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10 Interesting Facts on Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies

Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies is one of the cutest characters we have seen in recent times, along with Anya. The anime series Buddy Daddies is also pretty fun to watch, with all the antics of Miri.

The series has so many cute and wholesome moments, thanks to Miri and the stellar cast. But, there is much we do not know about Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies. We know some of her basic information, but that’s all.

That’s why, we’re bringing up an article that will cover all of the information we know about Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies. We will also include interesting facts about her, so make sure to read this till the end.

Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies: Introduction

Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies: Introduction

Miri Unasaka is a young girl, who is one of the main protagonists of the series Buddy Daddies. She is mostly known for her cute and comedic moments, which always manage to bring a smile to our faces.

She is being taken care of by Kazuki and Rei, two assassins, who killed Miri’s real father. Later in the series, she is also adopted by both of them, as they wanted to seriously take care of Miri.

Miri is also a very brave, energetic, and fearless girl. Even when she was in danger, and bullets were whizzing past her, she wasn’t aware of any of the dangers around her.

10 Interesting Facts on Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies

1) Real Father Tried to Kill Her

Real Father Tried to Kill Her

Tragedy strikes in the first episode of the series, as we get to know that it was Miri’s real father who held her hostage. Miri’s real father was Atsushi Hayami, who was the leader of a trafficking group, and left before Miri was born.

Neither did Atsushi know that he was pointing a gun at his daughter, and neither did Miri know, that her real father was holding her hostage.

2) Left Her House When She Was 4 Years

Left Her House When She Was 4 Years

Miri had left her house when she was 4 years old, to search for her real father. Even though she was willing to, it was still her mother who sent Miri to look for her father, after giving her some photos of him.

Her mother sent her exactly on Christmas Eve in the city, with photos of herself and her family, which had eventually started Miri’s journey in the series.

3) A Very Hyperactive Kid

A Very Hyperactive Kid

Miri was also known to be an energetic kid, who had never noticed her surroundings, despite her situation. She also has a very loud voice, which might shock some of the viewers.

But, this is all just to show her hyperactive nature. Even when she had a gun to her head, she still wasn’t scared and was only acting normally.

4) Her Birthday 

Her Birthday

Miri’s Birthday was on November 8th, 2018, and it is presumed that she is even more active on her birthday. We all know how energetic she is at all times, and this increases by a level more, especially on her birthday.

5) Real Age at the End of the Series

Real Age at the End of the Series

At the end of the series, there is a time skip, and we get to see how Miri looks in the future. She turns into a 15-year-old high-school-going girl, but none of her cute and lively charm changes.

We do not know which high school she goes to, as it was supposed to be her first day at high school. We can also see Kazuki and Rei, are preparing breakfast for her.

6) Unaware of her Mother’s Death

Unaware of her Mother's Death

Back in episode 10 of the series, we saw that Miri’s mother, Misaki Unasaka, came to take her home. In the same episode, she also says that the cancer has now worsened, and had also reached her throat.

But, this still wasn’t the reason for her death. She was shot in the stomach by Ryo Ogino, and succumbs to her injuries, after entrusting Miri to Kazuki and Rei. But, Miri doesn’t know that her mother had passed away.

Kazuki and Rei keep her mother’s death a secret from Miri. They instead lied to Miri, saying that her mother went for something, and will come back to get Miri.

7) Weird Meeting with Kazuki 

Weird Meeting with Kazuki

Weirdly enough, Miri had just met with Kazuki, right before Kazuki and Rei’s execution of Atsushi Hayama. When Miri was chasing after the cake, she met Kazuki, who was dressed as Santa.

Believing he was a real Santa, she also asked him to help her in her search for her father. Kazuki agrees to this, and soon after, there is shooting all around, and he loses sight of Miri.

Later, he finds out that Miri was taken hostage by Atsushi Hayama. So, he frantically shouts that he is her father to save her, and Rei shoots Miri’s real father in the leg and later kills him.

After everything, they learn that Miri’s father was Atsushi Hayama, and they had just killed her. So, both Kazuki and Rei now try to take care of Miri.

8) Easily Trusts Other People 

Easily Trusts Other People 

An attribute that is common in all kids is that they trust other people very easily. But in Miri’s case, she is more naive, and trusting of other people, than the average children of her age.

This is also how she was easily able to believe, that Kazuki was her dad. And, she is also not scared of the other elders, which adds on more to her innocent nature.

9) Loves Both Kazuki and Rei Dearly

Loves Both Kazuki and Rei Dearly

Time and again, we are reminded of how dearly Miri loves both Kazuki and Rei. Even if Rei can be a bit cold to her at times, she was still trying to play with him and involve him in some or the other thing.

In episode 11, her mother also said that both of them aren’t her real dads. Regardless of this, her love for them does not go down, after their reunion. She also describes all the fun times she had with Kazuki and Rei, to her mother.

10) How She Changed Both of Her Dads

How She Changed Both of Her Dads

Unknown to Miri, is that she was the major reason, for changing both Kazuki and Rei. Even if Kazuki started caring for her from the start, Rei had also changed a lot through the series and also cares a lot for her.

At the end of the series, they also decide to do this properly and adopt Miri. They also manage to quit their assassin job and dedicate themselves fully to raising Miri. Both of them also manage to open up a Diner, at the end.

And, the person responsible for all of this was the ever-cheerful Miri Unasaka. Concluding our article here, there are some of the most interesting facts, we know about Miri Unasaka in Buddy Daddies. Make sure to check our other articles here, for more content.

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