the way of the sword, gained through years of dedication to the battles and a deep understanding of the art of combat. It’s worth noticing that in the manga series Vagabond, how Kojiro uses his sword skill is a mix of real history and the creator’s imagination; it is beautifully depicted in the manga. You can see him learning, facing tough situations, and battling against strong opponents.


Historical Inspiration: Kojiro Sasaki is based on real-life swordsman Sasaki Kojirō, a Japanese historical figure living in Japan during the 17th century.
Deaf Protagonist: Kojiro is revealed as a deaf protagonist in the series. This adds a unique dimension to his character, influencing his whole story throughout the manga.

Resistance to teach: Despite his remarkable skills while using the sword, Jisai is afraid to teach him. He fears that Jisai’s defense may affect his ability to master the sword due to his disability.

Bond with Tenki Kusanagi: Kojiro Sasaki forms a close friendship with Tenki, a sword devotee. This friendship plays a very important role in the series, with both characters sharing the same passion for the art of the sword.


Training with Jisai: After the defeat of Fudo, Jisai started to teach sword fighting to the village kids. Despite having so many students, Jisai denied Kojiro entry to the training. As a result of this, Kojiro and Jisai have a fight to teach Kojiro sword skills. It turns into a special way of training for koji.

Emotional struggles: Kojiro faces emotional struggles due to his deafness and the hardship he faces. These struggles add a layer of depth to his character. showing not only his physical abilities but also his mentality.

Artistic representation: Kojiro Sasaki is brought to life through detailed artwork and an expressive story in the manga Vagabond. The visual representation of his sword skills and techniques enhances his overall impact on the story.


Kojirō Sasaki is the visual representation of hard work and believing in oneself; despite being born with a disadvantage, he did not let it stop him from becoming one of the series’ best and most terrifying characters. His character depicts that you can overcome any difficulty with enough hard work.