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(Updated) Top 15 Strongest One Punch Man Characters | Based on Manga 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:29 am

This post is updated based on new information. 

One Punch Man has become one of the legendary manga. It has broken the typical shounen manga plot by making the MC the strongest character in the manga right from the beginning. Therefore, the manga is filled with some of the strongest One Punch Man characters that are still nowhere near the MC, Saitama‘s strength.

So today, we bring you a list of the top 15 strongest One Punch Man characters based on the latest manga chapter as of 2022. Let’s get right to it.

15) Geryuganshoop:


Geryuganshoop is an alien and right-hand man of Boros. His major strength is his psychokinetic powers, such as telepathy and telekinesis. He can manipulate the gravitational force and, therefore, poses a threat to the entire earth if you think about it.

He gave a tough time to powerful heroes such as Bang, Puri-Puri Prisoner, Atomic Samurai, etc. Only Saitama could eliminate him, which is also the reason Geryuganshoop’s potential cannot be determined.

Therefore, he ranks low on our list.

14) Superalloy Darkshine:


Superalloy Darkshine is another S-class hero on our list of the strongest One Punch Man characters.

He is a muscular man with incredible brute strength, recognized by the heroes. He is now capable of defeating monsters such as Carnage Kabuto and Deep Sea King with a flick of his fingers.

Darkshine fought against powerful beings such as Bug God, Evil Natural Water, Pre-evolved Garou, etc. Therefore, a character with this kind of raw, overwhelming strength deserves a place on the list.

13) Demon Cyborg (Genos):


Genos is one of the most popular characters in One Punch Man. He is the only one Saitama accepted as a disciple, and he was one of the initial characters to realize Saitama’s true strength.

Genos was powerful enough to establish his rank in S-class right after his National Hero Exam. From there onwards, he has only gotten stronger. With his updated parts and system, he is now much more powerful than Carnage Kabuto.

He eliminated Elder Centipede and fought against Deep Sea King, Garou, Sonic, Psykos-Orochi fusion, Drive Knight, G4, Gouketsu, Carnage Kabuto, etc.

As per the current manga chapter, Genos is crushed by Cosmic Garou. We will have to wait and see if Dr. Kuseno can save him this time again.

12) Homeless Emperor:


Homeless Emperor is a high-rank Mysterious Being allied with Monster Association.

His major power is his ability to control and generate destructive energy spheres. He is one of the stealthiest characters as he sneaked up on Sweet Mask, Child Emperor, Zombieman, and even Tatsumaki.

His fast and long-ranged fighting style gives him an advantage in his battles. He proved to be a persistent and strong opponent to top heroes in One Punch Man.

11) Atomic Samurai (Kamikaze):


Atomic Samurai is the strongest samurai in One Punch Man.

He is a master swordsman and claims to cut through anything before him. His speed, reflexes, and swordsmanship are almost to a superhuman level. And yes, he is faster than Sonic. We see him best in action during his fight against Geryuganshoop’s minion.

Later, he possesses the Sun Blade offered to him by Nichirin, which made him even more lethal than before. As a samurai and 4th ranked S-Class hero, Atomic Samurai is one of the strongest One Punch Man characters.

10) Silver Fang (Bang):


Bang is one of the most respected and powerful martial artists in One Punch Man.

Bang’s iconic and most powerful technique is Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. He is the 3rd ranked S-class hero, and that title alone is enough to establish his prowess that smashing a massive meteorite falling on earth.

He has defeated many characters such as Bug God, Royal Ripper, Fist Fight Djinn, Black Sperm, Gums, Fuhrer Ugly, Melzargard, etc.

9) Platinum Sperm:


Platinum sperm is a Mysterious Being who was born through Black Sperm’s cells. As his theme suggests, he can regenerate, replicate, and shapeshift. Even his clones are very powerful and can take down many opponents. Additionally, he is one of the strongest One Punch Man characters, thanks to his reflexes and brute strength.

Platinum Sperm put up an overwhelming fight against Psykos, Sweet Mask, Atomic Samurai, Metal Bat, etc. Therefore, he is one of the most versatile and swift Mysterious Beings and definitely one of the strongest characters.

8) Sage Centipede:


Sage Centipede is a Mysterious Being who is a Centipede-themed character. He is a ginormous and spikey being with a total of 6666 limbs. His mere existence is destructive and benefitted the Monster Association.

Sage Centipede possesses an overwhelming speed and regeneration, despite his size. He fought against powerful characters such as evolved Garou, Metal Bat, and multiple S-class heroes.

Therefore, he is one of the strongest One Punch Man characters who is one of the primary beings during the Human Monster Saga.

7) Evil Natural Water:


Evil Natural Water, as the name suggests, is an ocean-themed monster. It is a Mysterious Being created through Gyoro Gyoro‘s experiment.

Like water, it can shapeshift, absorb liquids, use oceanic animals, and use water with force to create powerful attacks. Additionally, it has also developed a sixth sense. As a result, it can sense danger and has animalistic instincts.

It fought against several powerful characters such as Child Emperor, Garou, Metal Bat, Tatsumaki, etc. All these battles are a testament to his powers.

6) Psykos+Orochi Fusion:


Psykos is a psychic with enhanced power from God and Orochi is a Mysterious Being.

When Tatsumaki defeated Psykos, Orochi fuses with Psykos. Together they become one of the strongest One Punch Man characters.

They hold incredible powers such as regeneration, electricity manipulation, shape-shifting, psychokinesis, etc. It took multiple heroes such as Genos, Saitama, King, et. to defeat them.

5) Tornado of Terror (Tatsumaki):


Tatsumaki is an esper with psychic powers such as levitate, telepathy, psychokinesis, Psychic remote, etc. She is one of the most powerful heroes in the Hero Association.

Her power scale shone when she single-handedly controlled Boros’s giant spaceship and won that battle. Later, she overpowered some of the strongest characters, such as Genos, Psykos, Evil Eye, etc.

Up till, Psykos and Orochi’s fusion, she remained undefeated. It took the former two to fuse and combine their powers plus powers granted by God to overpower her. Therefore, Tatsumaki is stronger than the two as she defeated Psykos in a one-on-one battle.

4) Boros:


Boros is the strongest alien ever to fight Saitama.

Before Cosmic Garou, Boros was the only one powerful enough to be acknowledged by Saitama, but of course, he lost. The fact that it took Saitama to use some of his strength against Boros is enough proof.

Boros traveled the universe looking for a worthy opponent, which means he has defeated countless unearthly beings, and only Saitama could defeat him. Need we say more?

3) Number 1 Hero (Blast):

strongest one punch man characters-blast

Blast is the number 1 hero  as per the Hero Association.

He possesses powers that allow him to travel through multi-dimensions and mold a few more attacks using other universal forces such as gravity.

Currently, he is in the spotlight as Saitama and Garou are about to clash punches. He plans to transport other living beings on earth since it is about to shatter and is already suffering due to Garou’s radiation.

However, Garou copied his powers and overpowered him as soon as he entered the scene. Therefore, for now, he ranks below Garou.

2) Cosmic Terror (Garou):

strongest one punch man characters-cosmic-garou

Cosmic Garou is the strongest monster/anti-hero character in the manga, second to Saitama and Blast, for now.

Garou has now evolved into a divine, thanks to God’s manipulation. He is now as powerful as a supernova and possesses the knowledge of the flow of energy of the entire universe.

He can copy any technique or move as he copied Saitama’s with his Mode: Saitama and Blast’s dimensional powers. Only his currently ongoing battle with Saitama will tell us just much more powerful he can become.

1) Saitama:

strongest one punch man characters- saitama

Saitama is the strongest character in One Punch Man as he is the one punch man. This fact has been established right at the beginning of the manga. Our Caped Baldy is absolute. So throughout the manga, what we are really reading is about- just how powerful this man is. So far, a force as strong as a supernova couldn’t do him any harm.

Currently, he is about to fight Cosmic Garou as he managed to get him to fight seriously. This is the second time Saitama will fight seriously after his fight with Boros.

And with him, we conclude our list of the strongest One Punch Man characters. If you wish to read more from us, check out some interesting articles below.

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