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Master Villainess The Invincible: Wiki, Characters & Plot Review

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Almost all the possible manga or Manhwa series have the general theme of male characters being the MC and female characters being the support cases. Although many series depict women’s strong sides, there are only a few where the main character is female.

If you are interested in reading this type of series, Master Villainess, The Invincible is the perfect series for you. The series’ plot revolves around Haewon, a female Isekai in another world. The female MC troupe gives the story a unique twist, making it worth reading more.

Gabi Nam writes the story, while Yooani does the beautiful art for the series. Will Bright wrote the original story. The series is currently on hiatus, but there are plenty of chapters to read.

There are a total of 86 chapters. 86 was the last chapter of season 2, and season 3 is on its way and can be expected within a few months. The main character of the story dies in a road accident and finds herself in the world of the book The Heir to the Namgung Clan.

Not only that, but she is also the evilest and most hated character in the series. Given all the circumstances, an average person would have broken down, but she decided to move forward and write her own story in that world.

Master Villainess The Invincible: Wiki

Name:Master Villainess the Invincible
Writer:Gabi Nam
First Serialization:2020
Genre:Isekai, Fantasy, Webtoons


One evening, when Haewon was on her way home, she received a call from her friend about the latest edition of her favorite book, The Heir to the Namgung Clan, its latest spoiler, and how the story is so good.

While indulging in the talks, she did not notice the signal and got trampled by a car. Her only regret was that she could not see the latest chapter of the series and would never be able to reread it.

Suddenly she could hear some voices but was confused as to why, after dying, she heard voices, and suddenly she found herself with many unfamiliar voices and crying sounds from all sides.

After waking up, she finds herself lying in a very soft and comfortable bed that looks expensive and is surrounded by people wearing gorgeous and royal attire. Some of their faces are similar to the characters in the book.


Finally, after some time, she came to her senses and realized she was reincarnated into his favorite novel, and she is also one of the series’ main characters. However, her luck is not generous enough, and she is now one of the antagonists.

Even though she always adored the series’ cast, she despised Haewon, a very evil character who was always plotting wrong moves; she was responsible for the war between the top clans.

Not only that, but she also had ties with the demonic cult and helped them take over the region to get the prince, but in the end, the prince despised her and promised her that she would never be able to get him.

Her last hope was the demonic cult, whom she helped in every phase, and when she was expecting loyalty from them, they betrayed her and violated her multiple times before killing her.


Now that she has been reincarnated in her body, she was destined to receive the same treatment and disgraceful death and would be abandoned by all her comrades and loved ones due to her terrible personality.

However, there was a silver lining in this chaos; she was aware of her current situation and knew about the future, as she knew what would come for her in the upcoming years.

She decided not to give up but to take her life into her own hands and convert the despised Haewon into one of the most loved characters in the series to finally get a happy ending.

Now that she has decided to take charge of her life, she has to tackle various difficulties and see through the plots of people who disguise themselves as her friends but are waiting for her downfall.

Master Villainess The Invincible Characters:

1) Haewon


Haewon is the series’ main character and the final villain of the famous light novel The Heir to the Namgung Clan. She was in love with the prince, but due to her terrible behavior and extreme level of possessiveness.

The prince broke their relationship and started going out with a commoner; this hurt the ego of Haewon, who got her killed but faced the wrath of the prince, who publicly humiliated her.

2) Bi Murong

Bi Murong

She is Haewon’s stepmother and is constantly trying to get her killed. Since her early days, she has been slowly feeding her poising to stop her blood flow over time.

She is also very cautious since she knows that if something happens to Haewon, all the blame will fall on her. Her main aim is to make her son the Sichuan Tang Clan heir, and she has every doctor under her orders.

3) Mujin Tang

Mujin Tang

He is the father of Haewon and the current lord of the region; while everyone is trying to get rid of her, Mujin is the only person who truly loves his daughter and would do everything in his power to make sure she has a perfect life.

Haewon has the same face as her father and the same qualities. He has repeatedly protected her from being exiled or executed due to her habits and continuous attempts to degrade the clan’s name.

4) Officer Chen


Chen is one of the most influential people in the clan, and the lord relies on him considerably; he is responsible for managing the relations between other clans, taking care of all the finances, and ensuring they are not in any deprivation.

He is also the overseeing officer of the Sichuan Tang Family and is unquestioningly trusted by the lord and all the other high-ranking people. At first, he was agitated by Haewon, but after seeing her drive, he changed a lot.

5) Jiha Namgung

Jiha Namgung

Jiha Namgung is the male lead character of the series and is also one of the most attractive-looking men in the entire realm. Jiha is the heir to the Namgung clan and was the original main character in the light novel series.

That is why Haewon went berserk for him and did not care about the consequences. In the original light novel, he tossed Haewon away in the end due to her being part of the demon cult and betraying the clan.

6) Bangshik Yang


Bangshik Yang is one of the clan’s strongest warriors and the current head of the soldiers. He is also the deputy’s head and plays a significant role in ensuring the safety of the clan’s members.

He is always on guard for threats and is extremely hard to deal with when he becomes serious. However, he has a soft side for Haewon, treats her like her daughter, and always looks out for him.

7) Shinah 


Shinah is one of the characters not present in the original novel but who is now in the story and is just an extra side character. She serves Bi Murong and has continuously given Haewon medicines, destroying her blood flow.

However, she later gets caught by Haewon but is just given a standard punishment, not anything severe, and she switches sides with Haewon.

Master Villainess The Invincible Plot Review

Master Villainess The Invincible is the story of a woman who submitted to her urges and desires and lost everything. When she was about to die, she realized how many mistakes she had made throughout the story.

Now that Haewon has a second chance at her life, she is determined not to let fate take her to her deathbed but to the top of the clan and to beat the stereotype that only men are good clan leaders.

Is Master Villainess: The Invincible Worth Reading?

The series depicts the journey of a weak and self-centered woman who let her obsessiveness destroy everything and died a disgraceful death to becoming one of the clan’s most decisive leaders and leading the clan into a new era where she becomes an example and not a joke to everyone else.

Master Villainess follows a unique storyline and should be on your reading list. The MC of the series is pretty jolly and funny, grows more robust through continuous hard work, and beats all the opponents fair and square, even though the opposition always uses underhand methods.


The series is one of the most underrated and should be checked out, as it helps overcome the typical strong MC theme and proves that even female lead characters can be strong and exciting.

The characters are well-written, and the world-building is also excellent and unique. The fights in the series are also very impressive and fascinating to see.

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