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Top 20 Best Anime About Time Travel, According to IMDb (2023)

Anime about Time travel has been prevalent for a long time, and many of these series are getting more and more recognition now. Time Travel has always been a very unique concept in real life too, and viewers love to see a similar concept in anime.

Also, since anime knows no boundaries, we can see many different and unique time travel anime, that cater to a wide range of audiences. So, many viewers undoubtedly fell in love with unique anime such as these.

So, today we will also be talking about some of the best and most popular anime about time travel. This is a pretty long list of anime series, so buckle up for the ride.

Top 20 Best Anime About Time Travel

20) Occult Academy 

Occult Academy

IMDB Ratings6.6
Number of Episodes13
GenreComedy, Mystery, Sci-fi, Supernatural
StudioA-1 Pictures

Occult Academy is the story of Maaya and a time traveler Fumiaki Uchida. Aliens had invaded the Earth by 2012, and people were sent back in time to 1999, to search and destroy a specific Nostradamus Key.

In 1999, Maaya wanted to destroy her father’s academy, by becoming the principal. However, her plans are quickly stopped after Uchida meets her and foretells about the apocalypse in 2012.

This is the start of both of their journey, as they search in this timeline now, for the Nostradamus Key. Will they be able to find the key and prevent this apocalypse? Watch the series, to know more about what happened.

19) Higurashi: When They Cry Gou 

Higurashi: When They Cry Gou 

IMDB Ratings6.9
Number of Episodes24
GenreHorror, Mystery, Supernatural, Suspense

Keiichi Maebara is a high-school student, who had recently transferred to the peaceful village Hinamizawa. Soon after joining, he also makes a group of friends, with which he spends all of his time with.

However, he soon stumbles upon some of the darkest secrets of the Hinamizawa village. On top of this, he also notices that his friends’ behaviors are also changing, the more he tries inquiring about this. What does Hinamizawa have in store for Keiichi now?

This series might not look like a time travel anime but does have many time travel aspects. Because it is one of the biggest plot twists of the series, we will not be disclosing how the time travel fits into the series.

18) Buddy Complex 

Buddy Complex

IMDB Ratings7.0
Number of Episodes15
GenreAction, Sci-fi

Aoba Watase is a normal high school student, who was attacked by a robot called Valiancer. Despite this, he is saved by his classmate, Hina Yumihara, who proclaims that both she and this robot are from the future.

He is also sent 70 years in the future, by Hina, to prevent his death now. In the future, he finds himself amid a war, and inside a Valiancer of his own. Soon enough, he also manages to find a trusted ally called Dio Weinberg.

But, what is unknown to Aoba, is that he needs to win this war first, to save both the past and the future.

17) Remake Our Life!

Remake Our Life!

IMDB Ratings7.0
Number of Episodes12
GenreDrama, Romance

Kyouya Hashiba is a 28-year-old adult, who was recently fired from his dream job as a video game developer. He keeps on regretting his life, for all the bad decisions which he took till now.

Suddenly one day, he finds himself waking up ten years before all of these current events. This time around, he tries to make all the right decisions, by choosing his passion over business.

This is the start of Kyouya’s journey, as he now tries to remake all of the bad decisions he ever made in his life.

16) Iroduku: The World In Colors

Iroduku: The World In Colors

IMDB Ratings7.3
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Romance
StudioP.A. Works

This series is the story of Hitomi Tsukishiro, a girl who could only see a monochrome world. Even if she was imbued with kaleidoscopic magic, she is still unable to see the color and emotions of the world.

So, Hitomi’s grandmother Kohaku uses a spell on her, to send her 60 years back in time. Hitomi ends up in 2018 when Kohaku was still a high-school student. She soon meets Yuito Aoi, whose painting starts bringing color to Hitomi’s world.

What is Hitomi’s purpose now, and what is her connection to this individual named Yuito Aoi?

15) Zipang


IMDB Ratings7.4
Number of Episodes26
GenreAction, Drama, Sci-fi
StudioStudio Deen

Mirai is a very advanced warfare ship, which was considered one of the best there is, at Japan’s Self-Defense Force. One certain day, they are engulfed by a storm, when the crew was running training exercises.

After recovering, they understand that they have teleported back in time to June 4th, 1942. They also collectively discuss, that they shouldn’t change the past. But, things aren’t smooth sailing for them, after Kadomatsu had saved the life of Kusaka Takumi.

How will the past and future now change, due to Kadomatsu’s intervention?

14) Orange


IMDB Ratings7.6
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Romance, Sci-fi
StudioTelecom Animation Film

Orange is the story of Naho Takamiya, and her friends during her high school days. On her first day, Naho receives a specific letter, which was addressed to her by her future self.

The note talks about every detail, that Naho had regretted in her life. After witnessing a few of those events personally, Naho makes up her mind, to alter the present and the future now.

With this letter now, she can change all of her regrets, and also save the life of the guy she likes, Kakeru Naruse.

13) The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

IMDB Ratings7.7
Number of Episodes1hr 39min
GenreDrama, Romance, Sci-fi

Makoto Konno’s last year of high school isn’t what she had expected. She does not know what to do with her life after she completes her last year. But, one day she learns that she can leap through time.

She soon starts toying around with her ability, as she changes a lot of incidents. However, she is yet to know of the severe consequences of playing with time, which might change the course of her life entirely.

12) The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

IMDB Ratings7.8
Number of Episodes14
GenreComedy, Mystery, Sci-fi
StudioKyoto Animation

Kyon is a very normal high school student, who does not believe in the existence of time travelers. However, this is only till he meets Haruhi Suzumiya, who flips his whole life over.

Haruhi believes that supernatural beings exist, and opens an SOS Brigade along with Kyon, Yuki, Mikuru, and Itsuki. On the surface, all of them seem to have no connection whatsoever.

But, when Kyon is whisked away by the brigade, he understands that there are a lot more secrets regarding Haruhi and the SOS Brigade, which he begins to uncover.

11) Inuyasha


IMDB Ratings7.9
Number of Episodes167
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Kagome Higurashi was just celebrating her 15th birthday, till she was pulled into the ancient Japanese era filled with demons. Kagome is now haunted by all these creatures, for carrying Shikon Jewel, an item that holds enormous power.

She soon encounters Inuyasha, a half-demon boy, who begrudgingly teams up with her, due to all the monsters around. However, her Shikon Jewel soon breaks in this fight, and now both Kagome and Inuyasha must travel across Feudal Japan, to collect the broken shards of this Jewel.

10) Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

IMDB Ratings7.9
Number of Episodes38
GenreAction, Drama, Supernatural

Hanagaki Takemichi is a loner adult now, who only keeps reminiscing about his high school days, where he had friends, a girlfriend and led a happy life. In the present, he breaks up with his girlfriend, who is also killed by the Tokyo Manji gang.

Just when he is about to kill himself on a train track, he suddenly teleports back to the events of the same day. This isn’t the end of his weird incidents, as he also learns that he could travel back in time now.

He gained the ability to travel back and forth in time, whenever he shook hands with Naoto, his girlfriend’s little brother. Takemichi now makes up his mind, to save his girlfriend Hinata Tachibana, and make sure that he can live a life without regrets.

9) Re Zero: Starting Life in Another World

Re Zero: Starting Life in Another World

IMDB Ratings8.1
Number of Episodes78
GenreDrama, Fantasy, Suspense

Suddenly one day, Subaru Natsuki is teleported to a different fantasy-like world. In this new world, he is attacked by thugs but is quickly saved by a beautiful girl called Satella.

Joining in her mysterious search, both Subaru and Satella end up dying, on the same night. However, to Subaru’s surprise, he wakes up again, at the start of the same day when he gets attacked by the thugs.

Subaru now understands he needs to uncover these mysteries and save Satella before they are killed again the same night.

8) Summer Time Rendering 

Summer Time Rendering 

IMDB Ratings8.2
Number of Episodes25
GenreMystery, Supernatural, Suspense

Shinpei Ajiro had been living with the Kofune family, even since the demise of his parents. For education purposes, Shinpei had to go to Tokyo and leave his hometown, Hitogashima Island.

However, he has to return to it soon, after the death of Ushio Kofune. During his time there, he forms the conclusion that Ushio’s death was a murder and not an accident. He also gets to know of the existence of Shadows, that threaten the lives of Humans.

But, before he learns more, he is also murdered. To his surprise, he finds himself going back in time after he was murdered. Will Shinpei solve all the mysteries of Shadows, Hitogashima Island, and the death of Ushio now?

7) Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl

IMDB Ratings8.2
Number of Episodes1hr 30min
GenreDrama, Romance, Supernatural

The sequel to the Rascal Does not Dream of a Bunny Girl anime, this movie follows the life of Sakuta Azusagawa, six months after the incidents of the anime season. Just when he thought everything was going well for him, Shouko Makinohara starts appearing in front of him.

As if this wasn’t enough, he meets an adult version of Shouko and a middle school version of Shouko. Sakuta now needs to understand his feelings and make sure that he won’t cause more problems for Mai.

It might not look like a story about time travel, but there is the time travel aspect in this movie.

6) Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter – Be Forever Yorozuya 

Gintama The Movie: The Final Chapter – Be Forever Yorozuya 

IMDB Ratings8.3
Number of Episodes1hr 50min
GenreAction, Comedy, Sci-fi

Gintoki Sakata is leading a normal life, till he was suddenly teleported 5 years into the future by an android time machine. Edo is now being plagued by a phenomenon called the White Plague.

Moreover, he understands that there is no Gintoki here, and both Kagura and Shinpachi moved to different factions. Now, he must reassemble his Yorozuya again, to solve the mystery of this epidemic, and save the future of Edo.

5) The Tatami Galaxy 

The Tatami Galaxy

IMDB Ratings8.4
Number of Episodes11
GenreComedy, Mystery, Romance

Moving into the top 5 Anime about time travel, we have a critically acclaimed anime series, The Tatami Galaxy. The series follows the story of a nameless third-year college student after he encounters a demigod.

After this encounter, the student recollects all of his college days, which were only filled with regret. Now, he has one more chance, to make it all right, as he is asked to relive the past three years of his life, by the Demigod.

Will he finally be able to clear out all the regrets he had and live a happy life now?

4) Your Name

Your Name

IMDB Ratings8.4
Number of Episodes1hr 46min
GenreDrama, Supernatural
StudioCoMix Wave Films

Mitsuha Miyamizu is a girl living in the village, who always dreams of living in Tokyo as a boy. On the other hand, Taki Tachibana is a busy high-school student in Tokyo, who is pursuing his goals.

One sudden day, Mitsuha notices that she has changed places with Taki, and likewise. This starts both of their journey, as they try to know more about each other, and how they ended up like this.

However, both of them learn of some devastating truths, which might mean that the two might not be able to meet.

3) Erased


IMDB Ratings8.5
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Mystery, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller
StudioA-1 Pictures

Satoru Fujinuma is a 29-year-old man, who is struggling to make ends meet after his first venture of a manga series failed. He also had many more regrets in his life and wanted to redo them again.

Satoru had a special ability, where he could teleport back in time, to prevent deaths or accidents. When one day he is framed for murder, Satoru teleports back to his grade-schooler days, which included one of his biggest regret, Kayo Hinazuki.

She went missing this same year, and there was also no one to help her. This time, however, Satoru wants to uncover the mystery behind her disappearance and save her.

2) Link Click 

Link Click 

IMDB Ratings8.6
Number of Episodes15
GenreDrama, Mystery, Supernatural, Thriller
StudioStudio LAN

Link Click is the story of two friends, and a Time Photoshop, which solves the problems of different people. Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang have special abilities, that let them travel into the past.

The time travel conditions are that they need a photograph of the past, and both Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang need to be present. However, there is also a strict rule that the past should not be changed no matter what.

But, when Cheng Xiaoshi is faced with extreme situations, he might have changed the past of someone. How will the future now change, after Cheng has now broken the one rule he shouldn’t have?

1) Steins; Gate

Steins; Gate

IMDB Ratings8.8
Number of Episodes26
GenreDrama, Psychological, Sci-fi, Thriller
StudioWhite Fox

Okabe Rintarou is a self-proclaimed scientist, who also has a future lab group, along with his friends Shiina Mayuri and Hashida Itaru. However one day, Okabe witnesses the gruesome death of a scientist called Makise Kurisu.

On the same day, he also realizes that he could send messages to the past, as well as retain memories of the present and future. Okabe now starts his mission to save her, but there might be grave circumstances awaiting them, once they change the flow of time.

This is everything on some of the best anime about time travel. For more similar, fresh, and interesting concepts, make sure to check our other posts over here.

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