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All Forms of Garou Explained in One Punch Man (Garou vs Saitama) 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

The climactic fight, Garou vs Saitama, is currently ongoing in One Punch Man. Therefore, we bring you a detailed explanation of all forms of Garou and his abilities, strengths, power levels, and power comparison of him and Saitama.

The recent chapters have been strictly focusing on boosting the scale of the fight. The destruction level went from punches to nuclear attacks to dimension tearing, basically a god-level threat. Probably even Murata is overwhelmed trying to write Garou vs Saitama’s fight since he recently overwrote Chapter 164 with a drastic change to the story.

Anyway, the plot gave us the journey of Garou surpassing himself to become “Absolute Evil.” For this, he unlocked various forms of himself. He displayed a total of 8 forms beginning from the base, pre-woke, to awakened forms. So let’s analyze all of them first.

All Forms of Garou in One Punch Man:

1. Human/Base Form: Hero Hunter:


Threat level– High Demon

Garou was initially Bang’s most gifted disciple. He was simply a prodigy with insane strength and skills. However, he grew up to have a unique outlook on the whole hero-villain concept. After surpassing all aspects of Martial Arts that Bang could teach him, he left the dojo to pursue his goal of becoming the absolute evil.

In his base form, he defeated powerful heroes from Hero Association ranging from A to B class. Some notable heroes he defeated are Metal Bat, Death Gatling, Tank Top Army, etc. Therefore, even in his base form, he is stronger than 80% of the characters in the series.

2. Bloodshot Garou:


Threat level– Above Demon

Garou outgrew his base form when he surpassed his limiter. After fighting the top heroes back to back, especially Royal Ripper and Bug God, Garou evolved into something more than human marking the beginning of his Monsterification.

Garou’s raw strength and skills multiplied rapidly to the point that he could fight even in his sleep. Additionally, his clothes merged with his body, giving him an inhuman look. While fighting Genos and Bomb, he popped a vein in his eye, causing him to have bloodshot eyes and stain his hair red, hence the name.

In this form, he fought Royal Ripper, Genos, Bomb, and Bug God.

3. Half Monster:


Threat level– Low Dragon

After becoming Bloodshot Garou, he kept evolving rapidly after every fight and was referred to as a “half-monster.” He surpassed his previous form and ended Royal Ripper for good. Immediately after, he went to fight Unihorn, Showerhead, and Super Mouse.

His senses were enhanced, and so was his mental and physical strength. He was able to play mind games breaking the spirit and will of his opponents, and easily overpowered the above-mentioned heroes.

However, he sustained heavy injuries after fighting Overgrown Rover. This marks his next evolution.

4. Spiral Garou:


Threat level– Low Dragon

After surpassing his previous form, he went on to fight against Gyoro Gyoro and overpowered him. He developed incredible brute strength combined with all the techniques and moves of the heroes he fought till now.

However, this battle was interrupted by Orochi turning the fight against Garou. If it weren’t for other heroes constantly interrupting all his battles, he could have ended his opponents for good. Notice how until now, he always fought multiple heroes together or got interrupted instead of one on one fights all the way.

Nevertheless, Orochi overpowering him was necessary to force him to evolve further, which brings us to his next form.

5. Evolved/Monster Garou:


Threat level- Mid Dragon

Garou evolved further while fighting against Orochi and eventually overpowered him. At this point, he was easily a mid-dragon level threat given how he single-handed overpowered half of Monster Association that aren’t even human.

In this form, he defeated Orochi, Puri-Puri Prisoner, and overpowered Tatsumaki, a psychic. Also, after becoming evolved, Garou has ceased looking human-like. His body was soot colored with merged facial features and glowing eyes. This marks the completion of his evolution from a human to a different being.

6. Monster Garou (2nd Form):


Threat level– High Dragon

This form was a short-lived one where he defeated Superalloy Darkshine, Bomb, and Bang. He further continued to fight the Monster Association Executives and ended up eliminating Fuhrer Ugly. He also defeated Flashy Flash and Platinum Black in this form.

In this form, he had a monster’s big jaws and sharp teeth and grew in size even further. He was now incredibly destructive and undefeatable by the current heroes. He could split multiple buildings in half with a single punch. On top of that, his reflexes and speed grew massively.

7. Monster Garou (3rd Form):


Threat level– Above Dragon

Garou surpassed his previous form and grew additional bony appendages. His face became even more monster-like. He was now beyond a dragon-level threat, meaning he could split mountains and even earth.

Garou defeated Metal Bat, Sage Centipede, and Evil Ocean Water without much effort. He became the strongest villain surpassing all the heroes except Blast and Saitama in this form.

8. Awakened Garou (Cosmic Mode):


Threat level– God

Garou began fighting Saitama in his previous form and rapidly grew in power. He even grew a pair of wings and could fly whilst fighting. He also developed abilities like regeneration, superhuman reflexes, Energy beams, and body modification.

In this form, he managed to throw attacks like Great Fa-Jin, Extreme fa-Jin, Consecutive normal punches, etc. The impact of his punches was powerful enough to distort forces and cause a dimensional tear.

However, after God’s influence in the middle of his fight, Garou became a divine being and was now referred to as Cosmic Garou. He contained galaxies within him, looking like a faceless void/space.

His power scale was now as much as a supernova, the strongest force of the universe. He could now copy any technique and turn himself into anyone he wished to. As a result, he copied Saitama’s moves and was able to counter his moves. Later, Blast jumped into the fight but couldn’t overpower him as of now. Here begins the fight Garou vs Saitama: Serious Series.

Now that we know all forms of Garou in detail let’s see his power against Saitama. We will consider the information we have through the currently ongoing fight between them.

Garou vs Saitama in One Punch Man (Explained):

Garou vs Saitama- serious series

Now that Garou has surpassed every living being on earth and possibly other planets, his powers are now as destructive as a supernova.

What we know about his abilities so far is:

  • Regeneration
  • Ability to copy any technique
  • Ability to transform
  • Nuclear Attacks
  • Hazardous Energy Emission
  • Uncontainable Divine Powers

Therefore, while fighting Saitama, Garou activated his Saitama Mode while having his face. He could counter Saitama’s all kinds of punches. Following this, he sends him flying using his Nuclear Fission Fist.

Thanks to Bang’s intervention, we get a speech from Garou about how he has become the absolute evil and only has Saitama to defeat now. This scenario also gives Blast to emerge from a portal, temporarily fighting Garou while Saitama comes back.

During their fight:

  • Garou copies Blast techniques of dimension control
  • Blast fails to overpower him or even send him to another dimension

Up till now, despite Garou’s awakening, he hasn’t been able to cause any harm to Saitama. Not to mention, Saitama isn’t even fighting seriously yet. Therefore, the ultimate winner is obviously Saitama since he’s the One Punch Man.

Nevertheless, now that we know he managed to get Saitama to fight seriously (because he even finished off Genos), it will be one of the best and most brutal fights of the series. Let’s see what Murata has in store for us.

That brings us to the end of our explanation. We will be back with more explanation articles covering various manga and anime. Until then, stay tuned and check out some more articles from us below.

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