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(2023 Updated) Top 25+ Most Powerful Villains in One Punch Man Ranked

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

This article is updated based on new theories and knowledge.

In this post, we have ranked top 25+ most powerful villains in One Punch Man based on the current manga of 2022.

The popular web-comic turned manga series; One Punch Man is nothing without its villains presented throughout the series.

Many of them can be defeated in brief combat against the heroes, and some of them even bring comedic relief during a grave situation of the fights.

One Punch Man is a Superhero series created by the artist named ONE; later, it was adapted as a manga in the same name.

It is illustrated by Yusuke Murata and serialized on Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Its chapters are periodically compiled and published into individual tankōbon volumes. The series also has its own anime and currently has two seasons.

The villains in the One Punch Man universe have been assigned threat levels by the Hero Association, Wolf, Tiger, Demon, Dragon, and God, based on their destructive capabilities.

Although often overshadowed by the Dragon-level threats, Demon-level threats are also more than qualified to hurt and even defeat the Hero Association’s highest-ranking members.

Also, some are even capable of destroying an entire city and wreaking havoc. So, without any delay, let’s begin.

28) Do-S (Disaster Level- Demon)

Do-S One Punch Man

Monster Princess‘ or Do-S was a Demon-level mysterious being and a member of the Monster Association. She possessed both enhanced durability and enhanced speed. Also capable of transformation but to a limited extent.

Her main ability is to wield a heavy spiked whip while using hypnosis in combat; she can control anyone and make them do her bidding if they are hit by her whip.

27) G5 (Disaster Level- Demon)

G5 One Punch Man

G5 was a member of the Monster Association and a Demon-level monster. He possessed immense strength due to his robotic nature, also had excessive agility and durability.

His ability ‘Technique Mimicry‘ enabled him to copy his opponent’s power and improvise them.

He also could predict his opponent’s attack and stimulate an outcome from data. As his last resort, he shot ‘Laser Beams’ from his core.

26) Mosquito Girl (Disaster Level- Demon)

Mosquito Girl One Punch Man

Another one of the Demon-level monsters. She was an artificial mutant created by Dr. Genus of the House of Evolution.

As her name means, her physiology granted her the capabilities of an actual mosquito, which only enhanced by consuming the blood.

She was capable of Metamorphosis and Regeneration by commanding her swarm of mosquitoes to inject her with blood, and her wings allowed her to hover and maneuver mid-air.

25) Awakened Cockroach (Disaster Level- Demon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Awakened Cockroach possessed an incredible amount of speed and reflexes, which enabled him to leave afterimages of himself.

True to his name, he had some traits of a cockroach, which granted him heightened senses far beyond the normal range.

He was also an expert in hand-to-hand combat, and his unique movement of foot kept him outside the field of view of his foes.

24) Hundred-Eyes Octopus (Disaster Level- Demon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Hundred-Eyes Octopus was a Demon-level Mysterious Being and a member of the Monster Association. It gained physical power by devouring concretes and had a 360-degree vision.

Its gigantic tentacles were covered in adhesive suckers, which are used to stick to the ground and cause a great amount of destruction in a city.

23) Deep Sea King (Disaster Level- Demon)

Deep Sea King_Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Deep-Sea King was the ruler of the sea-folk and was of Demon-level classification.

He boasted an intense amount of strength and an exceptional amount of speed and reflexes; he also possessed the ability to regenerate at his will.

His ability’ Body Moray’ allowed him to release a long eel-like creature from his mouth that he used to bite and tear into opponents with and was also capable of discharging Acid Spit from his mouth.

22) Nyan (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Nyan is also a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and a former executive member of the Monster Association. Being a Dragon-level threat, he has both incredible strength and raw speed.

His ability Elasticity allows him to stretch and deform his body, and his retractable claws allow him to slash and gash his adversaries.

His claws are also able to generate massive shockwaves, which are powerful enough to cut several buildings to pieces easily.

21) Gouketsu (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Gouketsu One Punch Man

Gouketsu was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and also an executive member of the Monster Association.

Gouketsu was capable of creating incredibly powerful shockwaves from his punches and also had incredible durability and reflexes.

After turning into a monster, he had retained the martial arts prowess he had as a human and had a great perception of the strength of his foes.

20) Hellfire Flame & Gale Wind (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Hellfire Flame & Gale Wind One Punch Man

Hellfire Flame and Gale Wind are the ninjas from the Ninja Village who ate monster cells to enhance their physical abilities.

They engaged with Flashy Flash with their extraordinary speed and ninja abilities.

However, in the end, Flashy Flash defeated them. They are powerful enough to be categorized in a Dragon-Level disaster.

19) Fuhrer Ugly’s acidic body (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Fuhrer Ugly's acidic body One Punch Man

Fuhrer Ugly was a member of the Monster Association who defeated Sweet Mask, Gums, Superalloy Darkshine, and even melted Atomic Slash and Iai Rahu-Ashura Slash in his acidic body form.

He was powerful enough to crush Atomic Samurai and Bang. In the end, after being defeated by Golden Sperm and Homeless Emperor, he ran away and was later on crushed by Garou.

18) Resurrected Phoenix Man (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Resurrected Phoenix Man One Punch Man

Phoenix Man, with his great evolvement, became the “Disaster Level- Dragon” monster.

In his prime form, his abilities were flight, resurrection, transformation, air generation, fire manipulation, energy projection, light manipulation, reanimation, ice manipulation, and telepathy.

Even his speed, strength, and reflexes exponentially enhanced. He gave a tough fight to Child Emperor.

17) Vaccine Man (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Vaccine Man One Punch Man

Vaccine Man was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and possessed the ability of transformation.

His ability to discharge energy balls caused large-scale eruptions upon cities, and his supernatural powers also extended to the power of flight.

He was powerful enough to challenge an execute member of the Monster Association.

16) Dark Matter Thieves (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Melzargard Villains One Punch Man

Dark Matter Thieves comprises Melzargard, Groribas, and Dark Matter Gunner. Each of them was powerful enough to be categorized under “Disaster Level- Dragon.”

Melzargard, single handly, fought many S-rank heroes, and he boasted borderline invulnerability due to his ability to regenerate no matter what damage was dealt with by his body.

He was composed of a total of five bodies, and each of them was equal in strength and capable of shapeshifting.

He also possessed immense speed and strength and had the ability for flight due to his shapeshifting ability. And thanks to Saitama, we didn’t get to witness the power of others.

15) Carnage Kabuto (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Carnage Kabuto was an artificial mutant and the House of Evolution’s strongest creation.

He possessed a great amount of both strength and agility, and his wings hidden beneath his sturdy shell allowed him the ability to fly.

He was capable of processing moving objects at speeds several times faster than the average being and withstood any form of powerful blasts.

His keen instinct enabled him to sense the strength and threat of his opponents.

14) Overgrown Rover (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Overgrown Rover, also called Rover, is a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association.

It is capable of firing destructive energy bursts in rapid succession from his mouth and can also change the trajectory of his energy balls, causing them to chase after their targets.

It also possesses acute senses and enhanced stealth.

13) Gyoro Gyoro (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Gyoro Gyoro One Punch Man

Gyoro Gyoro was the brain of the Monster Association and puppet of Psykos. Only Monster Orochi knew his true identity.

His power was also the same as Psykos, i.e., Telepathy, Mind Control, Psychokinesis, Transformation, and Energy Projection.

He alone was powerful enough to be a dragon disaster level. We placed Gyoro Gyoro above Vaccine Man because of his psychokinesis ability.

12) Geryuganshoop (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Geryuganshoop, a Dragon-level threat, was an alien and the general of the Dark Matter Thieves.

He possessed the ability to levitate and hurl matter using his mind and was a skilled telepathy user.

In combat, it would drastically increase gravity forces at a certain point to crush its opponents.

11) Marugori (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Marugori, also called Beefcake, was a Demon-level threat as assigned by the Hero Association. He was the biggest character in the One Punch Man series after the Centipede family with a height of 270 m.

He only relied on his brute strength and colossal size after taking the Biceps Brachii King and throwing consecutive punches into a concentrated point.

His strength was equal to the destruction of an entire city and possessed enhanced speed. Everyone underestimated him.

10) Pluton (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Pluton was the King of the Underworld and a Dragon-level Mysterious Being. 

He possessed colossal strength fitting his size and had a very large and powerful nostril that he used to suck people and buildings into his body.

He was also capable of tearing up large portions of a city in just one attack. The series didn’t unveil much of it, but in my opinion, he was powerful enough to destroy other Dragon Level threats.

9) Homeless Emperor (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Homeless Emperor was a Dragon-level Mysterious Being and an executive member of the Monster Association.

He was a potent being; even though he is mediocre in terms of speed, he possesses a great amount of strength.

He had good reflexes and enhanced stealth. His main ability was to summon and control energy spheres that were capable of great destruction.

8) Elder Centipede (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Elder Centipede One Punch Man

Elder Centipede was an executive member of the Monster Association and a Dragon-level threat. It possessed great strength and could move through a whole city with great ease.

Its huge body was protected by a super-powerful carapace which was its main form of defense and had immense durability.

It was also capable of regeneration, and every time it shed its outer shell, it grew stronger and larger in size alongside gaining another face.

Elder Centipede’s shell was so hard that it even surpassed Homeless Emperor’s energy spheres.

7) Platinum Sperm (Disaster Level- Dragon)

Platinum Sperm One Punch Man

Platinum Sperm was created by merging 53 trillion 999 billion 999 million 999 thousand 900 individual black sperm.

He was powerful enough to defeat multiple S-Class heroes in one blow. He even overpowered Flashy Flash in speed and defeated him.

In Platinum form, his strength, speed, and abilities enhanced overwhelmingly. In the end, Garou crushed him.

6) Evil Ocean Water (Disaster Level- Upper Dragon)

Evil Ocean Water One Punch Man

Evil Ocean Water, another powerful villain in the One Punch Man series, gained its power after combining its form with ocean.

Even Monster Orochi classified it as a powerful opponent. Now merging with ocean, it has become far more powerful than Orochi.

It also claimed that it is the reincarnation of the mother, Ocean.

4) Sage Centipede (Disaster Level- Upper Dragon)

Sage Centipede One Punch Man

Like Evil Ocean Water, Sage Centipede is also considered to be one of the most powerful villains in the One Punch Man series. It is summoned in One Punch Man Chapter 156.

It has been sent to destroy every living being from the planet for the father, Earth. Presently, Garou took a fight with it. In the coming chapter, we will see its power and abilities.

3) Orochi + Psykos (Fusion) (Disaster Level- Upper Dragon)

Orochi + Psykos (Fusion) One Punch Man

Monster King Orochi and Psykos fusion were considered as the strongest fusion surpassing even Tatsumaki. They were also listed under the God Level Threat.

In this fusion, Psykos could use psychokinesis, shapeshifting, electricity manipulation, shapeshifting, and many other abilities.

Also, their attacks were powerful enough to cut the upper portion of the planet’s hemisphere.

3) Boros (Disaster Level- Upper Dragon or maybe God)

Top 20 Villains One Punch Man

Boros was the strongest villain in One Punch Man. He was the Dark Matter Thieves leader and fell under the classification of more than a Dragon-level threat. In my opinion, he was a God-Level threat in One Punch Man.

He displayed drastic amounts of strength and had incredible speed and agility and had an incredible regeneration rate which used the latent energy that his body produced to fire large energy blasts from the eye in his chest.

He had immense durability and was also an expert in close combat. In the end, he was the only person in the entire series who gave a fight to Saitama.

2) God (Disaster Level- God)

God One Punch Man

God is currently the most powerful villain in One Punch Man. One Punch Man Chapter 153 displayed this mysterious entity.

He was the one who granted and, later on, took all the power of Homeless Emperor. Presently, he is the one who summoned another powerful One Punch Man villain, Sage Centipede. God is the one who granted cosmic abilities to Garou, making him on the level of Saitama.

The series hasn’t unveiled its Threat Level. But according to various fans, a god is always categorized as a God Level Threat in One Punch Man.

1) Awakened Garou (Disaster Level- God)

Cosmic Garou

Awakened Garou, or Cosmic Garou, is undoubtedly the strongest villain ever in One Punch Man. God has given its power and abilities to Garou, making him on the level of Saitama.

Along with advanced regeneration, durability, reflexes, speed, and strength, his main ability is the copy. He can copy any move or technique in this universe.

Presently he copies Blast’s Gravity Knuckle and other moves. In addition, he can even copy Saitama’s serious punches making him equally powerful.

His serious punch, gamma rays, and nuclear fission attacks can easily destroy a planet. According to Blast, if both Saitama and Garou use Serious Punch and the Earth will vanquish in no time.

Other mentions

Choze- He was one of the Monster Association and a Demon-level threat. He had immense strength and user of The Fist of The Pure Master Race.

Beast King- Demon-level threat and one of the mutants of the House of Evolution had the ability to transform and relied on his claw and raw physical strength.

Sky King- Demon-level threat and king of the sky-folk, his main ability was to discharge energy blasts from his mouth along with the ability to fly.

Here, we conclude our article on the top 25+ most powerful villains in One Punch Man based on the current manga of 2022.

You can read the One Punch Man series on any paid platform and its anime on Crunchyroll or buy its English Volumes on Amazon. We will be back with another ranking article. Till then, stay tuned with us.

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