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Top 15 Most Popular Anime Characters with Beanies (2023)

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Soft, head-hugging caps are called beanies. A folded cuff is optional on beanies. They can be primary or embellished with buttons, tassels, pom-poms, and other decorations. Since there are so many distinct styles of beanies, they are known by a variety of various names; skull caps, knit caps, tossie caps, and ski hats are just a few examples.

In the anime world, we are yet to see more characters wearing beanie. Well, here are some anime characters with beanies.

1) Dawn (Pokémon)


Dawn is one of the most well-known anime characters with beanies, so let’s kick off our list with her. Dawn appears in the Pokémon series with Ash Ketchum and Brock, and she journeys through the Sinnoh region as a teenage Pokémon Coordinator.  

While traveling with the two boys, she also improved her Pokémon Trainer skills and set her goals of being a Top Coordinator like her mother.  

Her go-to attire is a short pink miniskirt with a red scarf over a black V-neck tank top that has a white shirt underneath. She is donning a pink Poké Ball-printed beanie on her head, which is white. 

Dawn is easygoing, happy, and uplifting. When she makes a mistake, she usually overcomes it quickly and aims to do better the next time. Dawn is always effective at lifting others’ spirits. Additionally, she seems to be more preoccupied with how she looks.

2) Shuichi Akai (Detective Conan) 

Shuichi Akai

This list of anime characters with beanies will be incomplete without Shuichi Akai, who seems to rock his style with a beanie. FBI agent Shuichi Akai, also known by the pseudonym Dai Moroboshi, is a key player in the conflict with the Black Organization. 

Having short, wavy hair, Shuichi is a tall man of Japanese origin. Other characters frequently describe him as having dark eyes or a piercing gaze. His attire consists of a grey jacket over a buttoned black shirt, black trousers, shoes, and his signature black beanie.  

Shuichi is a hardworking yet stern agent. He has the ability to chase targets relentlessly, earning him the title “Silver Bullet” and making him the Black Organization’s number one nemesis.

3) Genjou Kakouton (Battle Vixens) 

Genjou Kakouton

Genjou Kakouton is a key fighter at Kyoshou Academy. He is also the right-hand guy and best buddy of Moutoku Sousou. Kakouton has long, black hair and a goatee beard. He has a dark complexion. He frequently appears with sandals, a beanie, and a green coat on. 

 Kakouton is an extremely active person, as evidenced by his yelling out combat basics. He is obsessed with the fundamentals of street fighting, claiming that fighters have lost their path in the art. He is also quite careful.

4) Chikusa Kakimoto (Reborn!) 

Chikusa Kakimoto

Chikusa Kakimoto belongs to the Kokuyo Junior High Gang. In addition to being a skilled assassin, he has the ability to precisely direct where he throws his weapons in order to covertly attack his target.

He is a tall teen who can be seen wearing a green school uniform, spectacles, and a white beanie. His left cheek bears a barcode, and his right cheek is bandaged. He dresses casually in a hooded jacket and green jeans, with a tiny yellow scarf around his neck.

 Chikusa is typically silent and rarely speaks. Chikusa, unlike his Kokuyo Gang teammates, has little regard for other people’s lives and will eradicate passersby merely because he considers them a hassle.

5) Kazuma Mikura (Air Gear) 

Kazuma Mikura

The series’ protagonist, Itsuki Minami’s best buddy, is Mikura, also referred to as Kazu, who serves as team Kogarasumaru’s second-in-command.  

Kazu has blonde hair and blue eyes. He typically wears a black uniform jacket at first, an off-white beanie, a pale blue hoodie pullover, black leggings, and fingerless gloves; he only removes the beanie when he gets serious. 

 Itsuki Minami first bullied Kazu when he was a kid, and ever since, Kazu has frequently felt inferior to other people. Of all the Kogarasumaru members, he trains the most and the hardest as he is diligent, intelligent, and committed. Kazu is very loyal to his buddies.

6) Zori (Naruto) 


Zori is from the Land of Waves. Gato hired him and his companion, Waraji, as personal bodyguards. Zori has fair skin, bluish-white hair, and black eyes. Under his eyes, he has tattooed lines.

He frequently sports a dark purple beanie on his head, whose top protrudes much above the top of his skull. In addition, Zori is dressed in a blue jacket with several pockets, and his blue-handled katana is slung about his waist. 

Contrary to his partner, Zori appears to be the calmer of the two; however, he seems to be just as nasty and prepared to kill. He’s been defined as a trustworthy person who likes to gamble.

7) Mika Harima (Durarara!!) 

Mika Harima

Mika Harima is Anri Sonohara’s buddy who goes missing right before the series begins. She continues to remain Anri’s distant friend after she goes back to Raira Academy, where she later becomes Seiji’s girlfriend. 

Mika had brown eyes and brown hair at first, but after surgery, she had much paler skin and light brown hair. She typically wears a blush-colored skirt and tie, a white colored beanie with a pink heart on it, and a white collared shirt as casual wear. It’s worth mentioning that her procedure left her with a zigzag scar across her throat. 

She is energetic, peppy, and obsessed. Mika is incredibly possessive of the person she loves and will do anything to win their admiration, even if it means violating their privacy.

8) Zelman Clock (Black Blood Brothers) 

Zelman Clock

Zelman Clock appears as a supporting character in Black Blood Brothers. He has red hair and is generally seen wearing a black beanie and a black and white jacket.

 Zelman Clock has his own code of honor and regard for independence. He has a wild spirit and a diabolical charisma that exudes superiority and brilliance in all he does. He is rude and violent. He is an ideal warrior, a tactician with unimaginable power for both long and short-distance combat.

9) Touma Shikura (Persona: Trinity Soul) 

Touma Shikura

Touma Shikura is a member of the Marebito and a character in Persona -Trinity Soul. He is seen with a black jacket and is also an anime character with beanies (black beanie). 

 Toma appears to be a calm and composed guy, but as the series progresses, he exhibits aggressive tendencies. He was killed in battle by Ryo, and a mysterious chemical was discovered in his body.

10) Leara (Wolf’s Rain) 


Toboe encountered Leara, a little girl, in Freeze City. She stayed with her father and looked after a falcon as a pet. 

Leara was a petite girl with dark skin and a slim frame. Her hair was long and dark brown, and her eyes were purple. She was dressed in two jackets over an off-white shirt, a red scarf, and a beanie hat with a badge pin on the rim to match her inner coat. 

Leara is shown as a gentle, kind young lady. Despite the idea that she and her father may be in need, she offers Toboe a link of sausages when they first meet.

11) Atsushi Yadomi (Anohana: We Still Don’t Know the Name of the Flower We Saw That Day) 

Atsushi Yadomi

Atsushi Yadomi is Toko Yadomi’s widower husband and the father of Jinta Yadomi. Atsushi has a thin frame and is in his middle age. His hair appears to have shaved, leaving only grey fuzz on his head. He has a black beard as well. He is dressed in a yellow button-down shirt and a beanie with multiple colors with a zigzag pattern

Atsushue has a habit of uttering “Kawaii” when he sees anything cute, such as his son. Mr. Yadomi remains silent about Jinta skipping class, although he is apprehensive about his son.

12) Menou Matsuyama (White Album) 

Menou Matsuyama

Menou Matsuyama appears in the anime White Album. She is described as a young adult with chest-length black hair and brown eyes and wears a red beanie.

White Album is a story that revolves around a normal college student, Touya Fujii, and his romantic relationship with up and coming idol singer Yuki Morikawa. And how do they deal with their relationship as they both have completely different individual struggles? Will their relationship work out or will they let their individual challenges come in between them?

13) Misaki Yata (K Project)

Misaki Yata

Misaki Yata is also one of the popular anime characters with beanies and is a HOMRA member who serves as the group’s frontline.

Yata has wide, hazel eyes and spiky, combed-down chestnut hair. He wears a lengthy, white V-neck shirt, a red sweater knotted around his waist, deep green shorts, and sneakers. A baggy, black tank top lies beneath his shirt. His headphones are hung around his neck, and he has a black beanie covering his head.

Yata is a loud and impolite young boy. He is aggressive and ruthless, battering his opponents without hesitation, as well as arrogant and impatient. Regardless, he respects his fellow HOMRA members.

14) Bolt Crank (Eat-Man) 

Bolt Crank

Bolt Crank is Eat-main Man’s protagonist. He is the world’s best “explorer.” He has tanned skin, long white hair, and big bangs on his face. He appears to be a very tall man with orange eyes. He’s dressed in a green futuristic trench coat with grey, a black shirt with blue stripes that extends up to his neck, and a pair of black boots.

 A white robe, black dress slacks, and black shoes are worn beneath it. He can be seen wearing a round frame with black glass and grey rims. He also wears black fingerless gloves and a green beanie.

15) Haru (Zatch Bell) 


Haruhiko, also known as Haru in the Zatch Bell anime, is one of the many bookkeepers in the anime. He is the human partner of Sugina and a spell-reader from the green book. 

 Haruhiko is a young adult with grayish eyes and dull blond medium-length hair. He is dressed in a light faded purple beanie that covers his face and eyebrows in the anime. Hope you enjoyed this list of Anime Characters with Beanies.

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