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Alexis Ness: Best Midfielder From Germany in Blue Lock (Wiki & Facts)

When there is a talk of Michael Kaiser or Basterd Munchen, we always remember Alexis Ness in Blue Lock too. Alexis Ness has been a crucial part of BM’s defense as well as attack in these last couple of matches.

But, other than knowing about his worth and a few of his abilities, we know nothing about him. Despite being one of the best midfielders present in Blue Lock, we still need to know more about him.

That’s exactly what we have done, collecting all the information on Alexis Ness in Blue Lock. For fans of his playstyle or the series, you can check this article to know more about your favorite player.

Who is Alexis Ness in Blue Lock?

Who is Alexis Ness in Blue Lock?

Japanese Nameアレクシス ネス
Hair ColorMagenta
Eye ColorMagenta
TeamBasterd Munchen

Ness is also called as The Magician, due to his dribbling skills and abilities. He is a very cheerful guy, always with a smile on his face, no matter the situation.

Ness is exceptionally loyal to Kaiser, and his plays. He always keeps making plays for Kaiser, to let him score goals and steal the spotlight in every match.

His loyalty could also be seen as very obsessive, and he will also fight with other players when they question Kaiser’s plays. Ness also wants to fulfill his role with perfection, according to Kaiser’s instructions.

Alexis Ness’s Skills and Abilities

Alexis Ness's Skills and Abilities

Alexis Ness in Blue Lock has some of the best dribbling skills in the entire manga. He has a very good amount of skill and technique and wrecked multiple teams’ defenses with his attack strategy along with Kaiser.

Since, he also trains under Michael Kaiser, one of the New Generation World 11 players, he should have a considerable amount of skill. Ness’s talent was also recognized by Noa, Kaiser for him to have been a vital part of this team.

The best part about him is that he can always follow Kaiser’s instructions and can easily keep up with him, even without Meta Vision. Despite being a midfielder, his amount of skill boasts of him being on the level of many strikers in Blue Lock.

Even without Kaiser, he still would have been able to become one of the best players, due to his skills and abilities. But, he chose to help Kaiser and let him shine, while Ness takes a backseat.

  • Precise and accurate dribbling and passes, which Kaiser always relies on.
  • His Dribbling skills are out of this world, due to his ball-control ability.
  • Another major factor for this, is also his flexible Ankles.
  • With these, he can make near-impossible feints and plays like it was nothing.
  • His passes are pinpoint, too and he can also be called the Heart of this team.
  • Ness can pass the ball almost anywhere, due to his inhuman dribbling and his level of passes.
  • His archetype, further shows off his dribbling skills and his ability.


Ness’s only weakness should be his fearful and obsessive loyalty toward Kaiser. Devoting all his plays to Kaiser and following his instructions, shows that Ness has little creativity of his own.

He never crosses this line, no matter the situation they are in. Even in the Italy Ubers game, Kaiser had asked Ness to still move according to his instructions, and kill all of his creativity.

Kaiser casually says that he doesn’t require Ness’s creativity, and the latter isn’t even fazed a bit by it. Although this might be one of his greatest strengths too, this is also his greatest weakness.

Even if he can execute astonishing and flawless plays for Kaiser, there is no point if he cannot play on his own. This also works for his strength, as he makes Kaiser shine more.

Comparison with Other Players

Comparison with Other Players

We can compare Alexis Ness in Blue Lock, to some of the other players in the same position. It does need to be said that Sae Itoshi is exponentially better than Ness, given how Sae is the best midfielder in all of the New generation players.

Some of the other players, who play the same position are Mikage Reo and Tabito Karasu. Just like Ness, Reo is also very much devoted to turning Nagi into the world’s best striker.

Even if Reo can copy the moments of anyone he sees with 99% accuracy, he still falls short of Ness. Ness’s talent was recognized by the World’s best striker Noel Noa, and also the best striker in the new generation, Michael Kaiser.

The only difference between Reo and Ness would be their dribbling skills. This gives an advantage to Ness, and it can also be said that he is one of the reasons Kaiser became a New Generation World 11 Player.

On the other hand, Nagi and Reo had just found how good their combination is, in their recent match. This does not compare to Kaiser and Ness’s combination, which was honed for years.

Next up, we have Tabito Karasu from the Paris x Gen team. But, unlike Ness, he is a bit more focused on Defense and controlling areas. He still goes on the offense, due to his abilities, which were shown in their match against the U-20 Japan National team.

The Blue Lock team had successfully managed to score a second goal, thanks to his analytical skills and expert ball control. Just like Ness, he is also proficient in doing feints, that throw off his opponents.

But, he comes nowhere near Ness as of now. Even if he displayed a spectacular performance in the U-20 Japan match, Ness is still better than him. We are also yet to see his evolution, after spending time with Rin Itoshi and Paris x Gen.

Future of Alexis Ness in Blue Lock

Future of Alexis Ness in Blue Lock

It does not need to be said, that Alexis Ness in Blue Lock has a pretty great future. As said by Noa, he is already earning 50 million yen, and Ness looks satisfied with it.

He does not care about any other materialistic things if he can make plays that let Kaiser score. Staying in this same position for Kaiser will also prove his worth as well as net him good recognition.

Although this might affect his personal growth as a player, Ness does not care about that. He just needs to be the backbone so that Kaiser can show off his skills and abilities.

If he can keep sticking with Kaiser, he will go on to become an irreplaceable part of the team Kaiser is in. Ness had already proved his capabilities and skills numerous times, in the course of just two matches.


Alexis Ness in Blue Lock can be called the second-best midfielder in the whole series, as of now. There will be new players introduced who will be better than him, but we shall save that for a later time.

But for now, Ness had solidified this position, due to his unwavering loyalty and talent. He is truly deserving of his title The Magician, making magical plays on the field that entrances the viewers.

With this, we shall call an end to our article on Alexis Ness. We have many more articles regarding many other players in Blue Lock, so make sure to read all of them here.

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