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Top 10 The Eminence In Shadow Main Characters (Male & Female)

The Eminence In Shadow is one of the best isekai anime in recent years. It follows Cid Kagenou, a boy who is reborn in a fantasy world and finds himself with immense magical power. When the imaginary villains he makes up are revealed to be all true, the story starts getting interesting. In this article, we’ll rank the top 10 The Eminence In Shadow main characters, both male and female.

Top 10 The Eminence In Shadow Main Characters

10) Claire Kagenou

Claire Kagenou

Thanks to his reincarnation, Cid not only gains immeasurable power but also is blessed with a loving sister. Claire Kagenou is the eldest daughter and the heiress of the Kagenou family.

She is a student at the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy where she’s one of the strongest students along with Rose and Iris.

Claire is insanely protective of her little brother and will go to any length to assist him. She’s stoic and cold most of the time but when Cid is in danger, she loses her mind. Thanks to her skills, Claire has been offered to join the Knight Order and later, Iris’ Crimson Order.

9) Gamma


The majority of the main characters of The Eminence In Shadow consist of the members of the Shadow Garden. The third person to join the underground group is an elf named Gamma. She appears as a mature woman with beautiful and regal features and manages the internal affairs of the group.

In public, Gamma is known as Luna, the director of Mitsugoshi Company. She’s responsible for securing funds for the group. Although Gamma is the weakest member out of the original Seven Shadows and the entire Shadow Garden, she’s also its smartest member.

8) Iris Midgar

Iris Midgar

Among the female-heavy cast of The Eminence In Shadow, Iris Midgar is an exceptional character who catches the eyes of the viewers with her powers and personality. She is the eldest princess of the Midgar Kingdom and the heiress to the throne, currently enrolled in the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy.

Iris is very protective of her younger sister, Alexis, even though there is a distance between them due to their difference in power. After Alexis is kidnapped by the Cult of Diablos and later rescued by the Shadow Garden, Iris becomes suspicious of both organizations.

7) Rose Oriana

Rose Oriana

The princess of the Oriana Kingdom, Rose Oriana is the student council present at the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy.

She is also the upperclassman of Cid whom she meets during the Bushin Festival tournament. The two fight in a duel where Rose seemingly overpowers Cid but is impressed by his willpower.

After her expulsion from school thanks to the Cult of Diablos, Rose joins the Shadow Garden as No. 666. She begins to suspect Shadow’s true identity as Cid. However, her blooming feelings for the young man cloud her judgment.

6) Delta


A fan-favorite waifu of the series, Delta is also one of the best characters of The Eminence In Shadow. She’s a Beatskin Wolf, previously known as Sara, who had to flee from her own after developing the symptoms of Demon Possession for which her father intended to hunt her.

In Shadow Garden, Delta is the strongest member in terms of brute strength. She’s great at melee combat and hunting but is absolutely atrocious at magic and everything else. Delta is outspoken and energetic and always is the first one to jump into action.

5) Epsilon


Beautiful, prideful, and interesting, Epsilon is another character from The Eminence In Shadow who endears her to the viewers very quickly.

She’s the fifth person who joins the Shadow Garden and is one of the original Seven Shadows. Her public image is that of a renowned pianist, Shiron.

The original music that Epsilon apparently composes is actually the music from Earth which she hears from Cid. She uses her image as a famous pianist to infiltrate the aristocratic circle of the kingdom and gather information.

4) Alexia Midgar

Alexis Midgar

One of the most popular characters in The Eminence In Shadow is the second princess of the Midgar Kingdom, Alexia Midgar.

She’s currently a student at the Midgar Royal Spellsword Academy. Alexia is engaged to Zenon Griffoy in a political relationship even though she doesn’t like him as a person.

The princess’ connection with Cid begins with the boy faking a confession to her. Initially, Alexis is pleased because the confession annoys Zenon, but after learning that it is fake, she begins to hate Cid. Over time, however, she genuinely develops feelings for him.

3) Alpha


The first member of the Shadow Garden, aside from Cid, is Alpha. She’s an elf who has been forced to leave her home due to being cursed with the Demon Possession.

After Cid, posing as Shadow cures her, she becomes his first student and most loyal follower.

Alpha is the second-in-command of the Shadow Garden and also the second-strongest member of the group.

She’s one of the original Seven Shadows and a descendant of the Elf Hero: Olivier. Alpha wants revenge against the Cult of Diablos but she always puts Cid’s goals over her own.

2) Aurora


The villains that Cid seemingly makes up in his mind are the demon Diablos and his loyal followers, the Cult of Diablos.

However, it soon becomes apparent that both Diablos and the cult are real. Diablos turns out to be the mysterious woman Aurora who was known as the Witch of Calamity in ancient times.

Aurora, however, is kept imprisoned and merely used for experimentation and power by the cult. She currently has amnesia and even befriends Cid. But there is more to her than she lets on. Aurora is also one of the strongest characters in The Eminence In Shadow.

1) Cid Kagenou

Cid Kagenou

The best main character in The Eminence In Shadow is none other than its protagonist, Cid Kagenou. In his past life as Minoru, he has always wanted to be a hero who can defeat all kinds of crises.

His goal is not fame or prestige but pure power. Because of this, he prefers to stay in the shadows and achieve his goals by staying out of the spotlight.

After being born as Cid in a new, magical world, he finds himself blessed with immeasurable power. He is undoubtedly the most powerful character in the story.

Here is our list of the top 10 The Eminence In Shadow main characters, both male and female. The majority of the characters in this series are women, with Cid being one of the only significant male characters. Catch season 2 in the upcoming October and keep reading Otakus’ Notes for more articles like this.

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