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(2021) List of Best Soundtracks in One Piece Anime

Eiichiro Oda has gifted the anime world with this wonderful masterpiece that has kept a generation of fans fall in love with anime all over again. It began publishing in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in July 1997. Since then, it has been a wild ride where we have cried and laughed along with the characters as they have continued on their merry adventure.

One Piece is about Monkey D.Luffy, who decided to set sail one day and become the greatest pirate ever following the footsteps of Gol.D.Roger. His main goal is to find the greatest treasure, “One Piece,” that has been hidden by Roger at the end of Grand Line. Any successful pirate requires his own band of skilled crewmates. Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Robin, Chopper, Franky, Brook, and Jinbei join him in his journey while having different goals of their own.

Best Soundtracks in One Piece Anime
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Opening and ending songs have been a major part of animes for a long time. Some of them become great hits that fans listen to on loop the whole day. But what about original soundtracks? Well, they are equally important and help in determining the gravity of the scene. Similarly, One Piece also has many soundtracks that perfectly fit with the situation, and some of them even give goosebumps to the viewers. Some of these soundtracks are quite famous for their use in epic fights and famous scenes. In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the best soundtracks used in One Piece that you can enjoy later.

Best Soundtracks in One Piece Anime-

  • We Are
  • I am here too
  • Robin’s Eyecatch Theme
  • Robin no Kokoro Kimaru
  • Jinbei, Knight of the Sea
  • Overtaken
  • To the Grand Line
  • The very very very strongest
  • A powerful foe appears
  • Gold and Oden
  • The Fight Continues
  • Difficult
  • Uunan and the Stone Storage Room
  • I am here with you too
  • Ace
  • After eating, Grand Line
  • Angry
  • Can’t escape, fight
  • Chopper’s past
  • Koby’s speech
  • Desperate Situation
  • Dr. Hiriluk
  • Explosion, Sonic Wave
  • Facing the Admirals
  • Fierce battle! Zoro vs. Sanji
  • Fight Back
  • Fury
  • Giant stronghold, takeoff
  • Gomu Gomu is ineffective
  • Gomu Gomu no Bazooka
  • Huge reversal Luffy
  • I am becoming the pirate king
  • Luffy’s fierce attack
  • Marines attack the village
  • Mezase
  • Mother Sea
  • One hour evacuation
  • Pirate
  • Run Away
  • Sanji in a big pinch
  • Senseless War
  • Shichibukai
  • Shizuka na Ikari
  • Straw Hat Counter Attack
  • Three Towers
  • Umi no namamono
  • Usopp! It’s dangerous
  • Zoro vs. Sanji

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Fans can enjoy each of these soundtracks on Youtube. They can also get the scenes related to these soundtracks in some of them. Moreover, there are different versions available for each of these soundtracks that the fans can also search for. We hope this list can be helpful to all the people out there to add some new songs to their music playlist.

The official sites of Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Funimation provide the fans with the latest episodes of One Piece. Since One Piece has a huge number of episodes, fans can always visit the older arcs to recollect what happened previously and refresh their memory. Moreover, the point One Piece currently is at in the storyline, fans should make sure not to miss even a single episode.

One Piece Theme Songs List
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The anime is currently showing the adventures of Roger and how he reached Laugh Tale. Roger has always been a source of mystery, considering the story of One Piece started with his treasure. So, this arc revealing his journey along the Grand Line has been a major source of excitement. In addition to this, we also got to see Oden’s adventure with Roger and how he also visited Laugh Tale with him. Recently we have seen how the Roger Pirates disbanded, and Oden returned to Wano country. We are slowly moving towards the fight between Oden and Kaidou and the subsequent death sentence of Oden. We will be back with more One Piece articles. Stay tuned to our website till then.

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