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Top 18+ Chinese Anime with OP MC & Great Animation (2023)

Chinese anime or “donghua” often focuses on the magical and spiritual world of cultivation. Not only do these anime have amazing stories but they also feature some of the best overpowered main characters. For today, we’ve gathered 20 such donghua with super-powerful protagonists and ranked the top 18+ Chinese anime with OP MC.

Top 18+ Chinese Anime with OP MC

20) Cheating Craft (Zoubi Yishu)

Cheating Craft

Cheating Craft is based in a world where academic success is everything for a person and failing only leads to doom. To pass and excel in exams, one has only two options: either study or master cheating.

Our protagonist Mu Ming Zhuge is the Cheating-type student who’s mastered the art of cheating. He partners together with the Learning-type Qian Yi Huang to cheat in tests until they have a falling out and become enemies.

19) The Devil Ring (Jie Mo Ren)

The Devil Ring

Featuring a cursed ring, this Chinese anime features a teenager Zhou Xiaoan putting on the eponymous Devil Ring that releases a demon out of his mouth. The demon announces himself as King Zhou of a zombie race that eats hearts.  

18) My Holy Weapon (Wo de Ni Tian Shen Qi)

My Holy Weapon

My Holy Weapon starts on a normal day with an unassuming young man Chang Tian. When he suddenly finds himself under an attack, he unknowingly summons a magical artifact that saves his life.

As the story progresses, Chang Tian becomes an unwilling participant in a battlefield where there are several others like him, who call on their magical artifacts to fight. This anime shows an unassuming protagonist who becomes strong throughout the story.

17) Hero Return (Yingxiong Zai Lin)

Hero Return

Who can we expect to be more overpowered than the world’s first superhero? Thus, Hero Return is on this list of the best Chinese anime with OP MC, featuring Zero, the first superhero of the world.

He inspired many to become superheroes but mysteriously disappeared after five years of war. As the name suggests, this anime focuses on his return to society. Zero usually hides his true power from his enemies and strikes when they least expect it. He is a joy to see.

16) Spirit Blade Mountain: Feast Of The Stardust (Reikenzan: Hoshikuzu-tachi no Utage)

Spirit Blade Mountain: Feast Of The Stardust

Spirit Blade Mountain: Feast Of The Stardust is adapted from a Chinese web novel and was released simultaneously in both Japan and China. It tells the story of Oriku, a boy born on the day a prophetic comet was to bring calamity to the world but didn’t.

Over the years, Oriku’s powers grow inside of him, but nothing will come easy. He must train himself hard to become a sage, accompanied by his trusted servant Onbu

15) Fairies Albums (Bai Yao Pu)

Fairies Albums

Fairies Albums is special in the way that unlike the rest of the donghua on this list, it doesn’t feature a male protagonist with hidden power. Instead, the show focuses on Tao Yao, a young woman with the special ability to heal demons and ghosts.

It’s through her exciting journey with Liu Gonzi and Mo Ya that we see the story as the trio encounters several supernatural incidents. Strong and imperfect, Tao Yao is a delight to see on screen.

14) Snow Eagle Lord (Xue Ying Ling Zhu)

Snow Eagle Lord

Snow Eagle Lord tells the story of Xue Ying, a young man living in peace with his loving family under the Dong Bo clan. His father was a commoner before marrying his mother, and his mother was from a noble family before risking everything for his father. 

When Xue Ying’s peaceful life comes to a halt, he must unleash all his power to reclaim their happiness.

13) Full-Time Magister (Quanzhi Fashi)

Full-Time Magister

This Chinese anime has its OP MC in Mo Fan, son of a poor laborer, who one day wakes up in a parallel world where magic has taken the spot of science. In this world, people blessed with magic are trained in a special academy.

Despite his economic condition and lack of magic, Mo Fan enrolls in the academy. Though he is mocked by his peers for his shortcomings, he soon masters the art of fire magic, known for its fierceness, as well as the very rare lightning element.

12) Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)

Tales of Demons and Gods

The main character of the Tales of Demons and Gods is not only overpowered but also a kind soul. Nie Li was the strongest Demon Spiritist in his lifetime and died protecting his village from the Sage Emperor and his six incredibly powerful beasts. 

But that was not the end of his story. He was brought back when he was 13-years old and a weakling. Using the knowledge he garnered in his previous life, however, he trains to become the strongest so that he can save his village and his loved ones this time around.

11) Supreme God Emperor (Wu Shang Shen Di)

Supreme God Emperor

The very title of this anime refers to its overpowered main character. The story starts ten thousand years ago, when the immortal king Mu Yun was at his peak and the holder of Zhu Xiantu. Those surrounding him, however, were unhappy with his uprising and conspired against him to move him out of the way.

After the betrayal, Mu Yun is reincarnated in the Southern Cloud Empire of the Heavenly Fate continent. Needless to say that the protagonist of this series is more powerful than one should ever be.

10) The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo)

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

When thinking about the Chinese anime with OP MC, what comes first to mind is the Daily Life of the Immortal King.

The title itself refers to the overpowered main character who is so powerful that destroying a demon as a child is nothing short of playing to him.

To keep his powers in check, his parents have him wearing an amulet that will reduce his power output.

Wang Ling, the titular immortal king, now wants to live a peaceful, normal life. But how can he, when the power inside him is only getting stronger with time?

9) Stellar Transformation (Xingchen Bian)

Stellar Transformation

Stellar Transformation begins with Qin Yu who is unable to perform the internal arts. But he is determined to prove his worth to his father and leaves on a journey with his pet bird, Xiao Hei. Training under Zhao Yunxing, Qin Yu gets better but it isn’t until a certain incident that his life changes.

Oneday Qin Yu finds a red crystal which shockingly fuses with his body, giving him extraordinary abilities in the external arts. Now a master of the external arts, Qin Yu and Xiao Hei find many adventures in their journey.

8) Spare Me, Great Lord! (Da Wang Rao Ming)

Spare Me, Great Lord!

This Chinese anime not only has an OP MC but it also has a rather unorthodox way of its MC gaining his power. While most heroes are associated with positive things in anime, the protagonist of Spare Me, Great Lord! gets his powers through the negative emotions in people, like hatred, anger and disappointment.

Unknown to everyone, the MC, Lu Shu is a metahuman with amazing powers. He hides his abilities as he journeys through life with his bubbly sister Lu Xiaoyu, facing many supernatural incidents along the way.

7) Nezha: The Devil’s Birth (Nezha Zhi Mo Tong Jiang Shi)

Nezha: The Devil’s Birth

Split from the heavenly Chaos Pearl, the Spirit Pearl and the Demon Orb are sent on Earth. To suppress the mighty power of these, Ne Zha was supposed to be reincarnated as the Spirit Pearl but was born as the Demon Orb instead. 

As Ne Zha grows up, his demonic powers begin to awaken while he fights for his instinct and destiny. Interesting and exciting, this is a Chinese anime with OP MC that you must try.

6) Thousand Autumns (Shanhe Jian Xin)

Thousand Autumns

Thousand Autumns has not one but two powerful main characters that gives it a place in this list of the top Chinese anime with OP MC. The plot starts with Shen Qiao, a noble warrior who falls off a cliff after facing a defeat.

Nearly dying from his fatal wounds, he is found by Yan Wushi, a man notorious for his cunning and his hatred for the weak. Taking the chance to corrupt the noble man, Yan Wushi takes him in and slowly begins to poison his mind.

The story is full of mind games and betrayals, as well as the psychological war between the good and evil side of Shen Qiao. His bond with Yan Wushi also gives this anime a homoerotic vibe.

5) A Will Eternal (Yi Nian Yong Heng)

A Will Eternal

A famous trope for the action genre is of the underdog protagonist who eventually develops into a strong character. A Will Eternal uses this trope masterfully with its protagonist, Bai Xiaochun who, at first glance, is anything but impressive.

But throughout the story, Bai Xiaochun blooms into his full potential after facing many dire obstacles. His power eventually comes to rival that of a deity. So, if you’re looking for a Chinese anime with OP MC, this anime would be up your alley.

4) Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Soul Land

Tang San, one of the best students at Tang Sect, takes the sect’s forbidden lore for himself, an action that is punishable by death. After he gains the knowledge, he gladly jumps from Hell’s Peak to end his life.

He is, however, reincarnated in the Soul Land where only the strong survive. Though assigned the Blue Silver Grass, this world’s most useless spirit, in his new life, Tan uses the knowledge he earned in his previous life to get stronger. This popular Chinese anime is very exciting and features an OP MC.

3) The King’s Avatar (Quan Zhi Gao Shou)

The King's Avatar

A character can be overpowered in many ways, not just in being physically strong or having any special ability. The protagonist of the King’s Avatar is an example of that.

The story centers around Ye Xiu, a legendary professional e-gamer who is considered to be the best in Glory, the most famous online multiplayer game.

After conflicts with his previous co-players, Ye Xiu leaves Glory. The story focuses on his return to the online gaming world where he proves again why he is considered the best there is. It’s an exciting watch and a great Chinese anime with OP MC.

2) Heaven Official’s Blessings (Tian Guan Ci Fu)

Heaven Official’s Blessings

Heaven Official’s Blessings might just be the most popular Chinese anime with OP MC on this list. It follows the story of Xie Lian, a god who was once beloved and revered but has fallen from grace over the centuries.

On his first mission, he meets a mysterious man named Hua Cheng, a man who shares destinies with him.

This anime has not one but two overpowered main characters. Xie Lian is very powerful in his own way and Hua Cheng is the mighty Crimson Rain Sought Flower who is feared by gods and demons alike.

1) The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

The Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation

Among Chinese anime, the Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation or Mo Dao Zu Shi is a particularly amazing one with a great storyline and a strong protagonist. It starts with Wei Wuxian, a Cultivator who rose to power that only brought chaos and destruction.

After being killed, he is reincarnated 13 years later and is joined by his old classmate, Lan Wangji. As the duo make their way to unravel the mystery of Cultivation, we get to see exactly how overpowered Wei Wuxian is. This here is one of the greatest Chinese anime with OP MC.

With the last entry, we conclude our list of the top 18+ Chinese anime with OP MC. The world of donghua has a selection of many great stories that are both interesting and addictive.

They are, however, quite underrated. We hope this article makes you more interested in Chinese anime and you give at least one or two a shot.

Stay tuned with Otakus’ Notes. We’ll be back soon with more interesting anime content like this.

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