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Interesting Facts on Ri Shin, The General of Qin in Kingdom

Last updated on December 29th, 2023 at 11:48 am

Ri Shin in Kingdom, has had the most interesting growth as a character in the series so far. This is a given because he is the protagonist of the series, and fought and won against many powerful foes.

Apart from some of the major details, we know nothing much about Ri Shin. We do know that he is one of the Generals of Qin, who might reach the position of Six Great Generals soon.

But, there are many interesting things we still do not know about Ri Shin in Kingdom. This article aims to cover some of those interesting facts about Ri Shin in the Kingdom manga series.

Without further ado, let us dive into this article, which focuses on Ri Shin in Kingdom.

Ri Shin in Kingdom: Wiki 


Current Age26
Eyes ColorDark Green
Hair ColorDark Brown
EquipmentOu Ki’s Glaive(Main Weapon)

Ri Hyou’s Sword(Secondary Weapon)

AbilityImmense Strength, Combat Adaptation, Immense Endurance, Enhanced Healing, Master Swordsman, Instinctual Type
Marital StatusSingle



Ri Shin is the main protagonist in the Kingdom series and is the General of Qin, as well as the leader of the Hi Shin army. He is generally very rash and hot-blooded but is extremely determined in his goal of uniting China.

Shin still maintains good relations with his army, as well as many other people. Having won a lot of battles, his equipment is proof of his victory over some of the strongest Kingdom characters.

He has immense strength in battle, and his strength keeps increasing when he fights for his allies. Initially, Shin wanted to become the greatest General in history.

But, after Duke Hyou’s death, he took up on his goals too. Even Ren Pa’s words had created a huge impact on Shin. After all of this, Shin finally understood that he wants to realize his and Ei Sei’s dreams of uniting the whole of China.

We already know that Qin and other states are at constant war with each other. Even with the recent negotiations with Han, it still seems that Han does not want to fully comply with Qin’s demands.


  • Immense strength, and can even go on par with some of the strongest characters in the series.
  • He is also pretty agile, and can even match with Kyou Kai’s agility and speed.
  • Shin is pretty quick to adapt in battles, showing this skill in his numerous battles so far.
  • His willpower and endurance are very high and he still fought against many opponents despite losing a lot of blood.
  • He has a way higher healing rate when compared to other characters in the series.
  • Shin is a self-taught Master Swordsman and was even trained by Duke Hyou.
  • Jump attack is his best and most special move, which catches his opponent by surprise.
  • Podao Master, Shin showed that he could master Ou Ki’s Glaive too, making it his primary weapon.

Interesting Facts about Ri Shin in Kingdom

1) Instinctual Type Commander

Instinctual Type Commander

Shin is an Instinctual type of commander, and this first awakened in him during the battle at Kankoku Pass. He gives instructions to his soldiers, based on his instincts alone.

Just using his intuition alone, he matched evenly with Gyo’Un, who was a better instinctual commander than Shin. And, at his Battle of Gian, Ri Boku even praised him for his maneuvers.

2) His Residence Fuuri

His Residence Fuuri

After the Coalition Invasion war, Shin’s achievements have been recognized and he earned his residence and lands, known as Fuuri. Shin had commissioned Den Yu and his friends, to build this for him.

Another interesting fact about this is that this manor was built just adjacent to his small shack. Shin had sent this commission before he left for the Gyou Campaign.

3) Real-Life General

Real-Life General

Ri Shin is based on a real-life General of Qin, Li Xin. The manga events are also taken from the historical events during that period. Shin’s character is also closely related to that General.

The only difference between history and the events of this manga is the lineage of Shin. Li Xin was born of Noble Lineage, whereas we do not know about the lineage of Ri Shin.

4) Immeasurable True Strength 

Immeasurable True Strength 

When we look at the strength level of Shin, we see that it’s written as 93+large alpha. In theory, this means that Shin’s strength can even exceed that of Hou Ken’s perfect 100 when he is in a pinch.

This was the reason Shin had defeated many strong opponents before and also killed Hou Ken. This shows that his strength varies, depending on his situation. He bested Hou Ken in a battle of power, which shows how deadly Shin’s strength is.

5) 1254 Matches against Ri Hyou

1254 Matches against Ri Hyou

Although it sounds unbelievable, Shin did fight against Ri Hyou a huge number of 1254 times. And, this was all done by Shin, during his childhood only.

And in all of these matches, Shin won 333 times, lost 334 times, and their matches ended up as a draw 587 times. This shows his dedication, to achieving the position of the top General in history.

6) Relation with Kyou Kai

Relation with Kyou Kai

Ri Shin has a very unique relationship, with Kyou Kai. He helped her a lot when she was going through hard times. She was able to find a reason worth living for and became a close comrade of Shin soon enough.

Shin also highly values her opinions, as she is also the Lieutenant of Hi Shin’s army. He also fights with her for training many times. Normally, their conversation used to be very awkward, due to Shin.

However, recently Kyou Kai confessed her feelings to Shin. We still do not know how Shin feels about her. Kyou Kai also added that first, they need to focus on their battles ahead before anything else.

This marks the end of our interesting facts about Ri Shin in the Kingdom article. For similar content regarding other manga series, make sure to check our posts here.

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