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Shadows House: Wiki, Characters, Mystery and Ending (Explained)

Last updated on September 5th, 2023 at 11:05 pm

Shadows House anime had been trending for some time now. From being the most underrated anime to being praised by everyone, Shadows House took the viewers by storm with its Season 1.

It also came with a Season 2, which was also critically acclaimed. Although the series did change events and some stuff from the manga version, the anime is still a pretty good adaptation of the manga story.

From the opening to the animation and the ending songs, Cloverworks managed to capture the charm of the series. But, there is still much we do not know about Shadows House or the characters.

That’s exactly the reason we are here today, to make a Shadows House Wiki article. This article will cover all of the important stuff and characters in the anime, along with revealing a few mysteries for anime-only fans.

Shadows House: Wiki 

Shadows House: Wiki 

Shadows House is a mysterious manor, that was built upon a hill. It also has different sections depending on Adult and Child Shadows. The Shadows also have humans called Living Dolls, who act like assistants and helpers to the Shadows.

There is also no way out of this castle, except for the Soot Train. Although the manor might not look like much, it is still pretty gorgeous from the inside. It has many rooms like Great Hall, Classroom, Library and so on in the main house which is used for either recreational purposes or educational purposes.

Now, coming to the Children’s house side, it is pretty small, and only houses the Shadows who have not yet debuted. A weird rule also exists, which does not permit Shadows who have not yet debuted to leave their room.

Finally, the adult building is divided into three floors, which is based on a hierarchical order. Third-floor individuals have more power and authority than Second-floor people, who have more power than the people on the First floor.

The third-floor individuals have the maximum power and authority and seldom show their faces around. This is the reason, why most people in the Shadows House, do not know what Lord Grandfather, Sophie, or a few others look like.

There are also other ranking systems for the Shadows, which range from Faceless Shadows to Lord Grandfather. Lord Grandfather is the current owner of the Shadows House and exerts the highest authority.

I. Plot & Story

Plot & Story

Moving on to the next part of our Shadows House wiki article, let us talk a bit about the story and plot of the Shadows House anime. In the first season, we are introduced to these mysterious characters called Shadows, who are pitch black and live far away from human inhabitants.

Once they are of a certain age, all Shadows get a Living Doll, who is their assistant, as well as their lookalikes. And out of all those dolls, we first meet Emilico, who is a bright and chirpy girl.

Her master is Kate, one of the many child Shadows in the manor. This season follows the daily life of Emilico and Kate, along with showing a few mysteries, and interactions of them with their other fellow Shadows. It also adapts the Debut of the Shadows, which will decide the Shadows’ future in the Manor.

Moving on to the second season, the Debut is already finished, and, Kate and Emilico have now become official residents of the Manor. Even then, they are always constantly being watched by specific individuals called Star Bearers.

These Star Bearers are one of the most important groups of people in charge of Children’s manor. However, a mysterious individual called Master Robe has been disturbing the peace of the Children’s side.

Aiming to become a Star bearer herself, Kate tries to unfold this specific mystery on her own. But, little does she know that there are very few clues and too many suspects, to find the real culprit.

II. Most Important Characters in Shadows House

Moving on, let us talk about some of the most important characters in the Shadows House series. There are many important characters in the series, but we will be mostly focusing on the main characters who were introduced to us in the two Seasons.

1) Kate


Kate is the main character of the series and for a good reason. On top of possessing one of the highest soot quantities, she is also a very calm, collected, and intelligent person.

She also has a way bigger past, than we can expect which connects to the Shadows manor. Kate also has a pretty good relationship with her living doll, unlike the majority of the Shadows.

2) Emilico


Emilico is the Living Doll as well as the lookalike of the main character Kate. She is probably the most cheerful and happy-go-lucky girl, that we have ever met in the series so far.

She just has a natural tendency of lifting people’s spirits, no matter the time or place. This is why, Emilico always stays in a positive mood, no matter how clumsy she can be at times.

3) John


John falls into the category of one of the rare friendly Shadows, unlike his peers. He has also shown that he greatly cares about his Living Doll Shaun, and always tries to get along with him.

He is also one of the side characters in the series but has the highest soot quantity for a Child Shadow in the series. John had also shown a liking for Kate and completely trusts whatever she does.

4) Louise


Louise is one of the side characters in the series, who appear in the Debute alongside Kate and the other Shadows. She cares a lot about her Living Doll, for the wrong reasons.

Louise seems to have taken a liking to the face of her Living Doll, Lou. She always likes to show off how beautiful and graceful Lou’s face is, to others. This is also shown to be an extreme obsession at times.

5) Ricky 


Ricky is the opposite of Emilico, in how he always tries to prove his superiority to others. At the first meeting, everyone will understand that Ricky is a very arrogant living doll.

But, the reality is that he also has a very soft and kind side to him. He also advises his Shadow Patrick and wants him to succeed. Ricky also showed concern for Lou, who he later fell in love with.

6) Shirley


Last, but not least, we have Shirley who was the last of the major Children Shadows that participated in the Debut. At the start of the series, she doesn’t have any personality of her own, nor did she interact with Rum.

Although she did gain a tiny bit of personality, this wasn’t enough to save her from being turned into dust. The third-floor shadows have also stated that Shirley had a very weak life force, and she died because of not developing her personality.

III. Mystery of Shadows House 

Mystery of Shadows House

Moving forward, let us talk about a bit of the past and history of Shadows House in this Shadows House Wiki article. Shadows House was initially owned by the Mirror family.

But, all of the members soon started getting ill, after they were gifted Morphs. These Morphs then rebelled against the weakened Mirrors’ family and won the rights to the Manor.

Kate’s mother tried to escape, but despite this, the curse soon spread to her mother, and to Kate as well. To this date, we still do not know the perpetrator who gifted the Morphs to the Mirrors family.

And also, all Living Dolls are humans, cherry-picked by the Shadows and Morphs. These humans are made to forget their memories and then are trained to act as the face of these Shadows.

This is all possible due to the power of Lord Grandfather. Anyone who consumes his soot in the special coffee will forget all of their memories. And also, the reason why the Shadows and humans are lookalikes is explained.

Before taking on a human form, the Shadows are Morphs. The Morphs then take the form of their brainwashed living dolls and transform like them. Kate is also not a Shadow, as she had infiltrated the mansion from the outside.

IV. Shadows House Ending Explained

Shadows House Ending Explained

The Shadows House Season 2 ending left yet another cliffhanger, as it had only covered a small part of the Inspection Arc in the manga. So, now we will be talking about the future possible incidents, which might happen in Shadows House Season 3 when it gets released.

Soon after what happened in the last episode, Kate and Emilico now take a break, from finding Louise, Sarah, and the Belles. However, they are met by Douglas and his team, who try to humiliate Kate.

When Kate angrily leaves out of the room, John attempts to fight against Douglas. This is also when Kate understands that none of the other Team Leaders are on her side, or supporting her.

After meeting the Belle’s room, she only found the angry twins, quarreling among themselves. Soon after this, Douglas comes and still tries to rile up Kate. The twins use their soot power, to humiliate Douglas’s team instead.

We also get to learn that the repairs of the Passageway of Glory have also been completed. And with this, the Inspection draws more closer than it ever was. This is how most probably Season 3 will start if it ever gets released.

We will not be talking about the full arc in detail so there is some suspense left for the Inspection arc. This marks the end of our article on Shadows House Wiki, and for more, make sure to check our other articles here.

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