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(2021) Top 15 Strongest Kingdom Manga Characters Ranked 

Kingdom is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yasuhisa Hara. Since its release in 2006, it has been running successfully and has garnered a massive fanbase. The Kingdom was the second best-selling manga series in 2020 and has set many records. Owing to its popularity it was made into an anime with the third installment being aired currently.

 Kingdom is an action-adventure historical series that is a fictionalized account of the Warring States period of China. During this period the entire land of ancient China was immersed in bloody wars and constant misery ravaged the land. The land of ancient China was divided into seven major states which constantly emphasized their influence through series of conquests.

 This period was characterized by warfare, as well as bureaucratic and military reforms and consolidation. All this came to an end around 221BC when the entire land was consolidated under the Qin banner. Ying Zheng, king of Qin, succeeded in conquering the other states and unifying China, thus, Qin had emerged as one of the most powerful of the Seven Warring States in China. 

This series is based on the life adventures of Shin who aspires to be the ‘Greatest Commander under the Heaven’. He vows to be the loyal sword of Ying Zheng and together they ventures to unify China. While some characters are fictional many are based on important historical figures. This series is a war treatise with gruesome battles, deadly humans, and great strategists and tacticians.

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 Here in this article, we have compiled the list of the Top 15 Strongest Kingdom Manga Characters. The characters in this list have been ranked according to their overall stat comprising strength, intelligence, leadership, and experience rather than only considering brute strength. There are many instances in the manga where a character much lacking in strength has easily wrecked the enemy using brilliants tactics and mind games. Given the massive size of this manga, these kinds of lists are highly subjective and are open to discussion.

The Top 15 Strongest Kingdom Manga Characters

  • 15.Earl Shi-
Earl Shi
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

He was a Great General of Wei and also a member of the Seven Fire Dragons- a group known to spar with the Six Great Generals of Qin and the Three Great Heavens of Zhao. Earl Shi was an apathetic fellow due to his childhood experiences.

He was an excellent spear bearer, in fact, one of the best in China. Through immense training, he developed his deadly spear trajectory manipulation technique called ‘Dragon’s Talon’. He later single-handedly took out his 3 fellow members to avenge his sister.

  • 14.Haku Ki-
Haku Ki
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Haku Ki was the leader of the old generation of the Six Generals of Qin. He was a shrewd strategist as he was able to look past the enemy’s tactics effortlessly. He always had a poker face making it difficult to predict his next course of action.

He led many battles and progressed in a highly calculated manner thereby, weakening the authorities of many hostile states. His ruthlessness was beyond human terms as he ordered enemy soldiers to be buried alive when they ran of rations.

  • 13.Kan Ki-
Kan Ki
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Kan Ki is a former bandit who was recruited in the Qin army by the great general Mou Gou. He is an outstanding tactician who employs guerrilla and psychological warfare to play with his prey before devouring it whole.

He has mercilessly massacred the villages he captured earning him the infamous title of ‘The Beheader’.Kan Ki possesses exceptional leadership qualities as he was able to unite many independent bandits clans under him.

  • 12.Ka Rin-
Ka Rin
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

She is a Great General and also the prime minister of the state of Chu. Ka Rin is a woman who has many anger management issues and is known to be merciless. She casually beheads even her allies who she finds incompetent.

Despite these rage issues, she is an excellent tactician who employs manipulation, deception, misdirection to undermine the enemy’s authority. Her skills in warfare earned her the position of second-in-command of Chu’s military and are even acknowledged by General Tou.

  • 11.Shou Hei Kun-
Shou Hei Kun
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Shou Hei Kun is the supreme commander of the Qin military and commands immense respect from his troops. He is the Head of Military Affairs and also the Chancellor of the state of Qin. He is a cunning strategist regarded as one of the best in China.

He is skilled in the matters of diplomacy and governance and often employs tactics to isolate an enemy nation and annexing it through a series of conquest. He is highly perceptive of his surroundings and always has his poker face on.

  • 10.Kyou-
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

She was the youngest among the first generation of the Six Great Generals of Qin. Kyou was trained by the Great General Ou Ki himself.

She was a skilled swordsman who fought along the front lines in every battle. Throughout her life, she has conquered countless cities and villages in all seven states through series of campaigns and conquests.

  • 9.Kan Mei-
Kan Mei
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Kan Mei was one of the great generals of the State of Chu. He was a giant muscular fellow who rose through the ranks quickly. Throughout his life, he orchestrated massive military campaigns and took possession of hundreds of territories.

However, due to his massive victories, he grew arrogant and was waiting for an opponent who could rile up his blood. He was crushed by Mou Bu during Coalition Invasion Arc.

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  • 8. Tou-
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Tou is known as one of the best generals of the Qin state. Currently, he is one of the Six Generals of the current generation. In past, he served as the right-hand man of Ou Ki, and later, upon the death of his master, he took the charge of the remaining army.

He is a highly skilled swordsman who was trained in the art of Rasen- and ancient swordsmanship technique which brings out one’s untapped potential.

  • 7. Ou Sen-
Ou Sen
Image Source: u/KingdomSTATS (reddit)

He is among the Six Generals of Qin of the current generation. He has an apathetic personality and is almost devoid of emotions. He possesses unmatched physical prowess and is a highly shrewd strategist. His cunning mind is even acknowledged by the enemies.

Ou Sen only fights the battle he considers that he can win and employ any tactic to force the enemy’s forces into unfavorable conditions.

  • 6. Ou Ki-
Ou Ki
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

He was a member of the first generation of Qin’s Six Great Generals under the reign of King Sho. Ou Ki had a monstrous aura enough to intimidate the cowardly.

When not on the battlefield he was a highly fun-filled fellow who loved to crack jokes on his subordinates to lift their spirits. Ou Ki possessed both physical and tactical military prowess and was a charismatic leader.

  • 5.Mou Bu-
Mou Bu
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Mou Bu is the Great General of Qin and is a highly arrogant and short-tempered fellow. He is devoid of any human emotions and only lives for battles and bloodshed.

His stoic personality often lands him in a lot of dire situations. He has a vast understanding of warfare and often employs crafty tactics to undermine the morale of the enemy soldiers and then butchers them mercilessly.

  • 4. Ri Boku-
Ri Boku
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Ri Boku is currently one of the ‘Three Great Heavens’ of the Zhao forces. This title is bestowed upon the greatest generals of the Zhao military. He is a talented politician and a highly cunning strategist the best in China. Boku does not hesitate to employ underhand tactics to win a battle.

He lives by the motto-‘There are no permanent friends or foes, there are only permanent interests.’ During the Battle of Bayou, he allied with the Qin state, however, once the objective was reached he abandoned them mid-way.

  • 3. Yo Tan Wa-
Yo Tan Wa
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

She is one of the Six Generals of Qin and also the leader of the Confederation of Mountain Tribes. Her only goal in life is to unite the mountain tribes and to expand their influence.

Yo Tan Wa possesses strong leadership qualities and has guided her men both politically and militarily. She is a fierce swordsman who charges at the enemy ruthlessly and delivers death in the most gruesome way possible.

  • 2.Gaku Ki-
Gaku Ki
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Gaku Ki was the Great General of the state of Yan. He was a skilled tactician and a prodigy in warfare considered at par with Ren Pa. He has conferred the title of ‘Military God’ as he commanded the first coalition against the state of Qin. Through his Machiavellian strategies, he inflicted a great deal of damage destroying most of Qin.


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The Strongest Kingdom Manga Character

  • 1.Ren Pa-
Ren Pa
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

He is one of the Great Generals of the Zhao forces and was also the first generation member of the Great Three Heavens. Ren Pa is a highly dignified fellow who even acknowledges the fighting spirit of his enemies.

He is a highly skilled swordsman and tactician and nothing seems to get in his way. His most valuable asset is the experience he gained through endless military conquests.

Honorary Mentions-

  • Hou Ken-
Hou Ken
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

This character was a little tricky to place correctly in the list as many of the stats about him are not known. Hou Ken Hou Ken was one of the ‘Great Three Heavens’ of the Zhao state. He possessed immense physical durability and agility making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.

He could strike through multiple armored soldiers in a single blow thus, leaving people trembling in fear. He was perceptive and mercilessly eliminated any person who could pose a threat to him in the future.

  • Kyou Kai-
Kyou Kai
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Kyou Kai is one of the fiercest women to talk on Earth. Initially, she was a ruthless assassin of the Shiyuu Clan but she left after the death of her sister. She has a quiet personality but her true monstrous nature appears only when she wields a sword.

It is said that she can finish off her enemy in a single stroke and currently commands a 5000 men unit. She has a huge crush on Shin and has confessed her feelings to him.

  • Ou Hon-
Ou Hon
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

He is the commander of the Gyoku Hou unit in the Qin army. Hon is the son of the great general Ou Sen. Initially; he was someone who was a staunch believer of class status and often disliked the Ha Shin unit as it comprised of commoners.

As a person, he is a series, borderline arrogant fellow. Ou Hon fights with a spear, often mercilessly aiming for the vital points of the enemy, taking down them in one go. He fiercely competes with Shin for achievements; however, later, he acknowledged Shin’s talent despite his common origins.

  • Ri Shin-
Ri Shin
Image Source: @akuzinho (imgur.com)

Ri Shin is the protagonist of this series. Since childhood, his only dream was to be the ‘Greatest General under Heaven’ along with his friend Piao. However, after the death of the latter, Shin begins his journey to avenge Piao.

Little did he know that this small journey would make him one of the front runners in the ambitious dream to solidify entire China under the Qin banner. Shin is a short-tempered and brash fellow which has often led him into difficult situations. His swordsmanship is second to none and is currently a new general in the Qin Army.

  • Mou Ten-
Mou Ten
Image Source: @NightAngel35 (deviantart.com)

He is one of the generals of the new generation in the Qin army. Currently, he has a 5000 man unit under his command. Mou Ten is the son of the great general Mou Bu. He is a lively young chap who never wastes an opportunity to crack a joke.

He is a fun-loving person who often acts as a meditator between the bickering Ri Shin and Ou Hon. However, underneath his laid-back attitude, he often hides his cunning nature which has led his army onto many victories.

  • Duke Hyou-
Duke Hyou
Image Source: kingdom.fandom

Duke Hyou was one of the generals among the old generation of Qin warriors. He was a savage who only dreamt about the battlefield. Duke was a wild untamed fellow who possessed unparalleled fighting prowess.

However, when he was not on the battlefield fighting, he usually was drunk busy lifting the dead morale of the soldiers. Unlike the other trained strategists, he relied on his instincts and crude strategies.

Here was our list of the Top 15 Strongest Kingdom Manga Characters. As the story progresses one can only anticipate the future changes and the new entrants to this list. One can read this amazing series on several sites like readkingdom.com. Owing to its popularity it was made into an anime with the third installment being aired currently. Stay tuned to know more!

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