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How Strong is Opera in Iruma Kun? Power Level, Identity Level & History

The Netherworld sees no shortage of strong demons. Some have incredible physical strength. Some have incredible magical power. Yet some others have mastery over both. There is never a dull moment in Osamu Nishi’s world with all the demons with their different bloodline abilities and aptitudes.

Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun! follows the story of Iruma Suzuki, a human who was sold by his good-for-nothing parents to the demon Sullivan. Now he has to traverse the Netherworld and attend the Babyls Demon School, but there is just a catch.

Most demons hate humans and are none too eager to eat them. It is up to Iruma to survive and frantically dodge all the problems thrown at him because failure means death.

From the servant-turned-enemy honors student to an overbearing “Grandpa” who is also the chair-demon of the school, Iruma meets and faces all kinds of demons. And soon, Iruma’s innate kindness begins to win over even the most stubborn hearts.

Opera is Sullivan’s security demon as well as the butler of the household. They are one of the demons who knows about Iruma’s identity since they manage all of Sullivan’s tasks and his estate. They are efficient, capable, and strong.

Opera’s rank has not been revealed yet, but they have shown their abilities a few times in the series. Let’s discuss them and their power level.

Opera: True Identity and History


Opera is surrounded by an air of mystery, and despite being one of the characters that often appear in the series, not a lot has been revealed about their past.

They were a student at Babyls as well as an upperclassman to Kalego and Balam. They were infamous as the Mysterious Top Dog at Babyls and were known to be cruel and ruthless to second and third-year students.

Even during that time, the demons only knew that the Top Dog was someone who was strong, had dark curly hair, two horns, and used to wear both a male and female uniform. This led many demons to misunderstand and attack Kalego when he enrolled due to the similarity in their description.

Opera was appointed as the Misfit’s Class Practicals teacher post-Heartbreak arc, both to protect Babyls in Sullivan and Kalego’s absence and to make the Misfits grow. His non-reliance on magic and unique strategy taught non-verbal magic to misfits rather quickly.

How Strong is Opera?

Opera's strength

Although Opera’s rank hasn’t been revealed yet, it is safe to assume that they are at least the same rank as Kalego and Balam, if not higher, i.e., Rank 8 [Chet]. Opera is the only person Kalego is scared of.

They were a bit stronger when they first met Kalego, but considering how Kalego was able to hold his own against Opera until Balam interrupted their fight, it is not far off to think they are almost equal in power level.

However, there are rumors of them being Rank 9 [Tet], and Kalego is still, more or less, scared of them, although this could be due to their personality. Still, Sullivan is Rank 9 as well, probably due to his curse, and Opera is weaker than him.

For now, until it is finally revealed for sure, we will say that they are somewhere between Rank 8 and 9.


  • Super Strength: Opera’s strongest ability is their super strength. They are extremely skilled at combat and make as much use of their bodily strength as much as they can. They have no problem destroying the hardest targets, picking up heavy items, and fighting with their fists. They are so strong that they can go against Cerberus and shred Kalego’s attack with just their hands.
  • Speed: Opera is capable of covering long distances easily and quickly. They can even do this while carrying someone.
  • Dodging Skills and Reflexes: Opera has fast reflexes and can dodge Cerberus’s fast attacks. Their speed and sensitivity to attacks allow them to dodge all kinds of magic easily.
  • Extreme Precision: Opera has keen eyesight and smell and are able to hit a target precisely multiple times.
  • Quick Judgement: Opera is quick in assessing their environment and deciding how to attack their enemy. This also helped them during teaching as they were able to see the Misfits’ weaknesses and come up with a strategy to make them stronger.

Why does Opera work under Lord Sullivan?

Opera, Sullivan and Iruma

Opera is Sullivan’s Security Demon, and the two have an unmistakable bond. It seems that Opera knew Sullivan even before their enrollment at Babyls since it was Sullivan who got them enrolled.

Opera has always been someone akin to an adopted son to Sullivan. They have told Iruma that they also feel adoration and respect towards Sullivan. In their own words, Sullivan taught them how to serve.

Their servitude towards them is a form of dependence based on trust. The netherworld is a ruthless place. Opera believes that if they sacrifice everything to Sullivan, he will respond in kind and even do more for them.

They also promised Iruma that they would place the same trust in him if he continued to live with the Sullivan family.

Is Opera Stronger Than Kalego?

Opera vs Kalego

As we have discussed, Opera at least matches Kalego’s strength. In all their fights, they have both held against each other well. While Opera has incredible strength, Kalego has a huge amount of magical power.

Still, one reason Opera can be stronger than Kalego is due to the fact that we don’t know anything about their Bloodline ability yet and how strong it is. Neither have we seen their magic potential.

Additionally, Kalego is scared of them. So although it is likely they match in power to Kalego, and there is likely a small difference, if any, we can say that their unexplored potential puts them a little higher than Kalego in terms of strength.


And this is where we end our discussion about Opera’s strength and history. Opera is undoubtedly one of the strongest demons in the series, albeit surrounded by a lot of mystery. We will have to wait and see how the story pans out to determine what is his extent of power.

We will keep you updated with whatever new information comes. Until then!

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