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Villain Initialization: Wiki, Characters, Review & Other Details

Heroes beating villains are the most common troupe in Anime, Manga, Webtoon, or Manhwa and have been going on for years. As a child, we always supported the heroes and rooted for them to win.

As we grew older, we somewhat started to understand the villains’ point of view and why they became what they are now. Nobody is born evil, and most choose this path after losing most of their life’s hope and goals.

This is the story of Villan Initialization, Mo You writes the series. Cuzn does the art of the series. It began its publication in 2019 and had been going on since then. It has more than 150+ chapters.

The story’s plot revolves around Panlos, who is the reason for fear within the city and is pushing to take over the city and eradicate the heroes as he believes they are why his aunt died and is looking for ways to pay them back.

On the other hand, Ye Mu is the city’s hope and the face of power and is constantly fighting against Panlos, not knowing that he is none other than his childhood friend Ling Chen who he assumed that he died.

Ling Chen and Ye Mu are both high-rank villains and heroes. Ling built the Universal Quantum Weapon and single-handedly destroyed various cities. His next target was his hometown, but as they were fighting due to a machine malfunction, Ling was sent back to the past where he could rewrite the future.

Villan Initialization Wiki

Name:Villan Initialization
Writer:Mo You
First Serialization:2019
Genre:Evil Protagonist, High School, Webtoons


Panlos is the city’s number 1 villain and has caused havoc for many years. Due to being a genius, he was always ahead of the curve, maintained an upper hand on the heroes, and terrorized the civilians and the government.

The only person who could go head-to-head with him was Ye Mu, society’s number 1 hero and the strongest in the country. He was fast, had tremendous power, and always hunted for Panlos.

Panlos and Ye went against each other for more than ten years but were never able to finish each other. One day Mu caught Panlos off guard and almost had him in his crutches, and it looked like it was finally over.

As he was about to land this decisive blow, Panlos’s mask came off, and the face was similar, which was none other than Ye Mu’s best friend. He could not believe what he was witnessing in front of his eyes.


After coming to terms with the current situation, Panlo’s crimes were too great to forget, even if he was his best friend a while back, as his pride would not allow him to permit the existence of such a criminal.

The only solution available was to kill each other, as both of them had their reasons to continue fighting. For Panlos, he desired to kill Ye Mu; meanwhile, Ye was trying to find his father’s killer.

Both of them pointed their lasers at each other and let a smile as it was going to be their last meeting, or so they thought. Suddenly due to a blast, everything was fogged in black, and Ling found himself back in the body of his 17-year-old version.

Unfortunately, this event started a chain of events that will rewrite history so that it would not make any sense or logic. Now that Panlos or Ling was his real name in the past, he has many opportunities to kill Ye Mu.


Now that Ling was back in the past and he knew how the future turned out, it was a decision of his will of whether he wanted to follow the same blood path or lead his life into a new era where he was a part of the heroes.

He went vigilante because Ling Chen only loved one person: her aunt, who the heroes killed. From then onwards, he decided to wipe out all the heroes from the world, and his main target was Ye.

As the aunt is now alive and well, he contemplates whether it was an excellent decision to turn villain again, but despite that, his desire to kill Ye Mu is still there, and he starts working on his things so that he can finally put him down.

Ling started to gather his crew which he knew in the future, and decided to ask them for help. Unfortunately, due to being a child, he was not respected or given any attention. He had no other means but to kill Ye Mu himself.

Villan Initialization Characters

1) Panlos


Panlos was the name he decided for himself when he began his journey as a villain and took the first step towards his grand aim of killing all the heroes and defeating his old friend Ye Mu and burry once and for all.

However his real name was Ling Chen, and he was once a good child, but seeing his loving aunt continuously abused by his uncle and her death changed him to a considerable extent.

2) Ye Mu

Ye Mu

Ye Mu is the city’s only hope and hero who can go head-to-head with the evilest villain in history. He was single-handedly stopping Panlos from wiping out the entire content off the map.

His existence stopped all the villains from coming together and starting a fledged war against the government and heroes. The reason he became a hero was to find the killer of his father and kill him.

3) Lu Bushai 

Lu Bushai

Lu Bushai is a famous professor from Polytechnic school and is respected in society. He has contributed to society and won many national awards for his contribution to the villains.

However he tried to create a powerful machine in the past, but it was too hard for him. Now that he has all the knowledge and skill, he can save the people in the city from horrifying deaths.

4) Jiang Xiao


Ling Chen was one of the students who had no friends. However, somehow, he managed to bag the best-looking girl in the school without even trying.

Jiang was one of the people who always looked out for him as she knew he was not a wrong person, and she wanted to help him overcome. But he never looked at her true feelings due to his obsession with killing Mu.

5) Aunt


If there was someone in the world who loved and believed in Ling was his Aunt, who wholeheartedly supported him. As a naughty child, he used to get scolded and was always complained about.

His Aunt was the person who never scolded him. She even took a beating from her husband to save money for his graduation so that he could get a well-renewed education and have a great career.

Villan Initialization Plot Review

Panlos is the world’s number 1 threat and has caused tremendous loss of life and money. Due to him and his crew, all the residents are scared and don’t know what will happen to them.

They are always in fear of being wiped out as Panlos is known for being non-merciful towards anyone and will kill anyone as long as he does not affect his grand plans. His crew was also filled with S-Rank villains.

The only one who could go head-to-head with them was the current number 1 hero Ye Mu. However, he was also not a saint; even though he was a hero, he only persuaded this position to gain power.

His main aim is to find his father’s killer, beat him to death, and discover why such a good person was murdered cold-bloodedly.

hen he finally catches Panola and is about to kill him. Panola returns to the past, where he plots his evil plan of taking over the world and killing Ye Mu.

Is Villan Initialization Worth Reading?

The series is one of the special categories of webtoons as it belongs to the evil protagonist category. This type of story is scarce, and now most of the ongoing series have the same repetitive plot of the good guys beating the villains.

This might help you get a taste of something different from the usual series you might read. The story is impressive as both main characters have reasons for fighting, but none is pleasant.

Both of them are fighting for their own goals, but surprisingly the hero of the series also has an ulterior motive which gives it a unique twist to your average series.


Villian Initialization is a unique genre series, and the characters are unforgettable and supported by great side characters, making the overall story very attractive. Since more than 90% of the stories favored the heroes, this one focuses on the villain.

The series grows on you over time, and you start to understand the villains’ points, why they do stuff, and how they feel deep within while doing this heinous activity. It is also filled with humor but does not overpower the main aspects. Overall is a great pick, and you should check it out.

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