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Choujin X Wiki, Plot, Characters & Review

Choujins. Mysterious supernatural mutations were observed in humans, granting them powers. Desires and emotions heavily affect these powers. It’s something of an affliction, really.

Sui Ishida is back with another one of his weird series, and it looks like this one is a banger too. Many people will recognize Ishida-sensei’s name due to his popular series, Tokyo Ghoul.

His signature style is unmistakable in Choujin X, and we can definitely see this series proving to be something great as well.

Choujin X follows the story of our main protagonist Tokio Kurohara. He and his best friend, Azuma Higashi, do everything together. Tokio himself might not be the strongest or the smartest, or the bravest.

But he considers Azuma to be his hero due to him being good at nearly everything. Tokio is just happy to be of any assistance to Azuma.

However, when an encounter with a Choujin forces the two boys to inject themselves with a solution that turns people into Choujins, their everyday life may not be the same anymore…

Choujin X has been running in Weekly Young Jump since May 2021. The official English version gets simul releases on the Mangaplus app by Shueisha.

Although the series doesn’t have a set weekly schedule, Ishida-sensei releases at least one or two chapters almost every month.

Choujin X: Wiki

Name:Choujin X
Writer:Sui Ishida
First Serialization:May 10, 2021
Genre:Seinen, Horror, Supernatural


Our story starts not with our main character but with a glimpse at another one of our main cast. Ely Otta is a 16 years old girl traveling to Yamato to participate in a best-produce competition.

Suddenly, a man engulfs the whole plane in smoke, burning the passengers in smoke.

Meanwhile, Tokio gets told off by his teacher for not paying attention in class. On his way back home, he sees some thugs bothering a woman and calls Azuma for help. Azuma breaks the boss’s arms.

Tokio and Azuma discuss the plane crashing and how a Choujin was behind the attack.

Someone with a Noh mask approaches the thug, Johnny, with the offer to fix his arms with a syringe.

At home, Tokio reminisces about the time when he went to a zoo as part of a school trip. The teacher told them to draw the animal they thought they were like.

The students told Azuma that he was a like a lion and made fun of Tokio by comparing him to a vulture who is always stealing others’ prey. This prompts Tokio to get angry and run away crying.

Tokio remembers his past

Azuma found Tokio, who angrily told him that he could be like a lion too. Azuma smiles and said that vultures can fly higher than any bird in the world. This makes Tokio happy, and both agree vultures are cool.

This became such a core memory for Tokio that it influenced a big part of him later on.


The next day, Tokio helps Azuma with volunteering at the sight of the plane crash. They talk about how amazing it is that 200 people survived the crash.

At night, on their way back home, a now-healed Johnny attacks Azuma out of nowhere. Tokio looks in horror as he wonders how his arms get fixed in a single day.

Azuma realizes what’s happening and kicks Johnny again. But this time, it’s not impactful. Johnny has turned into a Flexi Choujin. Johnny’s two henchmen cry and ask Johnny to stop, but he kills them in his fervor.

Tokio takes Azuma and jumps into the lake. After getting to the shore, Tokio points to two syringes that fell off Johnny. Tokio begs Azuma to run away, but Azuma tells him that they will die if they don’t use them.

Tokio remembers his promise of helping to fight bad guys to Azuma. He takes the other syringe. Azuma tries to stop him, but Tokio tells him that he wants to do this with him.

Tokio and Azuma uses the syringes

Meanwhile, Johnny is trying to find the two. Suddenly, he gets attacked with such force that he can’t even register it. It seems that Tokio has turned into a Beast Choujin.


Tokio struggles to take Azuma on his back. Azuma gains consciousness and is shocked to find Tokio’s face and hands looking like that of a vulture. Tokio is relieved and tells Azuma he somehow defeated Johnny. Azuma is taking him to a hospital.

Azuma gets angry at Tokio and tells him he will go to the hospital on his own. He tells him to hide until he can control his body since his old life will be over if anyone finds that he is a Choujin.

Tokio struggles to keep his face hidden from his family and makes up a lie to not go to school. Reality hits him, and he starts crying, wondering if he will have to live like this forever. He texts Azuma, worrying about him and thinking if he also turned into a Choujin.

Desperate, Tokio goes to Azuma’s house, hiding his face. Azuma tells him on the phone that he is a vulture since Choujins turn into the form they desire most.

Azuma yells at Tokio

Tokio’s concerns about himself trigger Azuma, and he lashes out, telling him to think for himself for once. With tears in his eye, Tokio apologizes to Azuma and cuts the call leaving Azuma to realize what he has done.

Meanwhile, Noh Mask asks Johnny about the whereabouts of the remaining two injections. Scared, Johnny tells him that they were taken by two boys, and one of them turned into a Choujin with a beak mask. He refuses to talk more, causing Noh Mask to kill him.

Choujin X Main Characters

1) Tokio Kurohara

Tokio Kurahara

The main character of the series, Tokio is a 16-year-old student who has always lived life in his best friend’s shadow. Following the events of the initial chapters, he turned into a Bestial Choujin.

Tokio’s Choujin takes the form of a huge vulture due to his special memory. His Choujin is incredibly strong, so much so that even he does not understand its limits yet.

Tokio does not have a set dream in his life, which bothered him for a while. But he is empathetic and does not hesitate to throw himself to save others.

2) Azuma Higashi

Azuma Higashi

Azuma is Tokio’s all-rounder best friend who has been with him since childhood. He has a heroic and strong personality and always likes to help others due to his father’s influence, though is prone to emotional outbursts.

Although Azuma is good friends with Tokio, he has deep atychiphobia. Ever since an arm wrestling match in their childhood, in which he won against Tokio but realized that Tokio actually has potential, he has been fearful of being left behind.

His Choujin form later manifests due to his desire to always remain a hero to Tokio. He is called the Cloth Choujin.

3) Ely Otta

Ely Otta

Ely is another 16-year-old student who came from Gaga to Yamato and is one of the main cast. She is a kind, upbeat girl.

After getting tangled with Chandra, Ely becomes a Smoke Choujin and is helped by Yamato Mori. She has a huge fascination with money and later joins the Yamato Mori Keeper trainees.

Ely first encounters Tokio when he was facing Nari, and they become friends after she shifts to his school.

4) Noh Mask

Noh Mask

Noh Mask is the major antagonist of the series. He is the one who gave the syringes to Johnny, ultimately leading Tokio and Azuma to become Choujins as well.

Noh Mask is ruthless and has sent multiple Choujins to capture Tokio. He also seems interested in Azuma.

5) Hoshi Sandek

Hoshi Sandek

Hoshi is the Yamato Prefecture’s Choujin Protector. He was the one who saved Ely from Chandra and took him under Yamato Mori’s protection.

Hoshi is kind and diligent. His Choujin can help him to manipulate gravity and hurl cosmic blasts at his enemies. His ability is skilled enough not to let anyone he doesn’t want to harm get affected.

6) Chandra Hume

Chandra Hume

Chandra is another antagonist of the series, working with Noh Mask. He’s commonly known as the plane terrorist attacker, as he is the one who attacked the plane at the beginning of the series.

He is also a Smoke Choujin, and Ely’s powers come from him. He is short-tempered, violent, and has screwed-up morals.

Choujin X: Plot Review

Choujins are human beings who have supernatural mysterious powers. The form taken by a Choujin depends on their desires, and their powers are deeply affected by their emotions.

Two best friends, Tokio Kurahara and Azuma Higashi, live in Yamato prefecture. Azuma is the perfect student with looks, strength, and skills, and Tokio has always followed him in his shadow. They may be completely different from each other but share a deep bond nonetheless.

Things change when a Choujin attacks them. Fearing they won’t make it out alive, the two boys decide to make a crucial decision; become Choujins.

With newfound power, Tokio finally has a chance to prove himself. But not without hiding his transformation, lying to his family and teachers, and rethinking his life choices, all while dealing with odd incidents all over the city!

Is Choujin X Worth Reading?

Sui Ishida is no stranger to supernatural, seinen-horror stories, and everyone knows of his capabilities due to Tokyo Ghoul. Although Choujin X is in its earlier stages, there is no doubt that the series is definitely worth reading.

Ishida-sensei’s art is one of a kind and flows naturally throughout the panels. The story is different and gripping. The action scenes are so beautifully drawn that it will leave anyone staring.

One of the best abilities Ishida-sensei has lies in how he shows the journey of his characters. Not only Tokio, but the whole cast, including the Noh Mask, is interesting.


Choujin X is a well-written manga by an industry veteran and is worth every minute of your time. From art to story, there is nothing lacking in the story. The potential of the series cannot be hidden.

If you like Seinen series and would like to read something different, give Choujin X a try. Calling the story real may be ironic since it’s a supernatural manga about mutant humans, but anyone will be able to relate to the down-to-earth characters and fall in love with them.

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