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Tale Of A Scribe Who Retires To The Countryside: Wiki, Characters, Plot & Other Details

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Mugoung is a world where masters live in heaven above the heavens; the world is dominated by four masters, also known as the stars above heaven. The Carefree Golden Cranethe Violent Courageous Tigerthe Jade Dragon that hides behind the clouds, and lastly, one Martial Arts King

Son Bin is the main character of the series who wanted to become a book writer but was forcefully taken in by the Martial Arts King and made his disciple. At first, he hated the idea but, over time, accepted the chance offered to him.

The great Martial Arts King took him in because his vision for the region differed significantly from the rest, and he wished to replace a league where everyone was treated equally. However, he needed more power and knowledge to do that.

The series began its publication on May 14, 2020, and has been ongoing ever since. To date, it has published 148 chapters, been divided into several seasons, and is currently in season 2.

Choi and Hyun-woo write the story, while Gogi Sanjeok And Team Pegasus do the art for this fantastic series.

Tale Of A Scribe Who Retires To The Countryside: Wiki

Name:Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the countryside
Writer:Choi Hyun Woo
First Serialization:May 14 2020-
Genre:Adventure, Actions, Webtoons


The journey of Son Bin from being a scholar to being the strongest disciple of the Martial Arts King begins when Bin meets one of the four strongest people in the country at a small inn at the entrance of Homun Mountain.

Due to not being aware of the correct rules of the Cheongsa parliament, he was kicked out. Feeling sad and humiliated, he went to the local inn to drink and forget what happened that day.

While he was getting drunk, he said a lot about society, which ultimately was heard by Sah Jahyuk, also known as the Martial Arts King, who happened to be in the same inn enjoying his time.

The words said by Son were nothing but a drunk boy saying a stupid thing, but that somehow resonated with the Sah Jahyuk, and he took him to begin training him to become a man who would be able to change the world.

However, Son, being an arrogant kid, failed to realize who was the man in front of him and paid no heads until Sah used force to make him understand. he asked Son to hide somewhere, and after four days, he searched for him; if he finds it, he is going to be his disciple for life.


Once the sun arose, Son ran for his life and joined a carriage on their way to Muhan, believing he could escape to another city and would never be found by that man again; sadly, he did not know what would come for him.

While he was on the way, the other travelers started talking about how the Namgong family had become one of the five most vital families in the country, and even the government officials could not oblige against them.

As Son was observing the beauty of this town and the fresh air while murmuring the quotes of a famous poet, he heard an angry voice telling him to shut up and get out, intrigued about how someone could be so mean.

He asked for the person the people were calling the prince of the Namgong family, but as he was dumb, he asked the prince to apologize. Rattled by the humiliation, the prince drew his sword to kill him.


Luckily, Kang Hu Ya San was present nearby, who interfered and humiliated the prince and told Son to be careful from now on, but he failed to do so and got caught by the goons of the Namgong family who were about to take him away.

At the last moment, Sah arrived at the place and showed them the levels; as soon as he heard that the Namgong family was behind this, his urge to kill got big, and he was about to finish off one of the enemies.

However, at the last moment, Son stops him and begs him not to kill them, and he will hear what Sah has to say and why he is so hung up on making him his disciple even though he is so weak.

He reveals that he will soon begin his Bimu journey, where he will face more vigorous opponents and have to kill them to become firm, and he needs him to write a biography so that everyone can know how things went down. After some thought, Son agreed to do so.

Tale Of A Scribe Who Retires To The Countryside Characters:

1) Sah Jahyuk


Sah Jahyuk is the master of Son Bin and a few others he has handpicked and believes have the power to change the future and improve the world. He is also very jolly and always jokes around.

But once he stops making jokes or smiling, you are as good as dead. Being one of the four most decisive, he does not possess any form of ego, treats everyone equally, and gives respect to everyone.

2) Son Bin

Son Bin

Son Bin, the series’ main character, is a very egoistical and arrogant brat who wastes time most of the day and keeps drinking.

However, he is also a scholar in writing, and if he had followed that path, he would surely go down in the history books as one of the best, but he chose the way of the sword, and even though the road has been demanding, he has not given up.

3) Kang Ha Yu San


Kang Ha Yu San, also known as the mist of the river, is one of the strongest people but likes to operate in the shadow; at a glance, you might not be able to gauge the strength she possesses, but once her sword is drawn, the battle is as good as over.

She also has a strong sense of justice and will not tolerate any harm she has been trying to inflict on an average person.

4) Master Noh

Master NohMaster Noh was responsible for the hellish life of Sah and grew up tough-hearted and filled with hatred. He was the one who gave the legendary sword White Water to Son as a departing gift.

He is also one of the sector’s strongest swordsmen but has always been involved in illegal activities such as kidnapping, murder, and the assassination of various high-profile people.

Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside: Plot Review

The main plot of the series revolves around Son Bin, a prodigy at writing who was kicked out of the government due to being in the proper attire. Believing he has just lost his chance to succeed, he starts drinking at a nearby inn.

There, he meets Sah, a man embarking on his Bimu journey where he will face strong opponents, and he wants Son to write about him so that future generations can know how things took place.

He wants the sun to accompany him, write about him without any partiality, and learn and observe the way of the sword so that one day, when he wields the blade, he can follow the same path.

Is The Tale of a Scribe Who Retires to the Countryside worth reading?

The series is one of the few that makes the hero strong by using a sword and words. Words are a compelling thing in the world, and the series has depicted them beautifully and with such elegance that one will be left wondering about their depth.

The art of the series is perfect, and the pace is well maintained, ensuring that the reader gets energized. The characters are always very well elaborated and given their proper time to shine.


The series is intense and can leave a profound mark on the reader if that person wishes to understand the series rather than just read it for fun. The series is also outstanding in understanding how we should use our words even when speaking to our enemy and how one should always look forward, even if it means the end for him.

The story is filled with intense life, meaning one can implement it and achieve unparalleled success if the rules are applied proficiently. The character execution is pitch-perfect. The author has to ensure the series feels smooth and the character developments occur forcefu

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