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Top 15 Best Chefs in Food Wars | Based on Shokugeki no soma manga (2023)

Last updated on January 4th, 2023 at 12:36 am

If you are a fan of the culinary world, then Food Wars is the perfect anime for you. There is none of the depravity sense of sadness in this anime; this one is purely about food and its art.

Totsuki Saryo Culinary Institute is the most elite cooking institute globally, where there is just one rule for all power: The Best Chefs win.

Therefore, in this post, we will analyze the top 15 best chefs in Food Wars. Remember, we will take the chefs at their prime, so get ready for some taste buds-tingling cooking. And if you want to know the top chef, stick on till the end.

15) Inui Hinako-

Hinako is an alumnus of Totsuki Academy, a world-famous chef, and a graduate of the 80th Generation Class. She is the ex second seat of the Elite Ten Council, which goes a long way to project her cooking prowess.

She owns a restaurant named Kirinoya, which is universally considered one of the best restaurants that use organic ingredients and its traditional Japanese cuisine. Not only this, but she also becomes a part of the rapport training camp and is one of her generation’s talents.

14) Nakiri Alice-

Nakiri Alice is one of the most creative characters in the entire series. She is the daughter of Sōe Nakiri and Leonora Nakiri and the former sixth seat of the elite ten in Totsuki. She is an excellent cook to choose to prove herself, although her cousin often overshadows her.

Alice determined to challenge the Cutting Edge club to take control of their clubhouse and delivered a crushing downfall on them. She was present in the middle school of Totsuki, who graduated from Totsuki high school and was considered one of the most promising chefs.

13) Takumi Aldini-

Aldini entered the academy along with Soma and is quite the unrefined genius gourmet chef in his own right. Takumi specializes in Italian cuisine, something he had tried to perfect and master ever since his childhood.

Takumi usually operates with his brother Isami, and together they are a formidable force to beat. He is the present seventh seat of Totsuki Academy and is quite skilled in food involving a blend of vegetables and protein content.

Takumi prises his Mezzaluna and is one of the most skilled at cutting and grinding ingredients into perfect proportions.

12) Ryō Kurokiba-

Ryo was part of the 92nd Generation Orientation Ceremony and Nakiri Alice and, in his stint in the academy, acted as her close aide. He is an exceptional cook which a unique talent for cooking all forms of marine life.

Ryo is the fifth seat in the Elite Ten council of the Totsuki academy, which is enough proof of his cooking abilities. He can easily modulate his dishes to create an entirely new dish or manipulate the taste to make it different. He never ceases to experiment with his food.

11)  Hayama Akira-

The king of spices takes the twelfth spot on this list. One of the most gifted chefs of his generation, Akira is an expert at dealing with Indian Spices.

His specialty is the Indian curry, the flavor and smell that can easily overpower anyone, which is also the dish he used in his battle against Soma.

He was in the 9th seat originally of the elite ten council. However, after the reshuffling of power, he became the fourth seat of the elite ten council.

10) Ishhiki Satoshi-

Satoshi can easily be considered one of the best in the elite ten, if not in his cooking, then definitely because of his attitude. He was one of the first few elite ten members Soma befriended, and obviously, their midnight food battle awoke everyone.

Satoshi is a reminiscence of the best Polar Star days when it was at its peak with the best cooks. Satoshi rooted and tried his best to save the Polar Star dorm from demolition. Ironically, he prefers to cook wearing nothing but an apron which is funny and weird at the same time.

9) Kobayashi Rindo-

Rindo’s carefree attitude would never make anyone guess that she was the former second seat of the Elite Ten council in the Totsuki Academy. She is an exceptional cook to have attained that rank.

We got her first glimpse at the Moon Banquet Festival, especially when she was trying out all the various dishes in various shops. She understands that the simplest way of expanding her cooking encyclopedia was to taste all kinds of cooking that she could later implement.

8) Kojirō Shinomiya-

Shinomiya, the former first seat of the Elite ten council of the 79th generation, is a French executive chef under whom Soma served during his internship.

He is one of the most skilled in the science of cooking and often implements the most complicated scientific methods to create his dishes.

Kojiro’s primary aim was to become the first Japanese chef ever to win the Pluspol medal, the highest badge of honor handed out to the best French cuisine chef in the world. Mind you, Kojiro, at his peak, is a chef genius, and there are very few things that can deter him from reaching his goal.

7) Eishi Tsukasa-

If you wanted the youngest gourmet prodigy in the world, Tsukasa is the man for you. He redefined gourmet cooking in a previously unthought-of way and even then managed to put his own touch into every dish he cooked.

Tsukasa was the former first seat of the 90th generation of Totsuki graduates, and it is astounding to find him so low on this list. The kid who was portrayed as a knight in shining armor due to his flavors, Tsukasa is one of the best for all fine dining.

6) Saiba Asahi-

Saiba Asahi, one of the Best Chefs in Food Wars, belongs to a dark underground organization of chefs. Even then, his cooking skills are not a matter to be questioned. The fact that he could defeat the prince of gourmet dining- Eishi Tsukasa, is a testament to his skill.

This is a man who would stop at nothing to create the most beautiful and delicious dish ever found and tasted, and the fact that he was Joachiro’s disciple shows his ability and cooking prowess. No wonder he takes his place on the sixth spot, barely missing out on the fifth.

5) Nakiri Azami-

Finally, we have reached the top 5 in the list, and Azami rightfully takes his place in this list. If Tsukasa was the prince of gourmet dining, this is the man who made gourmet dining the exclusive concept. He cooks with only one motive- to augment the taste buds of all those that taste his food.

As the former director of the Totsuki academy and an ex-third seat in his first year who was later promoted to the first seat, there are seldom any questions raised on his cooking ability.

4) Dojima Gin-

Gin is an exceptional cook whom nobody would even consider a cook given his appearance. However, his skill is at a whole different level when it comes to creating the dishes at their fines; this is your go-to man.

He is the current head chef as well as a member of the board of directors of the Totsuki Resort. He was the former first seat in Totsuki academy and an exceptional chef in his own right.

3) Soma Yukihira-

Ah yes, why would I put the protagonist of the series in the third spot? Especially since he has all the abilities even to surpass the best chef in the world. And since we are taking chefs at their prime, isn’t Soma’s already at his prime?

Well, Soma is still learning, which is really what makes him such a brilliant man and an even better chef. Soma continuously seeks to learn, improve his techniques, and become one of the best. This is also probably why we do not find Soma at his prime.

However, Soma’s exceptional talent still puts him in the top 3 on this list of exceptional chefs.

2) Nakiri Erina-

Nakiri Erina is the best chef in the food wars and is also referred as God’s Tongue.” And honestly, she beats Soma by just the tiniest of margins. Had it been any other listen, Soma could well have claimed the second spot.

However, Erina has one clear victory against Soma which came in the finals of BLUE, and therefore, only for the present, just inches over Soma.

1) Joichiro Saiba (Yukihira)-

Joichiro Saiba

Joichiro Saiba (in his glorified days) was considered to be the best chef in the Food Wars with a lot of achievements. 

If you tasted this man’s cooking at his prime, everything else would taste bland after that. He is what we call a generational talent, the once-in-a-lifetime character who can create even the most beautiful dish with the most meager ingredients.

The best chef of all time goes to this man; he was the one standard upon whom Erina judged all the other food items cooked. He truly reigns over the culinary world in Food Wars.

Here, we conclude the complete list of the best chefs in Food Wars. We hope you love it. Also, many fans have their rankings depending on their likings. Therefore, every chef in the Food Wars is unique, and we cannot compare them. 

The anime is available for streaming on Netflix, so go check it out. Also, for similar posts like this, keep following us.


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