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15 Anime Characters with Curly Hair (Wavy hair anime characters 2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:26 am

Curls have always been beautiful and appealing, but anime characters have owned them in such a way that there is no mistake about their elegant and charming quality. For instance, anime character hairstyles inspire fans to mimic them even when they are not cosplaying. Curly hair is uncommon in Japan, which may contribute to the prevalence of straight hair in anime, where curly or wavy hair seems to be unique and appreciated. 

Below we have listed the best 15 Anime characters with Curly or Wavy Hair. Let’s go through it. 

15) Dairenji Suzuka (Tokyo Ravens)

Dairenji Suzuka

Suzuka Dairenji is a Lolita genius with curly hair. Her appearance is stunning, with beautiful blonde twin tails and bright blue eyes. Suzuka appears innocent and timid, with her curly twin tails in red ribbon as well as short and wispy bangs.

14) Emma (The Promised Neverland)


Emma is one of the best and brightest children at Grace Field. Her bright orange short hair complements her pale skin and emerald eyes. 

The hairdo is somewhat distinct from the other anime characters with curly hairstyles because hers is more on the messier side, with strands sticking out at multiple angles around her head and a long lock that curls upward precisely where her hair is parted.

13) Biscuit Krueger (Hunter X Hunter)

Biscuit Krueger

She always wears her hair perfectly tied up and has altered her hairstyle three times throughout the narrative. Biscuit Krueger is from Hunter x Hunter, another immensely powerful anime character with curly hair who hides her true powers behind her fragile demeanor.

 She has long, curly blonde hair that complements the clothes she typically wears. Her favorite color is shades of pink, which lets her appear as youthful and delicate as she wishes.

12) Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)


Tatsumaki is a tiny woman who is sometimes mistaken for being much younger than she is. She has a youthful face, emerald green eyes, and short green hair that naturally curls up on the ends. 

11) Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki

Sakata Gintoki is known for his unique hairstyle. He also mocks his silver and permed hair, calling it unnatural and strange. In the anime episodes, he frequently draws attention to his naturally silver, permed hair

Gin’s curly hair is a prominent feature of his look. His external appearance might be ruffled at times, which matches perfectly with his personality.

10) Usopp (One Piece)


The list of anime characters with curly hair would be incomplete without Usopp’s afro curls, who is also one of the most popular characters in this series, from One Piece. A scrappy pirate known for his untamed frizzy black curls. Despite his slightly messy appearance, this person is quite sly.

9) Elizabeth Medford (Black Butler)

Elizabeth Medford

Elizabeth Medford, from the popular anime Black Butler, exhibits high-class grace and charm. She always tries to keep up a cute impression of elegance and is easily identified by her blonde, curly hair.

She is a girl with exquisite curls and has been the ideal definition of beauty and class. This anime girl’s curly hair is what defines her in such an elegant way and gives her the appearance of a classy and stunning lady of the aristocracy.

 Elizabeth, or Lizzy, as she is often referred to in the anime, is actually pretty deadly at defending herself, despite her appearance. 

8) Ryouta (Slam Dunk)


Ryouta stands out because of his dark brown locks. At first look, Ryota may appear to be a harsher character than he is. Despite his rugged exterior, Ryouta is a determined and thoughtful person.

7) Mai Valentine (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Mai Valentine

Mai Valentine’s hairdo is kind of unusual out there. While some have long, flowing hair, hers is thick and spiky, setting her apart from the crowd. Her long-colored hair suits her purple eyes perfectly.

 She also enjoys wearing purple clothing, which reflects her desire for authority, control, wealth, and personal pleasure.

6) Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon)

Sailor Neptune

The eighth Sailor Senshi introduced in the series was Sailor Neptune. Her powers are based on the sea or the ocean, hence her prominent color being sea-green, with her hair color being of the same shade. 

Her hair is middle parted with bangs falling on the sides. What makes this simple hairstyle pretty is her wavy hair, which makes her hair voluminous and perfect.

5) Nui Harime (Kill La Kill)

Nui Harime

Nui Harime appears to be a young adolescent anime girl with curly hair and a medium height. Her long blond hair is tied back in drill-like pigtails, with shorter curls framing her face.

 While Nui Harime’s appearance is the epitome of Lolita’s cuteness, with her cotton-candy pink frock and waterfall of golden locks, her behavior is the polar opposite of her appearance. Her hair is incredible, with razor-sharp curls that could be used as a weapon.

4) Kamado Nezuko (Demon Slayer)


Kindness and caring are the qualities that sum up Nezuko. Even though she lost her memories when she turned into a demon, she continues to fiercely protect those who she cares about the most. 

Her amazingly long, dark, and curly hair fits her character well. Her chocolate brown ombre hair color adds to the beautiful touch.

3) Ravel Phoenix (High School DxD)

Ravel Phoenix

Ravel possesses extraordinary powers as well as gorgeous hair. Her wavy, blonde hair is tied into twin tails held together by ribbons. Ravel frequently dresses in a long, fluffy pink frock, giving her a cute look.

 Her appearance, however, should not mislead anybody, as she obtained the powers of fire, wind, as well as immortality. Despite her adorable, childlike appearance, Ravel is capable of incredible things.

2) Mami Tomoe ( Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Mami Tomoe

One of the anime character with curly hair that comes to our mind is Mami Tomoe’s two elegant and expertly curled curls have come to define her personality. People like her for her friendly yellow eyes and flawless magic powers, but her yellow curls play a big part in making her seem as lovely as she does.

 She is mostly seen in uniform, which emphasizes her curls and makes her look young and good-looking.

1) Launch (Dragon Ball)


Launch suffers from an extremely unusual disorder that causes her personality to switch every time she sneezes. She has wavy blue hair and is a sweetheart in her natural form. 

But when she sneezes, her hair becomes curlier and lighter in color. She is incredibly violent and fearless in her second form, with a machine gun usually around her. 

Here, we have talked about anime characters with wavy or curly hair with some short descriptive details of both male and female characters. Some are teenagers, while others are adults.

Some characters tie their hair with bows, while others let their hair fall naturally. As the list shows, these curly-haired characters are not only distinctive in appearance but as well as in their actions.

Here, we conclude our article on, “Anime Character with Curly Hair or Wavy Hair.” We hope you like the post. We will be back with another interesting list. Till then stay tuned with us and read the articles mentioned below.

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