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(2023) Top 35 Best Reincarnation Anime of All Time

Last updated on February 18th, 2023 at 23:00 pm

In recent years the Isekai genre has gained popularity among fans. Be it in the form of manga, webcomics, novels, or anime. Isekai generally means the protagonist gets transported to a brand new world and has to survive there. And most of the time, the character has knowledge of their previous life.

The fun thing is it can happen to anyone, and they can even get stuck inside a game! Moreover, there is always a high chance that the other world will have strong antagonists, and the protagonist has to save it with prior knowledge.

But in this post, we are going to discuss Isekai Tensei, where the character dies in their original world and gets reincarnated into another world. So, without any delay, let’s know the Top 35 Best Reincarnation Anime!

Top 35 Best Reincarnation Anime Ranked

35) In Another World With My Smartphone

In Another World With My Smartphone

Japanese Name異世界はスマートフォンとともに。
MAL Ratings6.15
Number of Episodes12
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Isekai
Studio(s)Production Reed
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Have one ever thought about transitioning to another world with a smartphone? Meet Touya Mochizuki who accidentally gets defeated by a God. And as an apology, he gets to live in a fantasy world while keeping his smartphone.

Follow him as he discovers magic while suffering romantic moments from the girls surrounding them. Will he be able to navigate in the new world without getting distracted?

34) The Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest

The Strongest Sage With The Weakest Crest

Japanese Name失格紋の最強賢者
MAL Ratings6.23
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Another anime that can be counted as one of the best reincarnation anime of all time is this series. It’s about Gaius who’s the world’s strongest sage but doesn’t have the crest of his liking.

He’s incarnated in the future as Mathias Hildesheimer, with the crest he wanted but now the world has changed the crest is deemed as the “Crest of Failure”.

33) The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?

The 8th Son

Japanese Name八男って、それはないでしょう!
MAL Ratings6.26
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy, Isekai
Studio(s)SynergySP, Shin-Ei Animation
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Shingo Ichinomiya, after dying under the workload of his office, wakes up in the body of a Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister.

Even though he occupies a noble body, he is the 8th son of some poor noble family. And decided to change his social and financial status. Moreover, his magical aptitude might be the solution for achieving his goal.

32) The Greatest Demon Lord Is Born As A Typical Nobody

The Greatest Demon Lord Is Born As A Typical Nobody

Japanese Name史上最強の大魔王、村人Aに転生する
MAL Ratings6.28
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy, Harem
Studio(s)SILVER LINK., Blade
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Even though Varvatos is the strongest being in the world, he’s deemed as the Demon Lord and isolated from everyone. To escape his loneliness, he is reborn as Ard Meteor, son of an ordinary couple.

Even after curbing his powers to the minimum, he finds himself still stronger than everyone. But he’ll use this opportunity to make friends and live life to the fullest. Though the series has some faults, it is one of the best reincarnation anime of all time.

31) CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!


Japanese Name超人高校生たちは異世界でも余裕で生き抜くようです!
MAL Ratings6.36
Number of Episodes12
GenreFantasy, Isekai
Studio(s)Project No. 9
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Everything is always fun when one has friends besides themselves. And that’s exactly what happened to seven Japanese high school students when they found themselves in a fantasy medieval world after dying in a plane crash.

Follow them as they try to repay the people of that world for their kindness while finding ways to return to their world. If that’s not all there is even a legend saying seven heroes from another world will defeat an evil dragon!

30) Dog & Scissors

Dog & Scissors

Japanese Name犬とハサミは使いよう
MAL Ratings6.55
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Supernatural
Where to WatchNA

This anime will take one through a journey in both nonsense yet mysterious worlds. Harumi Kazuhito is a fan of an author named Kirihime. One day, he dies after saving his favorite author but gets reincarnated as a dachshund dog.

Every day, he spends his time without his books and soon meets a sadistic woman with a pair of scissors. What’s more is that woman is Kirihime!

29) Wise Man’s Grandchild

Wise Man's Grandchild

Japanese Name賢者の孫
MAL Ratings6.61
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Another reincarnation anime that can’t be overlooked. The story follows Shin who gets reincarnated into a fantasy world where the great wizard Merlin raises him.

As time goes on, he shows talent both in martial arts and magic. But on his 15th birthday, he discovers he didn’t develop any magical aptitude, only combat skills.

To overcome this, Shin enrolls in Magic Academy and finds himself as a celebrity as soon as he arrives. Follow Shin as he defeats powerful foes and makes friends along the way.

28) Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life

Japanese Name私、能力は平均値でって言ったよね!
MAL Ratings6.78
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Studio(s)Project No. 9
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Meet Misato Kurihara who only wants to live a normal life in a new world after transitioning there. But she gets reborn in the body of  Adele von Ascham, a daughter of a noble.

Determined to live an average life she runs away from her home and enrolls in a hunter school using the name Mile as an alias. Will she be able to hide her potential when she finds herself in crazy situations every moment?

27) The Faraway Paladin

The Faraway Paladin

Japanese Name最果てのパラディン
MAL Ratings6.85
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai
Studio(s)Children’s Playground Entertainment
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Will is reborn in a new world where he is raised by a skeleton, a mummy and a ghost. The undead, Blood, Mary and Gus teach Will fighting, religion and magic respectively.

After coming to age, Will sets out in the outside world to find the truth of his guardians as he has to take an oath to a god as custom. The story follows Will and his journey.

26) The Land Of Leadale

The Land Of Leadale

Japanese Nameリアデイルの大地にて
MAL Ratings6.94
Number of Episodes12
GenreAdventure, Fantasy, Isekai
Studio(s)Maho Film
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Keina Kagami has been sick all her life but after her death, finds herself reborn as the high-level Cayna in her favorite video game, Leadale. After staying bedridden for so long, she now has the chance to wander the world and experience things.

With a nice fantasy plot, The Land Of Leadale falls amongst the best reincarnation anime of all time.

25) I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Japanese Nameスライム倒して300年、知らないうちにレベルMAXになってました
MAL Ratings6.95
Number of Episodes12
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Salarywoman Azusa Aizawa gets reincarnated as an immortal witch in another world after dying most strangely. To spend her time leisurely she ends up crushing slimes for money.

But who knew after hundreds of years her experience points reached max level. She decides to hide from doing excess work but soon a dragon named Reika finds her for battle. Will she be able to continue her normal life when friends and foes alike are looking for her?

24) By The Grace Of The Gods

By The Grace Of The Gods

Japanese Name神達に拾われた男
MAL Ratings6.98
Number of Episodes24
GenreFantasy, Slice of Life, Isekai, Iyashikei
Studio(s)Maho Film
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Ryouma Takebayashi has suffered a lot in his past life and now is reborn in a magical world as a boy. He lives deep inside a forest with his pet slimes and monsters, savoring life in a way he never could before.

When he helps some soldiers, they invite him to the next town with them. Now Ryouma has the chance to see the world beyond his home. With relaxing, slice of life flavors, it is one of the best reincarnation anime of all time.

23) Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Seirei Gensouki

Japanese Name精霊幻想記
MAL Ratings7.06
Number of Episodes12
Genre Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai
Studio(s)TMS Entertainment
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

After his death in an accident, Haruto Amakawa is reborn in a magical world as Rio. He’s still filled with the need of revenge for his mother’s death.

When he finds the kidnapped princess, he saves her and is granted the chance to enroll in the prestigious Bertram Royal Academy as a reward. But his experience in the academy might not be so pleasant as he’s the only commoner among nobles.

22) Knight’s & Magic

Knight's & Magic

Japanese Nameナイツ&マジック
MAL Ratings7.08
Number of Episodes13
GenreAction, Fantasy, Mecha, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Tsubasa Kurata, an otaku, gets reborn in the Fremmevilla Kingdom after dying in an accident. And this world is not ordinary. Here mechs called Silhouette Knights are used to battle against powerful demonic beasts.

So, he enrolls into Royal Laihaila Academy to create his Knight one day. But before that, he has to protect the kingdom while teaming up with twins and survive.

21) Black Summoner

Black Summoner

Japanese Name黒の召喚士
MAL Ratings7.12
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

For his reincarnation, Kelvin gives up some of his memories to gain more abilities. He also chooses the goddess in-charge of his reincarnation, Melfina, as his companion in the new world.

He’s fallen in love with Melfina but cannot manifest her physical form without a lot of mana. Kelvin now has to fight monsters to gain the mana points to see his darling Melfina again.

20) Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀

Reborn to Master the Blade

Japanese Name英雄王、武を極めるため転生す ~そして、世界最強の見習い騎士♀~
MAL Ratings7.16
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy
Studio(s)Studio Comet
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ is an ongoing isekai anime and one of the best reincarnation anime of all time.

It’s about Inglis, the hero king who dies wishing to master his blade. He’s reborn in the future as the daughter of the noble Eucus family but is runeless now and can’t use magic. No matter, she’ll use this opportunity to master her blade while becoming a squire for her cousin.

19) Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Life with an Ordinary Guy who Reincarnated into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Japanese Name異世界美少女受肉おじさんと
MAL Ratings7.17
Number of Episodes12
GenreAdventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Isekai
Studio(s)OLM Team Yoshioka
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Tsukasa Jinguuji and Hinata Tachibana are long-time best friends but while Tsukasa has all the ladies falling for him, Tachibana has no luck with women.

Wishing to become an irresistibly beautiful girl, Tachibana finds himself in a magical world as a girl with Tsukasa. They now have to fight the Demon Lord as they begin to fall in love with each other.

18) Parallel World Pharmacy

Parallel World Pharmacy

Japanese Name異世界薬局
MAL Ratings7.33
Number of Episodes12
GenreFantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

The loss of his younger sister in an untreatable tumor pushes Kanji Yakutani to become a world-class medical researcher. But after pushing himself too hard, he dies at the age of only 31.

But he is reborn in another world as Falma de Médicis of the famous medical practitioner family. Blessed with the deity’s favor, Falma will now treat every sick person, regardless of their wealth and social status.

17) Is This A Zombie?

Is This A Zombie

Japanese Nameこれはゾンビですか?
MAL Ratings7.35
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi, Harem
Studio(s)Studio Deen
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

Ayumu Aikawa, a high schooler, awakens beside a girl named Eucliwood Hellscythe after getting murdered. But that’s not all the mysterious girl tells him she resurrected him by turning him into a zombie.

He eventually sets out to hunt down his opponent and along the way ends up absorbing the powers of Haruna. As a result not only he has to find the assassin but also hunt down creatures called Megalo, monsters that terrorize the human population.

16) The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

Japanese Name世界最高の暗殺者、異世界貴族に転生する
MAL Ratings7.37
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Isekai
Studio(s)SILVER LINK., Studio Palette
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

When the world’s greatest assassin is killed by the very organization he worked for, he wakes up in the afterlife in front of a goddess.

At his request, he is reborn in a magical world with the task of slaying its hero to stop the world’s end. Now as Lugh Tuatha Dé, son of a noble assassin family, he learns many lessons about both assassination and friendship.

15) The Misfit of Demon King Academy

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy

Japanese Name魔王学院の不適合者 ~史上最強の魔王の始祖、転生して子孫たちの学校へ通う~
MAL Ratings7.38
Number of Episodes13+
GenreAction, Fantasy
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

Demon King Anos Voldigoad to end the war between humans and demons willingly sacrificed his life. And the demon world created the Demon King Academy to wait for their lord.

He gets reborn after two millennia and enrolls in the academy to claim his rightful title. But soon finds out the new world has less magic and his deeds are hidden under the name of an imposter. So, he takes it upon himself to teach his descendants that he is back and uncover the truth.

14) The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna

Japanese Name織田信奈の野望
MAL Ratings7.39
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Comedy, Romance, Harem
Studio(s)Madhouse, Studio Gokumi
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

High schooler Yoshiharu Sagara wakes up in the war-torn Sengoku period where Hideyoshi Toyotomi saves him at the cost of his own life.

At the last request of Toyotomi, Sagara promises to become a feudal lord but finds that the famous Nobunaga Oda is a beautiful girl named Nobuna Oda.

While helping Nobuna realize her ambition to conquer Japan, Sagara finds the rest of her eminent generals are beautiful teenage girls as well!

13) So I’m a Spider, So What?

So I'm A Spider, So What

Japanese Name蜘蛛ですが、なにか?
MAL Ratings7.45
Number of Episodes24
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

Sometimes a normal day can turn into a catastrophe. The same goes for these high schoolers but a handful of them get reincarnated in a fantasy world as nobles, royalties, etc.

But one girl gets reborn as the lowest spider and discovers the world has an RPG system. So, she sets out to defeat opponents to become stronger and have a better life while leveling up.

12) My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

My Next Life As A Villainess

Japanese Name乙女ゲームの破滅フラグしかない悪役令嬢に転生してしまった…
MAL Ratings7.47
Number of Episodes24
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Romance. Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll

Based on the same name of a popular manga, it follows the story of a girl who gets reincarnated in an Otome game. But unfortunately, she gets reborn as Katarina Clae, the main antagonist of the story.

A character who faces doom in every route taken. Determined to change her fate she uses her previous knowledge to influence not only her life but also the people around her. Will she be able to change her fate without raising certain death flags?

11) Reincarnated As A Sword

Reincarnated As A Sword

Japanese Name転生したら剣でした
MAL Ratings7.57
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchHIDIVE

A man is reincarnated as a sword in a magical world. Now using his telekinesis powers, he wanders around the land and learns many new abilities.

When he reaches a monster-filled forest, he finds a girl fleeing from one. The girl grabs the sword and kills the monster, thus beginning the adventure of the adventurer girl, Fran and her mighty sword, Shishou.

10) Soul Land

Soul Land

Japanese Name斗罗大陆
MAL Ratings7.85
Number of Episodes26+
GenreAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Historical
Studio(s)Sparkly Key Animation Studio
Where to WatchWeb

The story follows the Tang sect’s prestigious disciple named Tang San. Even though having the prestige and honor he chose to obtain the sect’s forbidden lore. Now satisfied with the knowledge jumps off from Devil’s Peak.

But gets reincarnated in Douluo Continent where each person has an innate spirit. Eventually takes part in the Spirit Master ceremony and discovers he has the world’s weakest spirit despite having strong spirit power.

9) Drifters


Japanese NameDRIFTERS
MAL Ratings7.90
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Historical, Isekai
Studio(s)Hoods Drifters Studio
Where to WatchNetflix

Toyohisa Shimazu after getting wounded at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600 finds himself in a modern hallway. And has a chance meeting with a stoic man named Murasaki.

But the odd thing is the hallway has hundreds of doors on both sides. And soon finds himself in an odd world after getting pulled to the nearest door.

This new world is full of strange creatures and even warriors from different eras. Will he be able to survive when he has to battle against Ends as Drifters?

8) Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Saga Of Tanya The Evil

Japanese Name幼女戦記
MAL Ratings7.97
Number of Episodes12
GenreAction, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

Another anime based on a well-known manga with the same name. The story follows Tanya Degurechaff who is infamous for her tactical and ruthlessness in war.

But there is a twist: the soul of a man who self-proclaimed himself as God resides in that body. She is determined to get the highest rank of the military but her actions have consequences, i.e., her country becoming the strongest nation in history.

7) Ascendance Of A Bookworm

Ascendance Of A Bookworm

Japanese Name本好きの下剋上 ~司書になるためには手段を選んでいられません~
MAL Ratings8.00
Number of Episodes36 
GenreFantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

Urano Motosu is a bookworm and has a dream to become a librarian but unfortunately her life ended in an accident.

But she gets reincarnated in a world where books are scarce and have to be handwritten which makes them further expensive. Despite odd circumstances, she is determined to make the books herself.

6) Angel Beats!

Angel Beats

Japanese NameAngel Beats!(エンジェルビーツ!)
MAL Ratings8.07
Number of Episodes13
GenreDrama, Supernatural
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix

Yuzuru Ootonoshi finds himself in the afterlife with no memories after dying. Surprisingly the afterlife is in the form of a high school where several unfortunate teenagers who died young like Yuzuru live.

Now forsaking the God who they believe has forsaken them, the students have formed an Afterlife Rebel force against Angel, the student council president. As Yuzuru gets caught between these two fractions, he learns a lot of things about human emotions and connection.

5) KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!


Japanese Nameこの素晴らしい世界に祝福を!
MAL Ratings8.12
Number of Episodes20 (2 seasons)
GenreComedy, Fantasy, Adventure, Isekai
Studio(s)Studio Deen
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

We have finally entered the Top 5 of the list and this popular anime without a doubt takes third place. Meet Kazuma Satou who gets to choose to reincarnate in a fantasy world after death.

Eventually, he gets tasked with defeating the Demon King and decides to choose Aqua, the goddess who gave him a second chance in life. But who knew she is useless in everything in this world!

4) That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

Japanese Name転生したらスライムだった件
MAL Ratings8.14
Number of Episodes48 (2 seasons)
GenreAction, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

The list will not be completed without mentioning this anime. The story revolves around Satoru Mikami, an average office worker, who dies after getting stabbed by an unknown assailant.

He gets to start over in another world but as a slime and has the ability to mimic any form. Follow Satoru as he befriends odd people while altering his fate.

3) Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Re:Zero Starting Life in Another World

Japanese NameRe:ゼロから始める異世界生活
MAL Ratings8.24
Number of Episodes50 (2 seasons)
GenreFantasy, Drama, Psychological, Suspense, Isekai
Studio(s)White Fox
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Netflix

The anime is based on a light novel with the same name. The story begins with Subaru Natsuki when he suddenly transitions into a fantasy world. Nothing is easy for him, and he soon gets beaten up as soon as he arrives.

He gets saved by a girl named Satella, and to repay her, he decides to help find her lost insignia. But as they were close to finding it, they were brutally murdered.

In a turn of events, Subaru gets transferred at the beginning of the journey, i.e., getting beaten by the thugs. And soon discovers history repeats upon dying, and sinister force is lurking in the shadows.

2) The Eminence In Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow

Japanese Name陰の実力者になりたくて!
MAL Ratings8.35
Number of Episodes20
GenreAction, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai
Where to WatchHIDIVE

Working his whole life to become strong, Minoru Kagenou dies lamenting his powerlessness in life. He, however, is reborn in a magical world as Cid, son of a nobel family.

Now with a way to become really powerful, Cid trains himself, taking up the moniker “Shadow” and forms a group called Shadow Garden. He imagines a villain group, Cult of Diablos, that his group has to fight but soon it turns out the cult might not be just his imagination.

1) Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Japanese Name無職転生 ~異世界行ったら本気だす~
MAL Ratings8.37
Number of Episodes23
GenreFantasy, Drama, Isekai, Comedy, Ecchi
Studio(s)Studio Bind
Where to WatchCrunchyroll, Funimation

We have finally reached the first place on the list. This anime follows a 34-year-old shut-in who, for the first time, decides to do something heroic. But it eventually leads to his death, and in a strange turn, he gets reincarnated as Rudeus Greyrat, a loving baby between two loving parents.

As the years pass, he starts to show talent in magic while preserving memories from his previous world. Follow him on his journey as he conquers his past trauma, all the while finding love.

With this, we conclude the Top 35 Best Reincarnation Anime of All Time post. The list has been made based on our research and ranked according to their ranks. We will be back with more recommendation articles. Till then, stay tuned and stay safe.

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