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Top 15 Best Anime Like Dororo to watch in 2023

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:32 am

Dark action anime have been picking up quite a fanbase recently. In this genre, Dororo emerges as a standout. The prevalent dark theme in the story-line coupled with action is what makes this anime so popular.

Dororo is set in feudal Japan, where a Samurai Lord sacrifices his son to the demons to save his dying lands. When the son is born without any external organs, like a lump of flesh, the family discards it.

However, he survives and is named Hyakkimaru, now sets on a quest along with the 9-year-old Dororo, to defeat the demons and regain his body parts.

The popularity of Dororo is so huge, that fans have started looking out for anime like Dororo. Therefore, to end your search, we bring to you the Top 15 anime like Dororo.

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15) Berserk-

Berserk anime

IMDb rating- 6.8

Genre- Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 25

Where to watch- Netflix, Funimation

The anime Berserk primarily covers the life of Guts, who is destined to be hunted by demons throughout his life. Now on his journey with his Dragon Slayer Blade, he vows to punish the one responsible for his fate.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • The main character is on a quest to regain what was taken from him and change their destiny.
  • Both involve monsters and demons.

14) Afro Samurai-

Afro Samurai

IMDb rating- 7.2

Genre- Action, Adventure

Number of episodes- 5

Where to watch- Netflix, Funimation

Seeing your father getting slaughtered in a duel in front of your eyes isn’t an everyday thing to watch. This is exactly what happens with Afro when the Number Two challenges Afro’s father, the then Number One.

Now almost an adult, he takes up the mission to avenge his father’s death. Despite rising to the rank of Number Two, do you think Afro can tackle all the upcoming hurdles and defeat the Number One to avenge his father?

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both the anime involve Samurai and fighting with swords.

13) Goblin Slayer-

Goblin Slayer

IMDb rating- 7.5

Genre- Action, Adventure Fantasy

Number of episodes- 12

Where to watch- Crunchyroll

Goblin Slayer becomes a must-watch if you are searching for anime like Dororo. In a fantasy world, goblins that were once considered lowly creatures now have outnumbered everyone and are creating havoc.

Our protagonist here is a 15- year old Priestess, an adventurer who, by fate, joins a band whose motto is to eradicate all goblins from the world. 

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both are adventurous anime that involves the slaughter of demons.

12) Ushio and Tora-

Ushio and Tora

IMDb rating- 7.7

Genre- Action, Adventure, Supernatural

Number of episodes- 26

Where to watch- Netflix

Ushio and Tora is one of the best anime like Dororo. The life of Ushio gets upside down after he discovers a legendary demon Tora in his basement.

Struck by a spear, that held him in the same place for nearly 400 years, Ushio finally releases him. The two join hands along with several other humans to save all from the universal threat, Hakumen no Mono.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both the anime have a common interest, demons.

11) Sword of the Stranger-

Sword of the Stranger

IMDb rating- 7.8

Genre- Action, Adventure

Number of episodes- 1 (movie)

Where to watch- Funimation

When the orphan kid Kotarou and his dog Tobimaru find themselves under the searchlight of China’s Ming Dynasty, they are forced to flee. During an attack on him by the Mings, he runs into a lone samurai who saves them.

When the samurai join the duo, they get the courage to embark on their dangerous journey embedded with hurdles that none of them has ever faced.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both involve demonic sacrifices.
  • Samurais also serve as a common point between the two.

10) Inuyasha-


IMDb rating- 8

Genre- Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 167

Where to watch- Netflix, Hulu

When a demon drags our protagonist Kagome into an old cursed well, she finds herself 500 years in the past instead of hitting bottom. To her surprise, she realizes an ancient jewel has been reborn in her, making her the attraction point of multiple demons.

When the jewel shatters in a battle, Kagome, assisted by a human dog-like hybrid, Inuyasha, and a few others embark on a journey to restore the pieces.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both are adventure anime, driven by the motto to restore something precious.

9) Noragami-


IMDb rating- 8

Genre- Action, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 12

Where to watch- Hulu

Noragami primarily revolves around Yato, a minor deity who passes his days by doing petty jobs for people. However, he hopes to have his shrine and millions of worshipers.

His fortune changes on one fateful day when he saves the middle school girl Hiyori from a car accident. This incident marks the beginning of an unusual situation, which interlinks their destiny with each other.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both Dororo and Noragami involve the slaughter of demons (Phantoms in the case of Noragami).

8) Dorohedoro-


IMDb rating- 8.1

Genre- Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

Number of episodes- 12

Where to watch- Netflix

Quite a dark anime, Dorohedoro covers the lives of the dwellers of Hole- a disorderly district, in which residents are treated as insects by magic users.

Amidst their flight comes forward, Kaiman, a human reptile hybrid who easily overpowers the once indomitable magic users. He along with his tea sets on a quest to hunt down magic users, only to restore him to his original condition.

Similarities with Dororo:

Both the main character is on a quest to restore their body to normal.

7) Kimetsu no Yaiba-

Kimetsu na Yaiba

IMDb rating- 8.3

Genre- Action, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 26

Where to watch- Netflix, Crunchyroll

With its 2nd Season covering the Entertainment District Arc, Kimetsu no Yaiba has undoubtedly become one of the most talked-about anime in recent days.

With marvelous animation and storyline, this anime primarily revolves around the Kamado siblings. After getting their family slaughtered by a demon, Tanjiro Kamado joins the Demon Slayer force to eradicate all demons from the land. His ultimate goal is to turn his sister Nezuko back to her human form.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both of them involve hunting down demons.

6) Mushishi-


IMDb rating- 8.5

Genre- Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery 

Number of episodes- 26

Where to watch- Hulu, Crunchyroll

Next up on this list of anime like Dororo, we have Mushishi, an anime primarily revolving around Mushi, the simplest living beings. Devoid of feelings like good or evil, Mushis remain a mysterious being for all.

This is where our protagonist, Ginko, comes in. Ginko is a mushishi, which is a term given to people who study these mysterious beings. So what do you think; will Ginko be able to unearth the hidden truths about these Mushis?

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both of the anime involves adventure with a close connection to the supernatural.

5) Samurai Champloo-

Samurai Champloo

IMDb rating- 8.6

Genre- Action, Adventure, Comedy

Number of episodes- 26

Where to watch- Hulu, Funimation

Samurai Champloo is one of the best anime like Dororo. When the young waitress Fuu Kasumi gets involved in a brawl with a group of samurais, she enlists the help of Mugen, another customer at the tea stall.

He easily defeats the group with his skills but gets involved in another fight with Jin, and the fight destroys the whole stall. Both now convicts join Fuu as bodyguards in her journey to find one particular samurai.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both the anime involve action, especially with a sword.

4) To Your Eternity-

To Your Eternity

IMDb rating- 8.7

Genre- Adventure, Drama, Supernatural

Number of episodes- 20

Where to watch- Netflix

When a mysterious orb is sent to earth, it has to survive according to the ways of this planet. With the ability to take the form of anything it touches, the orb takes multiple forms before meeting a young kid.

After the kid succumbs to his injuries, the orb takes up his form and sets him on his adventure on this strange planet. Considered one of the most emotional anime, To Your Eternity is something you cannot afford to miss.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both Dororo and the Orb were initially emotionless and suffered from an improper physical body. However, with time they grow immensely strong.
  • Both have a supportive side character.

3) Vinland Saga-

Vinland Saga

IMDb rating- 8.8

Genre- Action, Adventure, Drama

Number of episodes- 24

Where to watch- Amazon Prime

Next up on this list of anime like Dororo, we have another anime that is primarily founded on the plot of revenge. Vinland Saga covers the adventures of Thorfinn, the son of the famous Viking warrior Thors.

After his father loses his life at the hands of Askeladd and his band, Thorfinn joins them to avenge his father’s death by defeating Askeladd in a duel one day.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Vengeance serves to be the driving force of both of these anime.

2) Ousama Ranking-

Ousama Ranking

IMDb rating- 8.9

Genre- Adventure, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 23

Where to watch- Crunchyroll

An anime with many similarities with Dororo, Ousama Ranking revolves around the young prince Bojji, who is ridiculed by all. Incapable of hearing or speaking, he is often known among the people as the Useless Prince.

During these times, he meets Kage, a shadow creature, and befriends him. Under Kage’s influence, Bojji sets off to champion his insecurities and fears and emerge as a successful prince.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both the anime are set in feudal Japan.
  • Both in Dororo and Ousama Ranking, the son was an object of sacrifice.

1) FullMetal Alchemist-

FullMetal Alchemist

IMDb rating- 8.9

Genre- Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Number of episodes- 51

Where to watch- Netflix

FullMetal Alchemist is the best anime like Dororo. The Elric brothers find themselves in a catastrophic situation after an alchemy experiment goes wrong. While the younger brother Alphonse got his soul disintegrated, the elder one, Edward, lost a leg, all in an attempt to bring their dead mother back.

Somehow managing the situation, they set off on a journey to find the Philosopher’s stone, with which they can defy the laws of Alchemy.

Similarities with Dororo:

  • Both the anime involve the main characters on an adventure to regain their lost body parts.
  • The use of prosthetics as a counter for their disability is seen in both the anime.

Here we conclude our article Anime like Dororo. We intend to bring many more interesting articles. So, stay tuned.

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