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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Characters in Gintama (Ranked)

Last updated on February 22nd, 2022 at 11:17 pm

The best comedy Shounen one can find is Gintama. Written by Hideaki Sorachi, the series focuses on the white-haired samurai Gintoki Sakata, who fought in the great war ten years ago against the aliens.

Now he’s lost everything and goes around doing odd jobs for his survival. Over time he finds a family in the form of a Yato young lady, Kagura, and Dojo owner Shinpachi. The trio completes various odd jobs and protects Edo from foes.

Gintama has a brilliant ensemble cast with beautifully written characters, and no wonder it boasts the best female cast in shounen. Unlike many other shounen, where the female character is left to be a damsel in distress, Sorachi does not do so and creates multiple independent, strong women.

Each of them follows a unique personality and fashion sense which brings about their strong identity. Here are some “Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Characters in Gintama ranked.

10) Kijima Matako –

kijima Matako

Kijima Matako is one of the most beautiful Gintama female characters. She is Takasugi’s loyal supporter and a senior member of the Kihetai. She is extremely adept at using equipment and is famously known as the Red Bullet for the same.

Notwithstanding, her character changes when she’s around Takasugi. She admires Takasugi, regularly calling him by the honorific Shinsuke-sama. She is additionally incredibly defensive of him.

Takasugi even states that Kihetai came into existence because of her, as is seen in the Silver Soul arc.

9) Yagyuu Kyuubei –


She is the head of the famous Yagyuu family of Edo. Yagyuu family has always had a male head, so Kyuubei was also raised like a boy who left her with huge regrets.

For this, she was compelled; Otae beat up her oppressors and became an important part of her life. Kyuubei lost her eye when she tried to protect Otae from debt collectors. As she grew up, she followed neither masculinity nor feminity but wanted to be a “strong girl with a kind heart” like Otae.

8) Kouka –


She is the mother of Kagura and Kamui and a member of the Yato clan. Umibozu fell in love with her at first sight when they met on her home planet Kouan.

Having lived in solitude for so many years, she was seen to be emotionless till she met Umibozu. She was a loving person who left her planet for her family even though this was the reason that brought her end.

7) Mutsu –


Mutsu is the Right-hand man of Sakamoto, the leader of Kaientai. She is a Yato who was abandoned after her father was annihilated. 

She was taken in by Kaientai and became the Vice-Commander who runs the business fleet. Mutsu is usually calm, collected and serious.

6) Ikeda Asaemon –


She is adopted by the Asaemon family head but is outed as a traitor after she is framed for exterminating the head of the family. She is mostly emotionless but gets fierce if she is touched, as is seen by her attacks on Gintoki, which became a gag.

Asaemon is a skilled user of the sword and is capable of the traditional Asaemon method. She gives up her emotionless self and becomes more cheerful at the end of the Shinigami Arc.

5) Nishiki Ikumatsu –


She is the owner of a Ramen Shop in Edo and is hinted to be the love interest of Katsura throughout the series. She lost her husband at the hands of the rebels and has always held resentment against them.

Ikumatsu helps Katsura when he is being chased by Shinsengumi and allows him to work there. Later it is revealed that she is the owner of a successful clothing brand and ran the Ramen Shop in memory of her husband.

4) Shimura Tae –


She is the elder sister of Shinpachi and the successor of the Shimura Dojo. She works as a cabaret girl to make their ends meet. Otae is the star attraction of the hostess club due to her beauty and personality, with men often lining up waiting to be served by her.

Kondo was served by her once and fell in love with her. He often stalks her, and she beats him up in the process. Shinsengumi meanwhile recognises her as the boss lady of the organisation. She promised to become Kyuubei’s left eye when she lost her eye trying to protect Otae from debt collectors.

She is very egotistical and often preacher about her good qualities. Her cooking skills are the absolute worst, where everything she cooks turns out to be tainted.

3) Sarutobi Ayame (Sachan) –


She is an assassin and a former member of the Oniwabanshu. She has a serious affection for Gintoki and is often stalking him and hiding at the Odd Jobs home.

Her iconic glasses became her identity, and it’s shown that she can barely see anything without them. She gets easily excited or flustered and is often seen shouting at the smallest of things. She is a masochist and likes it when Gintoki treats her badly.

Sachan is an expert ninja who trained alongside Zenzou and the Shogun. Being an expert at throwing Kunais, she can hit her opponents from a great distance. She has great respect for Zenzou, whose father she trained under and manages a great relationship with Yorozuya, often helping them in “sticky” situations.

2) Imai Nobume –


Imai Nobume is the most beautiful female character in Gintama. She was the Vice-Captain of the Mimawarigumi. She was an orphan and taken in by the Tendoshu, who turned her into an assassin by then the name of Mukuro, meaning corpse. 

Isaburo finds her at his home, where he finds the bodies of his wife and just born daughter with everything pointing to Mukuro slaying them. In fact, she was late in reaching the location to protect Isaburo’s family.

Isaburo realises this and takes her in, giving her the name Nobume, the name he would give to his daughter, meaning “Girl of Faith”. Although she is emotionless, she is an expert swordsman due to her upbringing as an assassin. The only time she shows emotions is when she’s fed doughnuts.

1) Tsukuyo –


The most beautiful female character in Gintama is Tsukuyo. She is a highly skilled ninja of the Yoshiwara district.

She was brought up by the famed ninja Jiraia who gave her the scar on her face. She leads the Hyakka, a group of assassins that guards Yoshiwara.

Tsukuyo is serious most of the time but loses her serious self around Gintoki. Having very little tolerance for spirits, she becomes a completely different person under its influence.

Tsukuyo has been hinted to have romantic feelings for Gintoki, who had been the only male to respect her and treat her as a woman in the harsh world of Yoshiwara, where women are not treated as humans.

She is referred to as the Moon of Yoshiwara, who found her Sun in Gintoki.

Here are the most Beautiful Females of Gintama, which has the most well written female cast you can find in Shounen. In Gintama, you find the best cast with many beautifully written characters, and it’s a series that’s sure to make you cry from laughter and sadness. You can watch Gintama on Hulu legally. We will be back with another ranking article. Till then stay tuned with us. 

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