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(Bleach) All 5 Members of Squad Zero | Royal Guard (with Power Explanation)

What happens when the most elite of the Soul Reapers come together, not bound by any normative rules and regulations? Well, that is exactly the purpose of Squad 0, also known as the Royal Guards, whose primary job is the protection of the Soul King from all possible danger. Not to mention, they are considered some of the strongest Soul Reapers ever.

It is stated that the power of this elite Squad far exceeds the combined powers of the Gotei 13 and is one of the deadliest forces in the entire series. Sufficient to note that these are really deadly warriors who will stop at nothing to secure their goal.

Therefore, in this post, we will rank and explain the powers of all of the Squad 0 members. So if you are interested in knowing the complete powers of this special squad, stay on till the very end.

1) Senjumaru Shutara


Honestly, she is the mystery pick of the bunch and quite literally does not have much role except for a glorified musician shown to have way overhyped. 

Her powers are never quite revealed, mostly because this really does not make any form of statement about her power levels or the abilities she is thought to have possessed.

She is known to have prosthetic limbs and arms, although the reason for that is never quite cleared out, making it much more complex for people to buy into her strength.

Also, she is never found to have engaged in a serious battle, and quite literally, there exists a huge question mark because even after the thousand-year blood ark, her powers still remain a mystery for the fans.


Senjumaru Sutara

  • Music creation

Shutara can quite literally use her prosthetics to create music, and that is pretty much all that she does in the thousand-year blood war.

She is found to have been guiding Ichigo and his team and accompanying them with her musical prowess; however, that really does not contribute anything specifically unique to her forte.

  • Spiritual power

Well, since she is a member of the Royal Guard, it is safe to assume that the levels of her spiritual energy are bound to be off the charts, but literally, there isn’t too much about her that can be labeled as really impressive.

Here, we mean, the entire point of the battle was to defeat Yhwach, but then she does not even play a major role in that arc, which really is no clarification of her power level.

  • Cloth Manipulation and Sewing

Well, this seems to be her unique skill or forte, and she is a master in sewing. The specialty in this form of ability is that she does not really sew up too many clothes (although, no doubt, she could do that as well), but then she is even a competent medical sewing expert, rejoining and attaching limbs and taking part in the most complex of operations.

While her cloth man population does not really mean much, it can create really elaborate illusionary backgrounds to simulate realistic settings that make her the mistress of deception.

Overall, she is the defensive linchpin in the Royal Guard. Her Bankai and Shikai were never revealed, which leads to fans speculating that her swing proficiency was actually her Bankai, but nothing was confirmed on that.

2) Ōetsu Nimaiya


Well, the problem with characters and members of the Royal Guards is that they had very little role to play in the entire series, which means their powers never really received that limelight and fame that they deserved, or even their abilities never received the commendation from fans that they were probably deserving at some point.

Take Nimayeiya, for example; fans are told that he is extremely powerful, but then there are literally no proofs of his power level. He is shown to be engaged in the battle quite a few times, but his Bankai or Shikai is still not revealed.

The only thing revealed about him is his funky kind of look; however, that is really not something that establishes someone’s power levels.

When a character gets his heart blown out, it is usually much more difficult to come to terms with the fact that he might be one of the elites chosen to join the strongest of the strong squad, and there is literally no clarification.

The only unique part about him is his Zanpukto, and he is supposed to have created the hilts by himself, and that is as much of a time that he gets with the fans.



  • Spiritual Power

The Soul Society and Kubo sensei had done a really good job of keeping the powers of several characters hidden, and apart from the fact that given he is a member of the Royal Guards and is therefore bound to have strong spiritual energy, nothing much is known of his powers and abilities to the pointy that he becomes a totally ambiguous character.

  • Master Swordsman

Well, how can the creator of his own Zanpukto not have mastery over that Weapon himself? Nimaiya, therefore, is one of the strongest swordsmen in the series, or at least is considered to be, but then we have never found him facing off against the top of the pile like Shunsui or Byakuya or even Ichigo, so really, nothing much can be considered about his skills.

  • Physical Prowess

Nimaiya has intense durability and has the power of Onken, which allows him to travel outside the palace. His Zanpukto is, however, very unstable since he has not used it for a long time.

With extreme speed and durability, this is one character you would not want to cross, but fans would have loved some more information on this character.

3) Kirio Hikifune


Well, Kirio wasn’t always that chubby, but then her lack of exercise and even greater lack of battle did her dirty. She was once considered to be one of the most beautiful female characters in Bleach; however, she gave in to her quest for food.

That necessarily did not turn out to be a bad thing since she somehow has the ability to control food and in her own words, she belies to control food is to control the supply of life itself.

Under such circumstances, it was accredited that she would join the Royal Guards as one of the members with her own unique proficiency.

Apart from her battle ability, on which indeed very little is known, she is also an expert chef, so much so that she played around with food to invent the Gioken, i.e., the ability to infuse soul in artificial bodies, which was met with considerable reproach from her peers and superiors alike.

However, she can also manipulate food and nutrition, which makes her a worthy opponent.



  • Spiritual Power

It should not really come as a surprise now that Hikifune gives out one of the strongest Spiritual Energy and consecutive Spiritual Pressure that makes her one of the strongest.

However, since she is seldom found in battle, her real battle prowess is really ungauged, making her a wildcard that can be introduced at the right moment in a battle.

  • Shunpo Master

Well, she is a shunpo master, as probably one of the best at it. The problem with being the best is that there are seldom strong enough characters that can really test the limit or extent of the powers.

And that is exactly the problem here: with no strong enough opponent to gauge her power levels; her shunpo abilities are really under wraps.

  • Physical Prowess

Kirifune obviously has extreme durability, but along with that, she also has Oken that allows her to send her Spirit on the outside.

Yet another character who Bankai and Shikai have not been revealed; we do not know what form or abilities they possess, given that she really hasn’t done much in the series.

4) Tenjirō Kirinji


If there was ever a cross between street punk and a samurai, Tenjiro would have been that. His hairstyle is that of a street punk, and yet he follows the ways of the samurai.

He is the second in command in the Royal Guards, so obviously, he has to be more powerful than most other characters and even more reliant than the other members.

Despite having the appearance of a streek punk, Tenjiro is much more of a strategist than his appearance gives away.

Fans believe that his appearance is simply another choice of deception for Tenjiro’s opponents, which seems to drive down his fear factor, hiding his keen intellect and ability to manipulate water that he only uses during intense battles.



  • White Bone Hell and Blood Pond Hell

Both of these abilities, surprisingly, are not offensive despite whatever they sound like. White bone Hell is meant as an area of replenishment of lost reiatsu, and the Red Bone hell is for the replenishment of blood that is lost during the battle. Using these two abilities, Tenjiro is able to help out and improve the combat abilities of his allies.

  • Zanpukto

Finally, a character about whose Zaqnpakto these exits a little information. His Zanpakto goes by the name Kinpika although the details of its abilities have not been provided.

His Shikai is Flash from Illuminating Heavens, although what it actually does is still a mystery. His Bankai is yet to be revealed, but the fact that he is an elite healer puts him way above other characters.

5) Ichibē Hyōsube


Yes, finally, the strongest member of the Royal Guards and a character whose abilities are there for the public to gauge. His powers include name manipulation, which means he can manipulate the names of all sentient beings that he considers his enemy.

Also, he can manipulate the names to the extent that his name has a curse on it that those who are unworthy of speaking it will have their heads explode if they spoke his name.

In fact, his true name manipulation is so powerful that he can completely regenerate his body after it has been destroyed by absorbing a bit of Reaitsu from all that speak his name. He achieves this through mentally asking people around him to speak his name, making him near invulnerable and one of the strongest characters.

Being one of the deadliest characters in the entire series, he is considered to be powerful enough to even hold back Yhwach for a few moments, which even the combined forces of the several characters failed.

Also, his power manipulation and Reaitsu control, along with his spiritual energy manipulation, place him at a different level than all her peers.

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Ichibe vs Yhwach

  • Zanpakto

Ichibo has one of the most overpowered Zanpaktos in the entire series: Ichimoji. It is considered to be at par with Yamamoto’s Ryujin Jakka so that just goes on to state the extent of its powers.

In its sealed form, it takes the form of a giant paintbrush or a calligraphy brush with which Ichibe can spill ink on others to activate his Shikai and Bankai.

  • Shikai

Ichibe’s Shikai is Power Absorption Immunity, and this literally makes him able to control all of the colors black in the universe. It is even known as Blaken, and through this, he can manage all forms of offense and defense to the extent that even Yhwach was unable to use Shnkt Altar on him during Blaken, and only Aizen’s And Yamamoto’s Shikai are considered stronger than his.

  • Bankai

Ichibe has the most overpowered Bankai in the history of the manga, and that is no mean feat. We mean, a Bankai that can literally rub the existence of any character by controlling their fate once the ink has been spilled on them is quite the way to make for a strong entrance. Fans are in constant conflict with choosing between Ichimoji or Ryujin Jakka.

So here we conclude the complete list of the squared 0 members, including all of their special powers and abilities. As the strongest squad, together the Royal Guards are considered invincible. You can check out the manga for more details, and the anime is streaming on Crunchyroll. And for more exclusive content, keep following us.


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