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My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person: Wiki & Main Characters

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My school life Pretending to be a worthless person is the story of Jinsung, one of the most vital students in the entire country, but due to his trauma, he needs to hide his evil powers to protect everyone.

It seemed like he had to live alone without friends since he could not control his power and still wanted to protect everyone. His viewpoint started to change when he met some friends in his school who decided to bring him out of that hell.

The main character is also well-written and simple enough to understand. He is the general high school boy who gets bullied and, after some time, gets more robust and takes revenge.

Sandfairy writes the story, which has been published since August 2022, has a total of 63 chapters, and is currently ongoing. A new chapter of the franchise will be released this week.

My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person Wiki

Name:My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person.
First Serialization:August 16 2022


The series begins by introducing MC Jinsung, who was sulking during a test where they were tossed around like trash. Still, they were humiliated due to their differences in skillset and training.

To recover from the shame and remove their frustration, they gang up and beat him, but make sure not to leave any permanent damage to his face or any noticeable part, as someone might see them, and they will get in trouble.

None of them knows that the person they are bullying is strong enough to wipe out the entire class and not break a single drop of sweat, but due to their arrogance, they do not even bother to check his true power.

Jinsung grew up alone with his uncle and aunt, who were both money-hogging people who wanted to keep him with them until he turned 18 so that they could kill him and take all the properties his parents left him.

His uncle beat him daily to feel good, and his aunt treated him like a piece of trash who just wanted to see him beaten and swollen and make fun of him and enjoy it.


The current world is shaped by Edeya, which is the ability to make a weapon out of their spiritual energy. That decides people’s ranking in the working world, and even the friends you make are also decided by it.

Originally, Jinsung is an S-Rank person, but his full powers are based on hatred and killing intent, and whenever he uses his Edeya, he kills many people. He cannot stop himself until everyone around him is dead.

His life was terrible until one day, in a school activity where he was trying to play the weak boy, the school’s best student attacked him from a blind spot, which resulted in the activation of his Edeya, which he controlled within a few seconds, but the top 5 students took notice of it and showed interest in him.

After that, Sungho took an interest in him and wanted to see his full potential, so he forced him to join his club, where he would train them in Edeya manipulation, hand-to-hand combat, and non-Edeya combat.


During one of their practicals, when they were outside the school and in a bank, they were attacked by North Korea’s most terrifying commander, Kim Jung, and his crewmates, who killed many workers there.

Even though he tried his best after seeing so much blood and dead bodies, Park could not stop his bloodlust and went berserk and killed most of the terrorists. He was about to kill Kim, but he ran away due to interference from Giyoung.

However, Park was not in control and attacked Giyoung and was about to kill him but was stopped by Kim, who put up a good fight against him as she was already injured and she loved Kim; it was impossible for her to stop him altogether.

But luckily, Park ran out of stamina, lost consciousness, and slept for three whole days. After waking up, he panicked as he thought that he might have killed everyone in the building, that the police would arrest him, and that he would lose Kim and all his friends.

He was relieved when Kim stopped him and was not harmed. Seeing him crying, Kim promised to do everything she could to make him a better person.

My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person Characters

1) Park Jinsung


Jinsung is the main character in the series. At the start of Manwha, he is also a very annoying character.

Some readers might find him quite annoying until the story reaches the assessment arc, where he displays his true self and why he was so afraid to reveal his true self to others.

After that, he begins his journey to surpass his evil self and become a person with a good heart and soul.

2) Byun Giyoung

Byun Giyoung

Byun Giyoung is the typical bully in every story, who bullies the MC until the protagonist gets a power-up and humiliates him, as the typical troupe used in stories.

He also used to bully and beat him without mercy to establish dominance in the class and show everyone how much better he was than everyone else.

But once the fight happened between the school and the terrorist, he was the first one to start crying for help.

3) Ahn Sungho Ahn Sungho

Ahn Sungho is the school’s most admired and loved student, gets special treatment from everyone, and is loved by all the girls and boys to such an extent that they will beat anyone who tries to question him.

However, he is a very hard-working individual and rose through the ranks through sheer willpower and hard work, and he trains every day without fail. He also helped Jinsung when he broke down in front of him, asking for help.

4) Kim Seyoun

Kim Seyoun

Kim Seyoun is also known as the Goblin in the institute, as she grows a horn whenever she tries to fight seriously. She is also a prodigy and was born into a very well-known family in South Korea due to their power and contacts.

She also works a lot on herself, is a product of hard work and persistence, and does not talk to anyone about her struggles except Jinsung, whom she loves and has shown a desire for a relationship.

5) Homeroom teacher 

Homeroom teacherThe homeroom teacher was also responsible for the amount of abuse Jinsung went through; as he was an F-ranked student, he did not have any value, and everybody ignored him, even his homeroom teacher, who is supposed to be neutral against each student and is not allowed to take sides.

He also ensured that he bullied him somewhat, but this changed suddenly when Jinsung started doing well in school and academics.

6) Kim Jung

Kim Jung

Kim Jung is known as the red blade of North Korea and is the most decisive military captain in the country. He is also responsible for the many deadly attacks in South Korea.

Still, when he fought Park, he was outclassed, and even though he went all out, he was forced to run away from a fight for the first time in his life. He has not forgotten that humiliation and has sworn to avenge it.

My School Life: Pretending to Be a Worthless Person Plot Review

The story revolves around Jinsung, an F-rank student and the lowest and weakest among all his classmates. He is a second-year student and gets bullied every day. Due to an incident in the past, he is hiding his power.

But due to his bloodlust nature, his true intention kept coming out when he was pressed without any options; however, before his rage and anger consumed him, he started to meet people who took an interest in him and cared for him.

Is My School Life Pretending To Be A Worthless Person Worth Reading?

Although the series might not be written well and has many potholes, the fights and the backstories of certain characters make it good enough to read. If you have read many stories, they might come to you as very repetitive tales, but if you are new, you will be able to enjoy the story.


The story is average and is something you might have read, but the plot twist and the characters make up for the need for a good storyline. The first few chapters might feel slow and tedious, but if you stick around for longer, the series becomes good.

The art of the series is standard, and overall, except for some fights and characters, the series is average and not something that will suit many readers, so you might have to think before you start reading this series.


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