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Top 15 Strongest Fairy Tail Characters with Best Rankings

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We all need a little bit of magic in our lives. Well, Fairy Tail is one anime that does exclusively that. In a world where magic is the norm and magical guilds protect the country, the Fairy Tail guild is an odd but powerful bunch.

Several rankings have been done on the Strongest Fairy Tail Characters; however, most of them are filled with logical fallacies and improper power rankings.

Therefore, in this post, we will do a proper ranking of the top 15 strongest Fairy Tail characters and explain their strength. So if you are interested in knowing the real strongest character in Fairy Tail, stick on till the end.

15) Mirajane Strauss-


Mirajane is one of the strongest Fairy Tail characters. She is a class S-wizard, so there can be no questions about her power levels. She is the younger sister of Elfman and Lisanna and is one of the most beautiful characters in the anime. She regularly appears on the covers of Sorcerer Magazine.

One of her strongest attacks is the Satan Soul, where she takes on the abilities and powers of a devil. She has enhanced speed, durability, reflexes, and power of flight in this form. She is also an extremely strong user of the Darkness Magic.

14) Gray Fullbuster-

Gray Ice Devil

Gray Fullbuster is a member of Team Natsu and the Fairy Tail guild and is one of the strongest ice wizards in the series. He has quite extensive control over his ice magic which he can use for various purposes.

His strongest form is Ice Devil magic, which can be used to stay devils- the strongest form of ice magic ever to exist. His special attacks such as the Ice devil destruction bow, destruction fist, and Ice devil laughter can really stop his opponents in their tracks.

13) God Serena-

God Serena
God Serena

A member of the Spriggan Twelve, he is under the direct command of Emperor Spriggan and an ex-member of the 10 wizard saints.

Serena uses a very peculiar form of dragon slayer magic where he has control over eight elements. He can use the lightning, craven, purgatory, sea king, and even gale dragon forms of magic.

Apart from his magic abilities, he has extreme physical strength and durability, making him a formidable force in battle.

12) Brandish-


Brandish is yet another former Spriggan Twelve member of the Alvarez Empire and has garnered the title of Nation Destroyer. She uses magic named Command T that grants her the ability to destroy and alter the basic forms of matter.

Brandish is also an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and Erza noted that with her Command T attacks, she is near impossible to defeat.

11) Erza Scarlett-


So if you are a fan of Fairy Tail, you saw her coming from a long way out. Erza is an S-class Wizard, one of the top three strongest in Fairy Tail guild, and even served as the guild master in Makarov’s absence.

Her powers need no introduction. She uses a form of creation and storage magic that allows her to manifest swords and armors at will. Her celestial armor and the thousand arms armor can intimidate most opponents.

10) Laxus Dreyar-


So finally, the brash kid makes the appearance. Laxus is the grandson of Marakov and is an S-Class wizard by himself. He used to head his own group of delinquents.

He joined the blue pegasus guild when Fairy Tail was disbanded; however, he later rejoined with the Thunder God tribe.

Laxus is one of the most powerful users of Lightning magic and is a formidable foe with attacks such as Lightning dragon slayer magic and Lightning Dragon’s Heavenward Halberd.

9) Makarov Drayer-


Well, Makarov is not the Guild Master of Fairy Tail for apparently no reason. In his prime, Makarov was considered as one of the strongest wizards with even greater potential. He is also one of the ten wizard saints.

Makarov’s signature spells allow him to turn into a giant. He can use elemental magic in the form of Light magic.

Makarov’s most powerful magic is Fairy Law, one of Fairly Tail’s three exclusive magical techniques that obliterates the enemies while leaving the guild members unharmed.

Along with light magic, he can also manipulate other forms of elemental magic such as fire, wind, water, etc.

8) Igneel-


The dragon because of which the anime really exists. Igneel is the foster father of Natsu and is the Fire Dragon King who taught Natsu his dragon slayer magic.

Igneel can use attacks like the fire dragon roar, fire dragon iron fist, can use telepathy, and the ancient technique of Dragon Soul Technique that can conceal his powers inside Natsu.

7) Celestial Spirit King-

Celestial Spirit King
Celestial Spirit King

The celestial spirit King is one of the strongest beings of the spirit world and controls all of the celestial spirits.

The Celestial Spirit King‘s attacks are all based on his sword that he manifests in a battle. Using this word, he can use attacks like the Galaxia blade and Meteor blade.

Since he is immortal and can also manipulate time, he is one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

6) Natsu (E.N.D.)-

Natsu E.N.D. Form

Natsu is one of the strongest characters in Fairy Tail. He is the foster son of Igneel and the protagonist of the Fairy Tail series. Originally, he was sent 400 years into the future. Normally, Natsu yields the fire dragon slayer magic.

However, Natsu is really an Etherios, originating from the book of Zeref, the only demon that Zeref could not Control in his E.N.D form. His seven-fire dragon power is probably one of the strongest attacks in the entire series.

5) Irene Belserion-

Irene Belserion

Finally, the top 5 of this list. If Erza made it into this list, it is given that her mother, known as the queen of dragons, would definitely make it. Irene is the strongest member of the Spriggan 12 and the creator of Dragon Slayer Magic.

She underwent dragonization; however, in her prime was a force to be reckoned with. She had the Sage dragon slayer magic, as well as the berserker mode that made her insanely powerful.

Her power level is off the charts when it comes to sheer creator magic, and she later turns cold-hearted due to the immense rejection that she felt during the war.

4) Gildarts Clive-

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive is the strongest member of the Fairy Tail guild. If you were to ask any Fairy Tail member who the strongest member of the guild was of all time, their answers would be synonymous- Clive. He is the 5th Guild master of Fairy Tail and probably the most powerful.

He uses a very powerful destructive form of magic called crush, which can be used to smash and destroy all that dared fight against him. The key factor was that his magic could even smash other forms of magic, which made him never invincible.

3) August-

King August

August was the most powerful mage in Fairy Tail. He was the only one who overwhelmed Gildarts Clive. He was quite literally the strongest male member of the Spriggan 12 and for a good reason.

He could use all forms of magic and almost gained mastery in each of them, never running out of tricks. His slow magic, reflector magic, and even his ability to use Crush really project his levels of power.

He can use an extremely old and powerful form of magic known as Ars Magic and be born with immense reserves of magic. His battle form was truly deadly for anyone he wished to rain down his assaults on. If he wanted, he could eliminate all the mages in the war. 

2) Zeref Dragoneel-

Zeref Dragoneel

The evilest magician of all time. The destroyer of Universes. The creator of the Book of Zeref. This man had no limit to the bounds of evil he could surpass. However, was he truly evil?

Zeref lost his parents and his brother Natsu in the war against dragons. He was cursed with the curse of Ankhseram, which destroyed all things around him.

He was disgusted with himself and tried to create Etherios that would extinguish him. He was immortal and the only one who could wield Dark and living magic simultaneously.

1) Acnologia-


The strongest character in Fairy Tail is no one other than Acnologia. He was one of the first few chosen to wield the initial dragon slayer magic, which made him immensely powerful and finally transformed him into a dragon.

He has their weird power of regaining his strength from the souls of dragons, leaving them in a half-dead state.

While in his dragon form, Acnologia can use Time Magic and use healing magic. He is a competent shapeshifter and has immense reserves of magic. While the exact element of his dragon slayer magic is yet unknown, he is able to consume any type of magic to replenish his powers.

So we conclude the complete list of the strongest Fairy Tail characters in their prime.

Where to Watch Fairy Tail legally?

Fairy Tail is up and available for streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. Fairy Tail has 328 episodes, but only the first season is available on Netflix. Crunchyroll and Funimation have the entire series. Also right now, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest manga is running with 100+ chapters.

However, you will have to take a subscription to the streaming services in order to access their content. For more similar posts, make sure to follow us, and in the meantime, you can check out these streaming services.

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