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The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Wiki, Characters & Review

The story’s plot is based on the early 1900-1950s when women were not respected and only allowed to proceed to a higher role if they were married to a person with royal blood.

The main character of the series, Leslie, was subjected to abuse and treated like an inhuman until she decided to break free from hell and start a new life where she could be happy and not be the slave of anyone.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter is a Manwha written by Minjack, a visual representation of the series, originally based on a light novel that goes by the same name.

Liaran wrote the original light novel Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter, which started publishing in 2018 and is still ongoing; the series has released four volumes.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Wiki

Name:The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter
First Serialization:August 2022
Genre:Fantasy, Shojo, Supernatural, Webtoons


The series begins with a very heart-pinching chapter where in the first few pages, we see Leslie being dragged by a rope towards a room in the palace where she would be offered as a sacrifice for her older sister’s future.

As the voice of a little girl who does not want to die keeps rising and the crowd somewhat start feeling guilty about what they are about to do, the father comes out of the crowd and takes the rope in her hand.

While a normal father would never, in his wildest dream, ever think about hurting his daughter, let alone the thought of sacrificing her for something, which only a monster can comprehend, and they have no right to be called a human.

The father takes the rope from the caretaker and mercilessly throws his daughter into a room filled with a ghost summoned from another world, who will fulfil a person’s wish but needs a live human sacrifice.

Embed in rage, he drags her forcefully without even looking at his daughter and kicks her in the room, approximately a 20-40ft pitch black room, and closes the door in the hope of never seeing her again.


While she was falling down the hole and thinking about how much she worked hard in everything, someone in her family would look at her, smile honestly, and appreciate her work.

During that moment, from the flames, an echo of multiple voices told her that they would save her from this, and a couple of hands came out of the fire, pushing her through the window and inside the cliff, which was just outside their palace.

As she was falling down the cliff, she believed that her life was about to end, but soon she opened her eyes and found herself lying in the pits of the valley, and within a few seconds, she lost consciousness.

When she woke up, she found herself lying in bed, and it looked like someone helped her out and put bandages on her injury; as she regained complete control of her body, her memories came back.

The memories were filled with the harsh treatment she received from her parents, who humiliated her, and even her older sister, who treated her like a piece of trash and gave no value to her existence.


At a glance, she knew she was back in the palace, and soon enough, she realised that the power of darkness had chosen her as the next host. The high-ranking nobles of the Recardius empire possess various abilities such as magic, spiritual power and summoning.

Although all the magic’s very potent, the most powerful is shadow magic, a secret of the Sperado family. However, suddenly, the Sperado family children could not possess the power.

It has been over 100 years since someone ever possessed this power. Leslie getting possession of the power was unexpected since nobody expected the frail little girl to possess such immense power.

She decides to see what is happening in the castle. She heard the voices of her family and was taken aback by their conversations in which they mentioned how Leslie was a child they never wanted but were forced to have so that she could be offered as a sacrifice for her sister Ellie.

After hearing such humiliating things, she decides to stop being so timid and become a person who holds power and is not a slave to anyone or their wishes and leaves the palace to become strong and better.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Characters

1) Miss Leslie

Miss Leslie

Miss Leslie is the main character of the series and the youngest daughter of the Sperado family; since she was born, all she witnessed was abuse both mentally and physically.

But after she unlocked the power of darkness and made a deal with the duke and was adopted into the Salvador family her life completely changed forever.

She witnesses all the joy in the world and marries at the end of the series.

2) Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie

Ellie is the oldest daughter and was born with golden hair and emerald eye color, which was mentioned in the books as the person who would be the power host if their young sibling was to be sacrificed.

Since she was to be made a host, everyone in the house treated her with complete care and love and was given everything she wanted without a fuss. She is one of the most hated characters in the series.

3) Marquis Sperado 

Marquis Sperado

Marquis is the series’s main villain and a horrendous person who treats her daughter as a tool for fame and power.

All the kids he had were either to marry into a royal family or make the host of the power so that he could send them to the battlefield and take a commission of their success.

He is also responsible for killing his younger siblings to gain power and, overall, is a terrible human being who is rotten to the core.

4) Jenna-Dorantes


Jenna is the butler for Duke and has been a loyal family member for a long time; she also has many contacts in the kingdom and is a very reliable source of information.

As everyone in the family is busy, most fail to care for their health, and Jenna ensures they are taking proper food and sleep. She also took excellent care of Leslie and spent much time with her.

5) Duke’s Manor

Duke's Manor
Duke’s Manor

Duke Manor is the adopted mother of Leslie and the most powerful woman in the kingdom. The current ruler of the kingdom is the friend of the Duke, but unlike others, she does not use her power to abuse but rather to help everyone around her.

She also looks out for children, and despite her reputation as a monster, she treats Leslie like her own daughter and is even ready to die for her.

6) Bethraon Raen Salvator

Bethraon Raen Salvator
Bethraon Raen Salvator

Bethraon is the oldest son of the Salvator family and one of the highest-ranking members in the kingdom’s army; despite being vast and tall, he has a very loving personality and always used to look out for Leslie.

He was also the one who protected Leslie when she was trapped in the carriage and was about to be killed. He also made sure that nobody in the kingdom ever laid a hand on Leslie.

7) Cyraine-Delph Salvator

Cyraine-Delph Salvator
Cyraine-Delph Salvator

Cyraine is the current head of the Salvator family and a royal guard member. He is very colossal, but his personality is the opposite.

He always wanted a daughter, and when Leslie was adopted into the family, he made everything possible to become her favorite.

He is also very sentimental and gets depressed easily when he does not get enough attention from Leslie.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Plot Review

The Sperado family is the host to one of the most destructive magics in the world, but for many years, they have failed to produce an heir capable of bearing the power until, one day, the most expected person in the family got their hands on it.

The empire is divided into four axes of power: the imperial house of Recardius, the ducal house of Aithera, which shares the lineage with the imperial family, the ducal house of Salvator, and the three marquis houses.

The two houses have an Antagonistic relationship because one represents the pro-emperor while the other represents their opponents.

The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter Worth Reading?

The series introduced a new concept of a female protagonist who is not a teenager yet, which makes the series very interesting; all the series are above average and play a vital role in Leslie’s development into a Duke. Some plot twists could have been better written, but overall, it is a very wholesome and good story.


The series will let you breathe fresh air if you have been tired of reading the identical troupes repeatedly. The story is paced and keeps the viewer from getting bored. Also, the main character is charming and joyful, making the series even better to read. The art of the story is alright and not too good or bad.

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