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20 Most Handsome Australian Actors Of All Time (2023)

Hollywood is the final destination for actors worldwide, and everyone gives their all to succeed, become popular among the masses, and become successful.

The place is filled with actors worldwide and from various corners; Australian actors are among the most underrated actors ever. Throughout the era, they have produced magnificent actors.

Famous and fan-favorite actors Hugh Jackman, Christopher HarmsworthMargot Robbie, and many more in recent years. This list will look at some of the most handsome Australian actors ever.

20 Most Handsome Australian Actors

20) Hugo Weaving

NameHugo Wallace Weaving
Age63 years 
PopularityThe Kiss, Little Echo lost

Hugo Weaving is one of the most well-known and respected Australian actors ever. He has worked for over five decades and has always been a fan favorite since his debut.

He first appeared on our screen in 1984; since then, he has given us non-stop entertainment movies. He is praised for the hard work he puts into his performance.

19) Jai Courtney

NameJai Stephen Courtney
Age37 years 
PopularityJolt, Black site 

When Jai debuted in the industry in 2005, he was not recognized much. He only played supporting roles for almost a decade until he made a breakthrough with the movie Jack Reacher, released in 2012.

This film made him a superstar overnight and got him thousands of fans. After that, it was all up for him as his following films were also super hits, making him very well-known in the country and overseas.

18) Paul Hogan

NamePaul Hogan
Age83 years 
ProfessionActor, Comedian 
PopularityFloating Away, Flipper 

Paul Hogan is one of the oldest actors in the Australian industry, has worked for over six decades, and has done numerous films and shows. Fans refer to him as the best actor of his generation, with no one seemingly coming close to him.

During his prime years, he was very attractive and had deep eyes that embraced confidence and self-belief. Did you know he lied to the people about his birthplace to look rare and more refined?

17) George Lazenby

NameGeorge Robert Lazenby
Age83 years 
PopularityDeath Game, Hunter 

George Lazenby was at his prime, known as the national crush of Australia due to his seductive looks and ability to charm the audience. He is currently 83 and has worked for several decades in the industry.

He has six sons; unfortunately, one has passed away. We do not have much information about them as he keeps his personal life under the covers and safe from the media.

16) Geoffrey Rush 

NameGeoffrey Roy Rush
Age72 years 
PopularityGod of Egypt, Storm Boy 

Geoffrey is one of the most high-ranking Australian men of all time, as he is one of 24 people throughout history who have won the Triple Crown of Acting, having received an Academy Award, a Primetime Emmy Award, and a Tony Award.

He is currently 72 and was born on July 6th, 1951. He is very well known in the industry and overseas due to his decades-spanning career and his thousands of fans.

15) Eric Bana

NameEric Banadinović
Age54 years 
PopularityHulk, The Dry 

When it comes to super hit and blockbuster movies, there is one name that will be common in all of them: Eric. Born on August 9, 1986, he is a very fantastic actor.

His career took a massive turn towards success when he premiered in the film Black Hawk Dawn. Following the movie’s success, he was offered Hulk and played it perfectly for the time being, making the character famous.

14) Sam Worthington

NameSamuel Henry John Worthington
Age47 years
PopularityAvatar, Avatar: The Way of Water 

Sam Worthington, whose real name is Samuel Henry John Worthington is known in the industry for only playing complex and complicated characters and only appearing in blockbuster movies.

Without a doubt, the most well-known film of his career is Avatar and its sequels. He is 47, married Lara Bingle in 2014, and has three kids.

13) Errol Flynn

NameErrol Leslie Thomson Flynn
Age50 years (14th October 1959)
PopularityMontana, Kim 

Error Leslie is a very talented actor, but what he was known for was not his films but his ability to seduce women, have multiple relationships with women, and continuously flirt.

He is often proclaimed the most outstanding Australian actor of all time due to his word work, which put Australia on the map, and his rise to prominence in the era, which people often say was the Golden Age of Hollywood.

12) Joel Edgerton

NameJoel Edgerton
Age49 years 
PopularityThe King, The Stranger 

If you have ever watched movies from the popular franchise Star Wars, then you immediately recognize the face on your screen. Joel Edgerton has appeared in numerous movies and played a pivotal role in the Star Wars franchise.

He was first noticed by the fans and viewers in the year 2001 when he appeared in the show The Secret Life Of Us, for which he was nominated for numerous awards overseas as well as in his home country as well.

11) Hugh Jackman

NameHugh Michael Jackman
Age54 years 
PopularityX-Men, X-Men: The Last Stand 

Hugh Jackman has played uncountable iconic roles, but he has forever engraved himself in the minds of viewers and fans as the perfect Wolverine. Throughout the character’s history, Jack was the only actor who played the iconic role.

It has been confirmed that he will be reprising the role in the upcoming Deadpool movie, one of the most anticipated movies of recent years. He is extremely popular in the US and has millions of fans.

10) Guy Pearce  

NameGuy Edward Pearce  
Age55 years 
PopularityGenius, Equals 

Guy Pearce was already a well-known face in Australia after his fantastic work in the series Neighbors, for which the fans often praise him. But the movie that made him an international star and gave him ultimate success was The Adventures of Priscilla and Queen of the Desert.

Ever since then, he has appeared in many projects, most of which have been quite successful, while also embracing his place as one of the best Australian actors ever.

9) Russell Crowe  

NameRussell Ira Crowe  
Age59 years 
NationalityNew Zealand 
PopularityMan of Steel, The Mummy 

Russell Crowe, one of the most iconic actors of all time and the most decorated actor of our generation, was born on April 7, 1964, and is 59 years old. He has two kids with Danielle Spencer.

Unfortunately, due to many dire circumstances, they divorced in 2018. He lived in Australia for ten years as a child, and once he turned 20, he decided to pack his bags and move there permanently for the rest of his life.

8) Heath Ledger

NameHeath Andrew Ledger
Age28 years 
PopularityThe Dark Knight, Candy  

Heath Ledger is the superhero of many people. Even though he portrayed a villain, he engulfed himself so much in the character that it was impossible to tell whether he was acting or being severe.

He is, without a single objection, one of the best characters of all time, and he has made himself immortal through the breathtaking performance he dropped in the Batman movie. Almost a decade later, his fan following keeps on increasing.

7) Christopher Hemsworth

NameChristopher Hemsworth
Age40 years 
PopularityThor, Extraction 2 

Christopher Hemsworth is a name that we are all familiar with, and he is also the favorite Marvel superhero for millions of fans worldwide. He is genuinely one of the most iconic actors at such a young age.

One thing that he does better than others is character selection. He makes sure that the characters he portrays are good that the fans can enjoy and gives a top-notch performance every time he is on our screen.

6) Liam Hemsworth

NameLiam Hemsworth
Age33 years 
PopularityTriangle, Love and Honour

There is a famous saying that Australia has many excellent things, but the most prominent are the Hemsworth Brothers. He is the smallest of the Hemsworth brothers but also thriving and famous.

Although they are brothers, they all healthily compete with each other to move forward as a family. They are all very talented, as seen in their movies and shows.

5) Todd Lasance

NameTodd James Lasance
Age38 years 
PopularityTrue Spirit, Black Site

Even before, Covid TV shows on Netflix and other OTT sites were becoming trendy and were destined to rise in popularity, although many predicted that they would replace cinema. Until now, it has proven not to be the case.

Todd is widely recognized among OTT watchers and a fan favorite due to his shows, such as Home and Away and Rescue Special Opps, where he performs amazingly.

4) Callan McAuliffe

NameCallan Ryan Claude McAuliffe
Age28 years 
PopularityThe Walking Dead, Summer Knight

Few actors in the world can wear anything and still own that outfit and make it look good, and Callan is one of them. He is 28 years old and was born on January 24, 1995.

He began his journey in this competitive industry at the age of 8 and, since then, has appeared in movies and TV shows as well. He is very young, but his skills are excellent, and he displays confidence and trust in himself.

3) Alex Russell

NameAlexander Andrew Russell
Age35 years 
PopularityWasted On The Young, Almost Kings

Although you might get intimidated by his looks and his fantastic build, he is a lovely guy when you speak to him. You might have heard the quote that the biggest are usually the softest from the inside, and that is the case with Alex.

His full name is Alexander Andrew Russell, but he prefers to be called Alex as it is pretty easy to pronounce. He is 35 years old and married Diana Hopper in 2022.

2) Luke Hemsworth

NameLuke Hemsworth
Age42 years 
PopularityNext Goal Wins, The Reckoning

All the Hemsworth Brothers are well-established actors, and if you have to pick the best, many fans proclaim that it is none other than Luke Hemsworth due to his unique looks and how well-maintained he has kept his body.

The most prominent part that enhances his masculinity is his bone structure and eyes, which seem to be engulfing you in them. He is also well-known overseas and in most parts of the world.

1) Simon Baker

NameSimon Lucas Baker
Age54 years 
PopularityMost Wanted, Restaurant

Simon Baker is the embodiment of handsome Australian men, and it is not a topic to argue about. Despite being 54, he still looks better than most people half his age. Since his late 20s, it looks like he has stopped aging. His most prominent performances came in the movies Most Wanted and Sunset Strip.


Australia has some of the finest actors in the industry and millions of fans. Although the cinema industry is still growing, becoming world-renowned will take some time.

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