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15 Strongest Female Characters in Iruma kun Ranked (Weakest To Strongest)

Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is a Japanese Manga Series by Osamu Nishi. It has been serialized in Akita’s Shoten’s Shonen Manga magazine Weekly Shonen Champion since March 2017. An anime series adaptation was produced by Bandai Namco Pictures. Currently, there are three seasons of the anime available.

The story centers around Suzuki Iruma, a kind-natured 14-year-old boy who is sold to the demon Sullivan by his abusive, lazy parents, who take advantage of Iruma to live an easy life.

He is enrolled in The Bablys School for Demons by his newly adopted grandfather Sullivan. We follow Iruma’s Journey in the Netherworld as he faces numerous challenges and new experiences.

In this article, we will be discussing the 15 strongest female characters in the series. If you’re curious about the top 30 strongest characters in Iruma-Kun, you can check our article on our site.

15 Strongest Female Characters in Iruma kun

15) Ampsey Nafra

Ampsey Nafra

Nafra is a demon who is mistaken for a boy. She is actually a girl who hides her appearance with a special cloak. She is a rank 3 student attending the school as a first year.

Coming to her abilities, she emits a putrid-smelling Odor from her body. If someone is close enough, they faint from the bad smell. However, this helps her repel any demon beasts, and she possesses a size-altering cloak.

14) Crocell Chima

Crocell Chima

Chima is the little sister of Crocell Kerori. Chima is one of the top students in the first year. Her bloodline magic allows her to lower the temperature of water and air to create ice for offensive and defensive moves.

Albeit her emotions put her at a disadvantage which can trigger a fever from overuse or a burst of emotions.

13) Valac Clara

Valac Clara

Clara is a close friend of Iruma; she tends to act quite childish and is always seeking out playmates. Her familiar is called Falfal; it is an abstract demon beast that is green in color and shares the same idiosyncrasies as her master.

Clara’s bloodline magic is Summon; this ability allows her to perfectly summon or recreate any object or person and pull it out of the linings of her skirt. The limit of this ability is unknown.

She has a mascot suit, and using this suit with a combination of her summon ability and illusion magic, Clara can create a pocket realm where she can create anything she wants. Upon dragging the target into her realm, she makes them play with her so much it completely drains their mana.

12) Ix Elizabetta

Ix Elizabetta

Ix Elizabetta is another member of the Abnormal Class. Ix is a succubus, and seduction is one of her primary skills. Her bloodline magic is Favourability, it attracts men to her smell, and they are compelled to try and gain her favor.

This ability has its limitations; if too many of her pheromones are released, the afflicted target loses control and sends them into a frenzy.

11) Crocell Kerori

Crocell Kerori

Crocell is also a part of the abnormal class. She is secretly an Akudol or Idol with an alter ego when she performs and acts the part of an idol. Crocell has the same bloodline ability as her sister Chima, the control and creation of ice.

She also has another skill where she can subjugate any demon or demon beast to her will using her beauty. Crocell has two familiars Blizzard Wolf and Snow Fox King.

10) Azazel Ameri

Azazel Ameri reading

Ameri is the student council president. She is strict and serious as she has a lot of responsibilities and duties as the president. Ameri is already strong and agile; these physical abilities are further enhanced by her bloodline magic, the romanticist.

By believing in herself, she can utilize her maximum power. Essentially a buff spell. She also has two non-verbal spells- Transformation and Speed Enhancement.

9) Stolas Suzy

Stolas Suzy using her plant magic

Suzy manages the Diabotany Division at school. She is known as, ‘The Mother of Plants’. Suzy carries around a magic flute that is used to control certain types of plants.

She uses non-verbal plant magic, and her knowledge of plants allows her to use them as weapons like the Gatling Daffodil, Red Thorn Princess, Grass Control, and Demon Morning Glories.

8) Morax Momonoki


Morax Momonoki uses her wand

Morax is a transfiguration teacher at Bablys Academy. Her bloodline magic- Master of All Trades, allows her to understand and use all forms of magic.

She is a force to be reckoned with, considering her knowledge and ability. She has a massive crush on Naberius Kalego.

7) Shiida


Shiida is a member of the terrorist group, Six Fingers, although her motives for joining are unknown. Her physical strength and speed are no joke, and she are quite like Opera.

We have not seen her full potential, but she is one of the physically strongest characters we have seen in the series.

6) Lady Vepar

Lady Vepar

Lady Vepar is a prestigious professor at the Academy. Vepar is perceived as quite timid, but she is very powerful and has always surprised others around her; her bloodline magic is not revealed, but it can infer that she has some water manipulation skills.

Considering her abilities and the acts we have seen, it is safe to put her ranking as number six.

5) Barbatos Bachiko

Barbatos Bachiko activates her bloodline magic

One of the candidates for the 13 crowns and heroes in ‘The Great Valley War’. Bachiko is from the Brabatos clan, who are known for their mastery of archery.

Her bloodline magic is Full Marks; this skill enables her to conjure a bow and arrow which fires up to 100 magic arrows simultaneously that always hits the target regardless of any disruptions or distance.

4) Asmodeus Amaryllis

Asmodeus Amaryllis

Asmodeus Amaryllis holds the title of, ‘The Head of Lust’ in the 13 crowns and is the mother of Asmodeus Alice. She has succubus attributes such as transformation magic, illusion magic, and flirtation.

Amaryllis can conjure up a powerful aura which is enough to scare her opponents into submission. She also has an incredible sixth sense.

3) Paimon

Paimon drinks tea

Paimon carries the title, ‘The Lady of The Fairies’. Paimon is a member of the 13 Crowns, there is not much known about her abilities yet, but we will update any new information once it is out in the manga.

2) Princess Shura

Princess Shura sitting down

A princess of the deities that hold the highest authority in the demon world. They are a race that reigned in the Netherworld long before the demons.

They are regarded as the guardians of the Netherworld, overseers of balance and existence. It is said their bodies are one with the natural forces of the Netherworld.

1) Levi


A member of the Big Three, the three strongest demons of the Netherworld, and Principle of the Levialon Academy. She holds the rank of Yodh, the highest rank, and is a suitable candidate for the Demon King’s Throne.

Levi’s abilities or strength have not been shown except for the fact that she can survive underwater, but she is arguably the strongest female character in Iruma-Kun.


Our ranking of the 15 strongest Female Characters in Iruma- Kun ends here. If there are any new updates on the characters mentioned in our list or the addition of new characters. We will update the ranking again. Please keep an eye on Otaku notes for your number one source of anime and manga content.


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