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(2021) Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters: Female

In the series Naruto, we have seen some of the most skilful female characters who have been entertained with their various techniques.

However, skill is not the only thing that they possessed. Thus, today we are going to take a look at some of the hottest Naruto characters.

Some of the female Naruto characters that are going to make an appearance on this list are exceptionally well known among the fans.

We are also sure that our readers can already guess who the top five characters are going to be. 

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Top 20 Hottest Naruto Characters: Female-

  • 20) Hana-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: Alakazum (Pinterest)

Hana Inuzuka looked after the medical conditions of the other shinobis in Konoha.

She has a tall and slim body with brown hair. She keeps her hair tied in a ponytail with two strands falling on the sides of her face.

There are two tattoos of the Inuzuka clan under her coal-black eyes.

Her left wrist is adorned with a bracelet, while her right hand is covered with a set of bandages. Her outfit comprises the traditional medical outfit of Konoha.

  • 19) Pakura-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha22 (Pinterest)

Other than her tall height, Pakura’s most distinctive feature was her hairstyle.

She kept it tied into a large bun with the upper half of the colour green and the lower half of the colour orange.

She keeps her hair in its place with a long needle. Similar to Hana, she has two large strands of hair falling on either side of her face.

She also wore a backless top with no sleeves along with a pair of tight pants.

In addition to these, she sports a pair of arm warmers that keep her arms covered and reach up to her shoulders.

  • 18) Guren-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha22 (Deviantart)

The mysterious nature of Guren with her sharp eyes were two of her most attractive features.

She took a lot of pride in herself, and being helped by someone was an act of shame for her. 

Her devotion to Orochimaru knew no bounds. Her lips shone with red lipstick that matched well with her light fair skin and sky blue hair. 

Her hair is also quite spiky, which she ties into a ponytail to keep them in one place.

She usually wears a green-coloured dress along with a red suit below it, and her footwear is comprised of a pair of sandal boots.

  • 17) Fuka-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: mimiko-flamemaker (Deviantart)

A character whose main technique was to lure her prey with her seductive behaviour and eliminate them with a kiss is bound to take her place as one of the Hottest Naruto Characters.

She also had a perfect name for her technique called Execution by Kiss.

Overall, she was dangerously beautiful with her perfect figure and tall and tender body.

The beauty mark under her lips was easily noticeable, and her blue eyes attracted many male shinobis towards her. Her usual outfit comprised of a qipao with dark boots. 

  • 16) Ameno-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: animecharactersdatabase

Ameno had a calm and soothing appearance on her, and it was simply not a facade.

She was naturally caring and loved to help out others at every opportunity. Her devotion to her work as a medical ninja was praiseworthy as she helped save a lot of lives. 

Her long brown hair covers her face from the sides, complementing her fair pale skin.

She has the same coloured eyes as her hair, and she keeps her hair tied into a ponytail with a hairband. 

As for her outfit, she wears a white sleeveless dress with open shinobi boots. Moreover, she keeps her forehead protectors tied to her wrists.

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  • 15) Kushina-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha (deviantart)

It is no doubt that someone who catches the eyes of the flash Minato automatically deserves a place as one of the hottest girls in Naruto.

Kushina stood out among the rest of the female characters with her blazing red hair and light blue eyes. 

Although she usually appeared calm and composed, she was known to lose her temper quite easily.

She kept her hair untied with a small hairpin on the right side. 

Everyone around the village knew about Kushina’s beauty. Her usual outfit included a long loose dress with traditional shinobi sandals.

  • 14) Mabui-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha (Deviantart)

Mabui was a dark-skinned Shinobi hailing from Kumogakure. She followed some basic rules in her life and could keep her wit in stressful conditions.

Her glass green eyes shone brightly with her light grey hair that she kept tied in a bun behind her head.

She also had two bangs falling on her face like most other female characters. As far as her outfit goes, she liked to wear a simple dress with long sleeves along with sandals and large earrings. 

  • 13) Shizuka-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: zerochan

Shizuka is a cute and funny girl who leads the Nadeshiko Village. She is known to be very romantic and was moved by Naruto’s affection for Sakura.

She has medium height with pale skin and a curvy figure. Like Mabui, she has green eyes and slick black hair that reach up to her waist.

 Her face is beautifully framed by the bangs falling from her face giving her a beautiful look.

Her attire is comprised of a green kimono matching her eyes, but on missions, she wears her kunoichi uniform with her black forehead protector.

  • 12) Samui

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: static.zerochan (Pinterest)

Samui belongs to the same village as Mabui and has bright blonde hair. It is styled with a bob cut that reaches up to her shoulders.

She is quite tall with a beautiful figure and light skin.

Her expression is usually aloof with her sky blue eyes seeming uninterested in everything.

Her outfit includes a short grey dress and a short grey skirt. Along with it, she wears mesh armour under her dress and small handguards. 

  • 11) Anko-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: vsbattles.fandom

Anko is a teacher in the Shinobi Academy of Konoha where she helps up and coming to Shinobis to realize their dreams.

She has a keen similarity to Naruto in terms of her joyous personality.

She has medium height with a slender build. Her light brown eyes are without pupils and her spiky violet hair hangs in a ponytail behind her.

Her attire comprises a meshy bodysuit reaching up to her thighs.

On top of it, she kept herself covered with an oversized light brown jacket and open shinobi sandals.

She also has a charm hanging from her neck and a blue belt to keep her skirt in place.

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  • 10) Mei-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha (Pinterest)

The beautiful Mizukage of Kirigakure is, without any doubt, one of the hottest Naruto female characters.

She is also extremely romantic and often dreams of marriage with her perfect man. As a person, she is very kind and joyous who tries to avoid conflict in any situation. 

She is known to be very flirtatious with her words and tries to charm any handsome man.

She has a tall and thin body with long auburn hair. She keeps her hair tied in a bun at the top and wears a long blue dress with a pair of high-heeled sandals.

  • 9) Kurenai-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: hero.fandom

Kurenai is one of the teachers in the Academy of Konohagakure and was the mentor of Hinata, Shino and Kiba.

She is extremely brave as we saw her not faltering in front of Itachi and attacking him with Genjutsu.

She had a motherly affection for her students and took great care of them.

She has light skin with messy black hair. Her outfit comprises a mesh armour with bandages wrapped around her arms and thighs. She also had her customary headband protector and traditional sandals.

  • 8) Karin-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha (Pinterest)

Despite being very annoying, Karin was one of the sexiest girls in Naruto. Similar to Naruto, she belonged to the Uzumaki clan, as was evident from the fiery red hair.

Her most distinctive feature was her glasses over her bright red eyes.

 She took an affection towards Sasuke during the time they spent together.

She usually wore a light purple dress with a green belt on her waist. It was accompanied by a pair of black shorts and long sandals reaching up to her thighs. 

  • 7) Konan-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: naruto.fandom

Konan is the only member of Akatsuki to feature in this list, and rightly so.

In spite of playing the major role of an antagonist during the initial parts of the series, she stuck to her ideals at the end and redeemed herself among the fans. 

Not only was she extremely calm, she followed stoicism strictly in her life.

She had medium bluish hair that she left untied for most parts with a paper ribbon to the side. She usually wore her traditional Akatsuki outfit with a pair of sandals.

  • 6) Shizune-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: fiveworldwar.fandom

Shizune is the apprentice of Tsunade and, just like her, is one of the most attractive characters in Naruto.

She is the main pillar behind Tsunade in checking up on her and keeping her on the right track. Her build slim and tender with medium height.

 She has a cute look on her face with short black hair that she leaves free.

In terms of outfit, she wears an armoured mesh with a black kimono over it and a pair of open sandals. Moreover, unlike other shinobis, she doesn’t wear a head protector when going on missions.

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  • 5) Sakura-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: totallysakura (Deviantart)

Although Sakura has been continuously dubbed as the most useless character by a section of fans throughout the years, she has one of the marvellous character growth in the series. 

The fact that Naruto had been attracted to her since the beginning also speaks a lot about her beauty. 

She has a slim body with pinkish hair that is parted into two sides from the middle.

It makes her fair skin glow brightly with her shiny green eyes. She wears her head protector over the top of her head, and her usual outfit comprises a red dress with pink shorts.

  • 4) Temari-

sexiest naruto female characters
Image Source: fandom

Temari has been shown to be a sharp girl since the beginning.

Her beauty and her skills as a fighter are at the same level, and she can be pretty overwhelming on her opponents.

She has a cute face with untamed spiky blonde hair. 

She wears a light purple dress with her head protector wrapped around her neck.

She ties a red belt around her waist to keep the dress in one place and sports a pair of sandals. 

  • 3) Ino-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: maxiuchiha22 (Pinterest)

Ino was the rival of Sakura in Naruto, and Sakura was highly jealous of her beauty.

With her long blonde hair, Ino was widely considered the most beautiful girl among all the students present in the academy.

She also had a great style sense and dressed accordingly. 

Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless purple dress with a high collar and a skirt of the same collar.

She also wears mesh armour on her arms and gives off a sharp look from her bright blue eyes.

  • 2) Tsunade-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: daftbloo (Deviantart)

One of the three legendary ninjas is also one of the hottest Naruto characters.

Despite being old, Tsunade has maintained her beauty and attraction throughout the series.

As the Hokage, she performed her duties perfectly and protected the village. 

She is slightly chubby with light skin and short blonde hair.

Hut outfit includes a grey kimono with a green coat over it and a pair of dark pants with open sandals.

  • 1) Hinata-

Top 20 Sexiest Naruto Characters Female-
Image Source: AiKawaiiChan (Deviantart)

Naruto’s wife, Hinata, just manages to come ahead of Tsunade and take the first position on this list.

Hinata has been drawn towards Naruto from the beginning, but Naruto never paid much attention to her at the beginning. 

Over time he started noticing her, and they eventually got married.

Hinata looked gorgeous on her wedding day, and all eyes were on her. 

During her time as a shinobi, she usually wore a light purple jumper with the head protector around her neck.

She had dark blue hair and white eyes with no pupils, which is the characteristic of the Hyuga clan.

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At last, we have come to the end of our ranking of the top 20 hottest Naruto characters.

Hinata and Tsunade are by far the most popular and attractive characters in Naruto, with Hinata just edging out on that first position. 

Sakura also managed to come in the top five with her friend and rival Ino. Fans can watch Naruto series officially on Crunchyroll.

We will come back again with another new article. Keep on browsing our content till then.   

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