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Naberius Kalego vs. Balam Shichiro | Battle Between Rank 8 in Iruma kun

Babyls Demon School has plenty of beloved and hard-working teachers. Out of everyone, Kalego and Balam are undoubtedly the closest to the Misfit Class, with Kalego beings their homeroom teacher since the beginning.

Despite the two being good friends, they couldn’t be more different from each other. While Kalego is antagonistic and sadistic in nature and is often at odds with the students in the Misfit class, Balam is kind and gentle. Still, both of them care about their students in their own way.

So a question arises. Who is stronger out of the two? Is it Kaelgo with his Cerberus or Balam with his physical strength? Although they have never fought against one another, and it seems unlikely they ever will let’s try to answer this question!

Since we haven’t seen either of the two fights at their full strength, we will keep everyone updated as the story goes!

I. Naberius Kalego

Naberius Kalego

Naberius Kalego is a Rank 8 [Chet] demon and one of the professors at Babyls Demon School. He is the Misfit’s class homeroom teacher. He is also Iruma’s familiar after he accidentally contracted to Iruma, something he isn’t aware of yet. He is known as the Guard Dog of Babyls Demon School.

Kalego is intimidating, sadistic, and pessimistic, often taking joy in seeing his student’s misery and even actively taking part in it. However, he is honorable in his promises and never punishes his students for what they haven’t done.

Kalego was also one of the very few people who interacted with Balam when they were students. This means that he isn’t judgemental of people’s appearances. The two are still friends.

Power & Blood Line Magic

Kalego’s Blood Line ability is not yet revealed, but he does have Cerberus. Cerberus is different from Blood Line Magic. It is pure mana infused with the Narberius Blood. He is an incredibly powerful three-headed demon beast crackling with electricity.

Cerberus is so powerful that even one of his heads is enough for Kalego to do massive damage. He is also the reason Kalego doesn’t have a familiar, as he chases them if Kalego tries to summon one.

Kalego's abilities


  • Huge Magical Power: Kalego has an incredible amount of magical power. During his fight with Opera, Opera even commented on how much he hated his incredible magic.
  • Cerberus, the three-headed beast made of mana. Kalego uses Cerberus in most of his attacks, like Spear Howl and Claw Cage. Cerberus also helps him oversee the familiar-summoning ritual..
  • Lightning Magic: To no surprise, because of Cerberus, Kalego is a lightning magic user. His fighting involves the use of electricity, and you can see electric sparks around him whenever he is in a bad mood.
  • Barrier Magic: Kalego can easily summon barriers to stop any attack on his way.
  • Summoning items: Kalego can easily conjure simple objects out of thin air, like books, pens, etc.


  • Kalego is incredibly powerful. We don’t know much about his weaknesses yet since he hasn’t shown his abilities to his full extent. However, from what we have seen so far, his biggest weakness is his short temper. He is quick to anger and gives into the other person’s taunts which is why he hates Opera. He is also really stubborn.
  • His familiar form is also weaker, as he had trouble holding against Atori in that form.

II. Balam Shichiro

Shichiro Balam

Balam Shichiro is a Rank 8 [Chet] demon who works as one of the staff at Babyls Demon School. He is also the head of the Imaginary Things Research Division and is referred to as the Gargoyle of the school.

Many demons are scared of Balam due to his intimidating appearance, but in truth, he is actually really kind and caring. He also has a habit of touching all living beings out of excitement, something that has led others to misunderstand him before.

Balam is also one of the very few people who is aware that Iruma is a human and the only one that Iruma has confided in so far. He wears a mask to hide the huge scar on his jaw.

Power & Blood Line Magic

Balam’s bloodline magic is called Buzzer, which allows him to detect any lies or wrongdoings of an observed target in an instant. He can cover the entire school during exams with his magic and find out if anyone is cheating.

Balam's abilities


  • Buzzer: Chimes of deception, which is his bloodline ability. He can also his ability to find out the truth from criminals.
  • Summoning Vines: Balam can manipulate vines by using non-verbal plant-based magic. These vines are powerful and can even break the ground.
  • Incredible Physical Strength: Balam’s physical strength is on another level, so much so that he has trouble regulating it and often takes great care not to crush his students. Because of this, he is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Intelligence: Balam is fascinated with all kinds of creatures, including humans. He loves reading and is really knowledgeable about all kinds of demons and beasts. He uses this knowledge to easily take down enemies.
  • Defense magic: Balam can create a cocoon-like barrier that could even stop Kalego’s and Opera’s attack when they were fighting over Iruma.


  • Like Kalego, we haven’t seen the extent of Balam’s ability yet, so it’s hard to speak about his weakness. He still has some level of insecurity about his face and intimidating appearance, but he has been getting over it since meeting Iruma.
  • It seems that he is also sensitive about the topic of his evil cycle.

III. Naberius Kalego vs. Balam Shichiro | Comparison

1. Based on Strength

Based on strength alone, Balam easily outweighs Kalego. He is physically stronger than all the teachers at Babyls, excluding Sullivan and Opera. He is so strong that he has to keep his strength in check to avoid crushing the other demons. Kalego’s forte lies in magical power.

2. Based on Durability

Both Kalego and Balam can summon barriers and last long on the battlefield. However, it’s more likely that Balam is more durable than Kalego because of his sheer brute strength. He can also use his Grand Cocoon to stay on battlefield longer and his barriers are incredibly powerful.

3. Based on Blood Line Magic

Kalego’s Blood Line Magic has not been revealed yet. However, if we compare Balam’s Buzzer to Kalego’s Cerberus, which is akin to a form of inherited Naberius magic, Cerberus will be a clear winner. Balam’s ability is really useful in interrogating and trying to catch cheaters. But it’s not as useful for combat.

4. Based on Experience

Kalego and Balam were classmates in the first year of their school and have been friends since then. So their experience in combat is, more or less, the same.

However, Kalego has been a teacher at Babyls Demon School longer, so he has more experience than Balam in that sense.

IV. Who will win? The Guard Dog vs. The Gargoyle

Kalego vs Balam

It is difficult to give a set conclusion to this answer. They are both the same rank. Kalego has huge amounts of magical power, while Balam has huge amounts of brute strength. Both of them are strong in their own regard.

However, if we have to still give an answer, I will say Balam will defeat Kalego by a small margin. Kalego’s Cerberus is powerful, but Balam can engage in both hand-to-hand combat due to his strength and use his plant magic which is just as strong.

Balam also has an incredible amount of knowledge about living beings and is proficient in using it to his advantage. This will prove useful against Cerberus, and he may be able to find Kalego’s weaknesses easily.


We will end this debate by saying that Balam is slightly more powerful than Kalego. However, since they are both of the same ranks, it is more likely that if they ever do fight, the circumstances surrounding their fight will prove a huge factor in the result.

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