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10 Best Anime That Will Teach You Gambling (Better Than Kakegurui) 2023

When watching anime about gambling, there are times when you might feel like trying it yourself. And, there are also a lot more anime series about Gambling, which also teach you how to gamble well.

So, today we will be looking at some of the top 10 gambling anime, which are better than Kakegurui. Most of the anime on this list will also teach you more about how to gamble and give you more information about the sport.

With all that’s said, let’s straight up jump into the ranking of the top 10 best anime about Gambling.

10 Best Anime About Gambling

10) Usogui


IMDB RatingsN/A
Number of Episodes42min
StudioSoft Garage, Shueisha

Usogui is probably the best series, which will teach you the most about gambling. But, this is only limited to the manga version sadly. The anime version was only a poor adaptation of the first few chapters of Usogui.

The series follows Usogui aka Bak Madarame, and all of his antics during gambling games. Also, the anime has a unique world setting, where an organization called Kagerou exists, which further promotes gambling.

All gamblers must go through this organization, to set the rules of a game, before starting. Usogui shows how you can cleverly gamble, and get past even strong opponents.

9) C: The Money of Soul and Probability Control

C: The Money of Soul and Probability Control

IMDB Ratings6.6
Number of Episodes11
GenreAction, Mystery, Suspense
StudioTatsunoko Productions

The series follows the story of Kimimaro Yoga, an economic student, in a country whose economics is in shambles, and money is everything. His soon monotonous daily life is turned around after he meets Masakaki.

Masakaki invites Kimimaro to a place called Eastern Financial District, where you can gain infinite money if you offer your future. But, what is unknown to Kimimaro is that all of the individuals should participate in weekly duels, with their futures at stake.

Will Kimimaro Yoga survive and win in this game with his future at stake?

8) Saki 


IMDB Ratings6.9
Number of Episodes25
GenreSlice of Life
StudioGonzo, Picture Magic

Saki Miyanaga is a high school student, who hates the Mahjong game to her death. And, she also doesn’t reveal her true strength, whenever she plays the game. But, one certain day, she goes to the Mahjong club, due to her friend Kyoutarou Suga.

There, she also meets a national Mahjong champion winner, Nodoka Haramura, Yuuki Kataoka, and the club president Hisa Takei. During a mock game, Hisa notices that Saki is hiding her abilities.

Hisa also reveals her true ability, and Saki ends up joining the mahjong club. This reignites the passion of Saki for mahjong, as she aims her eye for the national championship this time.

7) Joker Game

Joker Game

IMDB Ratings7.0
Number of Episodes14
StudioProduction I.G.

Joker Game is a very unique gambling anime, set during World War 2. The mini-series follows the story of a spy organization called D Agency, which are created for the sole purpose of obtaining information on other countries.

The members must now infiltrate dangerous places, to obtain information. Although this might not look like a gambling anime at first glance, it has many gambling themes, that will teach you a lot.

The main focus of this anime is manipulating and outsmarting people, for the sake of information. This is almost like a gamble since the officers are betting their lives on this one chance.

6) No Game No Life

No Game No Life

IMDB Ratings7.6
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Ecchi

No Game No Life is the story of Sora and Shiro, two gamers who are collectively called the unbeatable Blank. All of their fame is in the real world, but one day, they are asked by God to reincarnate in the world of games, after beating the God of games himself.

Both of the siblings take this chance and join this new world. In this world, everything will be decided based on games only. Blank must now survive in this world of games, where anyone could be the winner.

Moreover, they also need to take certain gambles, to win against some powerful opponents. Even though the anime is primarily about games, it also talks a lot about gambling.

5) Akagi


IMDB Ratings7.8
Number of Episodes26

Yet another anime about gambling that mixes in the concept of Mahjong, this series follows the story of Nangou. Nangou is a very bad gambler and also has 3 million yen as debt to his name.

He tries to gamble more to clear it, but he only gets further from his goal. Nangou is on the verge of losing when he meets Shigeru Akagi, a young boy who is running away from the police.

To his surprise, Akagi is a very talented gambler and wins this mahjong game, only after knowing a few rules. This starts the gambling journey of Akagi and Nangou, as they have to face off against more powerful foes now.

4) Death Parade

Death Parade

IMDB Ratings7.9
Number of Episodes12
GenreDrama, Supernatural, Suspense

Death isn’t the end for specific people if they are chosen by the Quindecim bar. The manager of the bar is Decim who gives one more chance at life, to the pairs who end up dying together.

He challenges them with life-threatening games, which will decide the future of these people. Based on Decim’s verdict, they may either get reborn, get sent to the void, or will be never seen again.

In these life-threatening games, Decim meets a black-haired amnesiac woman, who challenges Decim’s ideology and his games. This series has a lot more gambling than you think, because of all the special games that Decim makes.

3) Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

IMDB Ratings8.2
Number of Episodes53

Kaiji Itou is a very bad gambler, who has piled up a huge debt, due to his gambling habits. However, he is invited to a mysterious ship called Espoir which is said to clear any debts, only for one night of gambling.

However, unknown to Kaiji is that this ship is filled with people ready to betray, and win at the cost of anything. Moreover, the losers in this ship, are also made to be worked as slaves, till they die.

Will Kaiji be able to survive this hellish ship, even with his lousy gambling habits?

2) Hikaru No Go 

Hikaru No Go 

IMDB Ratings8.3
Number of Episodes75
GenreComedy, Drama, Supernatural

Hikaru Shindou stumbles on a Go board when he is rummaging through his grandfather’s attic. Touching this board also unleashes the expert Go spirit, Fujiwara no Sai. Even after his death, Sai was still hooked up on the Go game and ended up as a spirit.

Hikaru slowly starts getting interested in this board game, after playing with Sai. But, he is only fully interested in the game, after meeting and playing with the child prodigy Akira Touya.

Will Akira and Sai be able to defeat Akira? Can Sai obtain the special method of playing Go, which he always wanted? Although this is a shounen series, it still has many gambling aspects, that will hook you onto the series.

1) One Outs

One Outs

IMDB Ratings8.3
Number of Episodes25

Toua Tokuchi is a prodigy at gambling and has won many gambles at outs, a game that only involves a batter and a pitcher. He has won all of this, only with his ordinary level of pitching skill.

However, soon he is recruited to the team Saikyou Saitama Lycaons by Hiromichi Kojima, who beat him at his won game. But, things aren’t smooth sailing for Tokuchi, as he is hated by the manager of the team Tsuneo Saikawa.

So, Tokuchi starts to play the gambling game with Tsuneo again, to settle things down. How will Tokuchi fare against world-class batters with his level of skill? Will he be able to outsmart them with his gambles?

This is all we have on the top gambling anime for today. Make sure to check some of our other interesting posts over here.

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