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Top 10 Best Kingdom Manga Arcs Ranked

Last updated on February 21st, 2022 at 11:42 pm

Think of best War Manga and Kingdom comes on the top. Kingdom is based on the Seven Warring States Period of China.

The story focuses on Shin, who vows to be a Great General of the Heavens, and Ei Sei, the King of State of Qin, who wishes to unite all the Seven States into one. Kingdom is one manga where one can experience one of the greatest binges ever because it’s so easy to read and understand.

Let’s look at some of the best arcs of Kingdom based on their plot, fights, stakes, and emotional moments. Here are the Best Kingdom Manga Arcs.

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Top 10 Best Kingdom Manga Arcs-

  • 10) Sei Kyou’s Rebellion Arc –

Seikyou Rebellion
Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 1-47

This is the first arc of Kingdom. Slaves Shin and Hyou are scouted by ShoubunKun, the chief retainer of Ei Sei.

Hyou is a doppelganger of Ei Sei and is asked to act as Ei Sei, during which Hyou is brutally injured and somehow manages to reach his home where he dies in Shin’s arms.

Shin vows to avenge Hyou and become a Great General of the Heavens while also helping Ei Sei regain his throne and unite China.

  • 9) War of the Three States –

War of the three States
Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 649-661

Shouheikun proposes the idea of establishing an alliance with the State of Wei.

Gohoumei opposes it at first, but after hearing the terms of the alliance, he agrees to it.

Qin proposes a three-year alliance in exchange for assisting Wei to capture the infallible city of Juuko that lies at the border shared by Wei, Chu, Han, and Qin.

  • 8) The Court –

    Conspiracy in the court
    Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 366-378

As Ei Sei’s coming of age ceremony is drawing near, Ryofui tries to send Ei Sei to war as he did in the Battle of Sai.

However, Seikyou, who was Ei Sei’s rival at the start of Kingdom, tries to protect him from Ryofui’s schemes and offers to lead the army himself.

He manages to repel the Zhao Army but is betrayed by Generals who work under Ryofui. He is captured, and a rumor is spread that he started a rebellion.

Ei Sei sends the Hi Shin Unit to save Seikyou, although he meets the end of life while trying to protect Ei Sei.

It shows significant character development from a crude ruler we’re introduced at the start to a loyal servant who laid his life for the greater benefit of Qin.

  • 7) Battle of Eikyuu –

    Image Source: Sense Scans

Chapters- 671-701

Qin Right Wing under Ouhon was getting annihilated while trying to take over Eikyuu. Hi Shin Unit joins the battle and aids Ouhon in taking Eikyuu.

The Right-Wing was nearly wiped out with only Ouhon, and some core members left. Ten comes up with tactics to take over Eikyuu.

  • 6) Sanyou Campaign –

    Sanyou Campaign
    Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 189-243

Qin and Zhao consent to an alliance so they can focus on their fights and worries without battling one another. Qin sets out on a mission to capture the city of Sanyou of Wei.

They meet with a risky enemy, the incredible general Ren Pa who was once an individual from Zhao’s Three Great Heavens and has now surrendered to Wei.

  • 5) Battle of Bayou –

    Battle of Bayou
    Image Source: NomorSiapa

Chapters- 108-173

Shin trains Ouki while Ten trains under Shouheikun in tactics. Zhao commander Mangoku invades Qin and slaughters every Villager in his path. Shoubunkun selects Ouki to lead the army against Zhao, stating that Moubu is weak defensively.

We are introduced to the main antagonist of Kingdom in the form of Riboku, one of Zhao’s Three Great Heavens in this Arc. Ouki leads the army along with Moubu and is faced by Houken, another one of Zhao’s Three Great Heavens. Houken had eliminated Ouki’s Lover Kyou in the past, and Ouki was out to avenge her.

  • 4) Koku You Campaign –

    Kokuyou campaign
    Image Source: Kingdom Intel

Chapters- 438-485

Kanki was the leader of the Qin army for this campaign supported by the Hi Shin Unit, while the opposing Zhao forces were led by Kei Sha.

Kanki used various underhanded and brutal tactics in this arc, including making an arch out of human body parts to scare away the Zhao generals. Kei Sha was slain by Shin.

  • 3) State of Ai –

    State of Ai
    Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 402-437

Queen Mother comes out of hiding and demands that Sanyou and Chiyoyou be handed over to the Royal Harem. She has been planning on starting a new state of her own with Rou Ai and their children, the State of Ai.

The Ministers of Ai hold Queen Mother hostage and attack Kanyou while Ei Sei is having his Coming of Age Ceremony.

  • 2) Western Zhao Invasion –

    Western Zhao Invasion
    image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 496-642

Western Zhao Invasion is one of the best Kingdom manga arcs.

It spans more than 140 chapters and 3.5 years in real time, Western Zhao Invasion has the highest peaks of Kingdom while also suffering from some significant issues which prevent it from being number 1 in the list.

Qin sent out a grand army of 200,000 soldiers led by Supreme Commander Ousen and Generals Yotanwa and Kanki. Shin, meanwhile, starts using Ouki’s Glaive for the first time even though he’s not yet perfect at using it.

Qin starts the campaign by taking over the city of Retsubi under the leadership of Yotanwa. It is a trap set by Riboku and was seen by Ousen, who left the city overnight, leaving the army under Yotanwa.

He then returns two days later, and the army marches on towards Gyou.

The battle at Gyou was a brilliant showcase of tactics between Ousen and Riboku, who were bent on outclassing each other.

The fight lasted over 15 days; both sides had depleting resources, with Qin having to rely on Horse Meat.

Ousen pulls off a masterclass to outlast Gyou and defeat Riboku leading to his banishing from Zhao by the King.

  • 1) Coalition Invasion –

    Coalition Invasion
    Image Source: Kingdom Wiki

Chapters- 257- 356

Coalition Invasion is best Kingdom manga arc.

Qin faces the biggest threat it has ever faced in the form of all six opposing states forming a coalition army consisting of a huge 540,000 soldiers.

The Battle takes place at the Gigantic Kankoku Pass, which no one has ever been able to breach in its history.

Qin persuaded Qi to abandon the Coalition army using its diplomatic leader Saitaku who promised the Qi King to double the reward that the coalition army was providing them.

The great war takes place over more than 2 weeks proving to be the greatest war ever seen, with Qin almost dropping down on its knees and barely managing to withstand the onslaught of 5 states.

Chu Prime Minister Shunshinkun was the Chief Commander of the Coalition army along with Riboku. This arc has one of the greatest fights in manga in Moubu vs. Kanmei and manages to focus on developing all the characters, which most War arcs fail to do.

Kingdom is easily the Greatest War Manga, and we hope these arcs prove that the statement is true. Stay tuned with us for more such articles.

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is the total number of all Kingdom manga arcs?

Ans. Kingdom has 22 arcs so far.

Q2. Is Kingdom manga finished?

Ans. No Kingdom is not yet finished and will likely go on for more than 10 years if Hara’s health permits.

Q3. Which one is the best action arc in Kingdom manga?

Ans. Coalition Invasion is the best arc based on action. It has some of the best fights the series has to offer in the form of Moubu vs Kanmei and Shin vs Houken.

Q4. Which one is the most emotional arc in Kingdom manga?

Ans. Battle of Bayou is the most emotional arc as it brings out a perfect death for Ouki and the Glaive passing scene to Shin is sure to bring anyone to tears. Coalition Invasion is also not far behind as Sei’s Speech at Sai is one great moment.

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