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Eida’s Divine Power Revealed in Boruto (The Shinjutsu of Shinjustsu)

In Boruto’s latest chapter, we get a glimpse of Eida’s Divine Power. This came as a huge shock and twist to fans, as no one was expecting this.

Without further ado, we will start by looking into how she triggered this power and how it changed Boruto. Her power keeps her on a new level entirely, and it either means good things or pretty bad things.

Eida’s Divine Power Unleashed

Eida's Divine Power Unleashed

Kawaki had easily escaped from the others, and Momoshiki said that Boruto’s decline had already started. Eida has already found out Kawaki’s position and is trying to reach him.

She assures him that she is on Kawaki’s side and will help him no matter what. Kawaki is still not sure about this and keeps despising his situation.

Kawaki had also gone through a lot and thought that he had completely lost this one. But right then, Eida activates her power that spreads to the whole earth.

Everyone is surprised after this flash of light, including Eida. She also feels notices that something is off about this situation, as the others aren’t trying to kill Kawaki.

Instead of trying to find Kawaki, they are trying to find Boruto now. Mitsuki is very angry with Boruto for some reason, and Sarada is surprised at this.

Suddenly, the Shinobi is concerned about Kawaki and the wound in his eye. Eida seems to understand what is happening and says that he is fine and asks him if he found any info about the Hokage.

Kawaki also seems to grasp a hold of the situation. Momoshiki keeps explaining to Boruto that this is a result of Eida’s Divine power. And also that this is the result of Kawaki’s desires becoming a reality.

Kawaki further makes it worse for Boruto by saying that the latter had killed Naruto and Hinata. Now, the situation has completely reversed for both Boruto and Kawaki as they exchanged positions. Everyone’s memories have been altered to fit in this, barring Eida, Sarada, and a few others.

Eida’s True Power Explained

Eida's Divine Power Explained

Her power is comparable to that of God and is one of the most powerful spells. It can be summed up as being Shinjutsu of Shinjutsu. There are no flaws to this, and it is very powerful.

Eida cannot control this power by herself and is brought upon by Shinjutsu’s omnipotence. This is the level of power a true god possesses and uses to create worlds.

Gods have said to use this power to make anything real. This power is a manifestation of her subconscious desires, which are also Kawaki’s desires becoming a reality.

Kawaki is the trigger to this whole situation. Because he met with Eida, his wish of reversing his position with Boruto became a reality.

This is truly a fearsome and powerful ability that can alter realities entirely. It changed the memories and the future entirely for a lot of characters.

Consequences of Eida’s Divine Power

Consequences of Eida's Divine Power

As Momoshiki explained, only a few people can see past this Shinjutsu of Shinjutsu. As of now, only Boruto, Kawaki, Eida, and some people of the Otsutsuki clan are unaffected by this spell.

This means that Boruto Uzumaki is just Boruto, and Kawaki has turned to become Kawaki Uzumaki. Kawaki is the son of the Seventh Hokage, and Boruto is just an outsider.

All of Kawaki’s crimes are now in the hands of Boruto. Momoshiki had foreseen this all along and said that Boruto would be losing everything that he held dear.

This situation speaks the same for Boruto. He is now the prime suspect in murdering Naruto and Hinata. Both of them only vanish, but others do not know of the same.

The only person who knows the whereabouts of Naruto is Kawaki himself. And he had already passed on the information that Naruto was dead.

This is a grave situation for Boruto, as there is no way as of now to break this Shinjutsu. Everyone’s memories, knowledge, and emotions have been altered to fit in for this change.

As of now, no power can revert this situation. Momoshiki had only explained what this power is and its consequences.

This is the first time we are witnessing a Godlike power. And since Eida herself has no control over this power, we cannot know what will happen in the future.

Prediction of Future Events

Prediction of Future Events

Eida’s Divine Power changes everything that has happened in Boruto manga so far. Everything Kawaki did should now be faced by Boruto.

Everyone in the Leaf Village now thinks that Boruto is an enemy of their state. Even though Sarada knows what happened, there is no way she can prove this.

She does not even understand that this is due to Eida’s power. Even if she tries to help Boruto, she will only be ostracized for it and hated by the village.

Boruto has no way to revert this situation as of now. He can only keep escaping the wrath of Mitsuri and the others after the disappearance of the Hokage.

We still are not sure if Naruto is affected by this or not. Since he is in an enclosed and confined space, he might also be unaffected by this charm.

But, Momotsuki had never mentioned this anywhere. If Naruto was immune to this charm, Momotsuki should have mentioned his name while mentioning others.

Naruto might also think that Kawaki is his son and Boruto is the one who traps him. But this is not the ideal scenario, as this would mean game over for Boruto.

Kawaki, on the other hand, we do not know yet why he wished for this kind of reality. We still yet to understand what kind of advantages and disadvantages it poses to both Kawaki and Eida.

There must be some way or trick to reverse this situation. Boruto must now try to find this and make this a reality, to set things the way they were.

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