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Everything About Kate in Shadows House (Guide 2023)

Kate in Shadows House, is a major character in the series, who is also a fan-favorite character. We all know about some of her basic information, but there’s still much to learn about her.

There are many secrets and past incidents which happened to Kate in Shadows House, that we do not know of. Starting from the first few chapters itself, we understood that she has this mysterious aura all around her.

That’s why, we have come up with this article on everything about Kate in Shadows House manga. There will be a bit of spoilers, from the Shadows House manga, so that we can effectively know everything about Kate.

For fans of the character and also the series, make sure you read through this article to know about one of the main characters in Shadows House.

Kate in Shadows House: Wiki 

Kate in Shadows House: Wiki 

Japanese Nameケイト
AliasesMost Beauteous Rose, Ever Lovely Rose, Kate Mirror
Soot QuantityHigh
OccupationShadow of Emilico, Team Leader

As we all know, Kate is one of the main characters in the series, along with Emilico. Emilico is her Living Doll, with whom she spends her daily life. She has pretty good and comical interactions with Emilico, due to the latter’s clumsy nature.

We can’t talk much about her appearance, other than saying that she is fully black. She wears a cute and frilly red apron dress, which makes her look even cuter. Kate was also the character, who had suffered the most from being a shadow.

She was unable to understand her emotions nor even interact properly with Emilico at the start of the manga. But, she gradually changes herself and starts opening up to Emilico and maybe a few other Shadows.

We could also say that she is a very calm and intelligent girl, and also cares a lot about her living doll. Kate even treats her like her friend and wants to know more about Emilico’s past and her emotions too.

Kate’s Powers and Abilities

Kate's Powers and Abilities

Since Kate is a Shadow, she does have some specific power and abilities. She had also used her soot power to assist her on various occasions. Kate used her power, to shoot concentrated soot beams or even create soot wings.

  • Her soot quantity is one of the highest in the series so far.
  • Only a few characters like John and the Elders surpass her in this aspect.
  • She also showed the power to effectively control her soot too.
  • Sometimes when she is out of control, she is even able to generate stalactites of soot on the ceiling, depending on her mood.
  • Initially, she was only shown to control her soot in the form of a doll.
  • Later on in the series, she was able to solidify soot and use it as a part of her body.
  • Thanks to her control, she was able to create soot wings and shoot concentrated soot beams.

Past of Kate in Shadows House

Past of Kate in Shadows House

Coming to the main question of the hour, who is Kate in Shadows House? To unfold the mysterious aura around her, we will need to talk about her past, which will answer all of the questions.

Kate was not initially a member of the Shadows House, but rather someone who invaded it from the outside. This makes her a Deviant. Her real name is also Kate Mirror and is the heir to the Mirror family.

The Mirror family were the official and the original users of the Shadow Mansion. It all started 50 years before her birth when her family received a mysterious present called Morph.

This was the befall of the Mirror’s family when they fell ill after receiving the gifts, and eventually, the Morphs rebelled against them. Kate’s mother Catherine Mirror, was also attacked by those Morphs, but she somehow ran away with her pregnant baby Kate, and her servant Emily.

Since Catherine was injured in that attack, she also started turning into a Shadow. So, it took the next 50 years for Kate to be born, but her mother passed away during her childbirth.

Initially, Kate was a normal human girl, who had lived and played normally like every other child. Emily also tried her best to not let Kate know anything about the shadows. But, their joy was only short, as Kate started turning into a Shadow, from when she was 12.

It only took a month for her to turn completely into a Shadow. This was also when she learned of the truth and the past incidents. And finally, on her 13th birthday, she started her journey, to learn what happened in between these 63 years.

She had travelled to Soot Island, and also Mirrorside village, where she met a peculiar nameless girl. This nameless girl, looked very similar to Kate when she lived as a human.

All the time during her journey, Kate had been trying to know and understand the events that transpired in these 63 years. Eventually, Kate found a trap that was set up for those Morphs and also found a way that gets her inside Shadow Mansion.

Kate had disguised herself as a Morph, after taking help from the nameless girl. After this, she directly jumped into the trap along with the Morphs. This had teleported her into the mansion and the mimicry room.

She had quietly observed Sophie and Joseph and learned more information about the way things work in the Shadows Mansion now. At that moment, she had noticed a Morph, who was guided out of the room, along with a human, after the Morph had mimicked the human.

This morph was none other than John, and the human was none other than Shaun. After witnessing this, Kate also does the same thing and mimics the nameless girl, who had the same features as her.

This would then allow her to go out of the room, and then learn more about the Shadows Mansion and its history. To tie all the things up, the peculiar nameless girl was none other than Emilico, her living doll.

To sum up, this is everything we have on Kate in Shadows House so far. There were many twists and turns in this story that no one had expected. For more interesting and fresh content, make sure to check our posts here.

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