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Nano Machine: Wiki, Characters & Story Review

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Nano Machine Wiki is a Korean webtoon that used to be written by Hanjung Woyla but was later taken over by Jeolmu Hyeon, who currently writes the popular series and has published over 140+ chapters.

The story follows the stereotype of a weak MC getting stronger and exacting his revenge on the people, due to which he had to suffer. He rises to the top and becomes one of the strongest characters in the series through challenging work and perseverance.

Cheon Yeo Woon is the illegitimate child of the king with seven wives, but his last marriage was with a commoner and not with royal blood, leading to discrimination against her and his soon-to-be wife.

Suddenly, the king decided to abandon both of them, leading his mom into depression and dying after a few years. However, as long as she was alive, she ensured her child got everything he wanted.

Due to being an illegitimate child, he tried to be assassinated many times, but due to luck, he barely managed it one night; his luck ran out, and attackers ambushed him.

Fortunately, in the last moment, his grandson arrives from the future and injects him with a nanomachine that will change his life forever and take him to places he would have never reached.

Nano Machine Wiki


Name:Nano Machine
Writer:Jeolmu Hyeon
First Serialization:2020
Genre:Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi


The story begins in a state where six clans rule the country through sheer power and dominance; anyone who tries to belittle or go against them is executed immediately. This procedure has continued for centuries; thus, no one has tried to seize power.

The people who mastered martial arts are called Moorim and are divided into three groups: good, evil, and a demonic cult. Comparatively, a demonic cult can destroy both clans at the same time. The Demonic Cult is one of the largest in the province and has a wide range of arsenals.

The highest-ranking family in the demonic Cult has an illegitimate child named Cheon Yeo Woon, a commoner. Due to not being of royal blood, his mother was despised in the country, and no one used to talk to her.

After receiving backlash, the family threw them out and let them rot until they died. While growing up, Cheon saw his mother fall into depression and lose everything.

Soon after her death, Cheon starts getting targeted to wipe him off. One night, he finally thought that this was the end. However, his grandson came from the future and injected him with a machine that changed everything.


As he was about to die, the Nanomachine activated and started the healing procedure, which saved his life. Cheon would have died due to blood loss if it had been a second slower.

After waking up, he finds himself in his home, surrounded by his guard, Jang, who has been a loyal member and has always worked hard for his sake and to see Cheon someday get the respect he deserves.

Cheon starts to hear a voice unfamiliar to him after exchanging conversations for a few hours and transferring a lot of data. Cheon finally understands the Nanomachine and its usage.

After butting heads for an hour, Cheon calls the voice Nano. Sky Corporation developed the machine, and it is the 7th generation model. It is made up of billions of small machines.

Nano can scan surroundings, copy any move seen once, repair the body, grow the muscles, and repair the cells. It is filled with more than 200+ moves that can be learned and used.


Despite the ability to learn all the moves that will be done in front of Cheon’s eyes, the body can only grow sometimes and will take constant practice and effort to adjust the move.

On the other hand, the other members of the dark Cult are looking for ways to get rid of him as he is irregular, and they fear that if he becomes strong, he will end up killing them due to the treatment they gave to his mother.

One of his most lethal enemies is the 6th clan prince, Cheon Mu, who is fixated on eliminating him since they share the same magic type. Everyone in the kingdom knows about his true identity, and thus nobody bothers to help him.

After carefully thinking, he figured that if he wanted to stay alive, the best option would be to join the martial arts school and get more substantial like everyone else, or he would soon be wasted. To survive, he must learn the skills from them.

With Nano’s help, he can now fight on equal footing with all the princes and princesses from the royal family and can begin his path to avenge his mother and payback for all the pain he has endured growing up.

Nano Machine Characters

1) Prince Cheon

Prince Cheon

He is the main character of the series and the current leader of Squad 7. While he was about to die, his life was saved by his grandson, who came from the future and injected him with a nanomachine developed by Sky Corporation; it was their latest 7th generational model. It ended up being a lifeline for him, changing his destiny forever.

2) Prince Mukeum

Prince Mukeum

Prince Mukeum is the 6th clan prince and a sworn enemy of Cheon, who is always looking for ways to get rid of him. He is also the main culprit behind all the recent attacks on him.

He indeed only cares about his methods if they guarantee the disposal of Cheon. His mother treated him harshly, as she believed that due to his birth, the king left her and married a commoner. Growing up, he developed a hatred for Cheon without any logical reason.

3) Guard Jang

Guard Jang

Jang is the only person in the world who has cared about Cheon since childhood. Although Cheon and his mom were despised in the kingdom, he served them wholeheartedly.

He would die to protect Cheon from an enemy without a second thought. He promised the 7th queen that he would protect her child with everything. Although everyone did not believe in Cheon, Jang was the only one willing to bet on him.

4) Seob Meng

Seob Meng

Seob Bang is the left-hand man of the current king and is widely known as a heavy drinker in the kingdom. He loves alcohol above everything and wouldn’t mind slicing throats to get a good sip.

After seeing him in the first selection, he decided to help Cheon and reached the top. He also provided him with all the necessary information about his enemies. Due to his teachings, Cheon excelled quickly as a student and ranked up very quickly.

5) Heo Bong

Heo Bong

Heo Bong was one of the people under the command of Mukeum and was assigned the task of assassinating him or at least breaking his bones so that he could not compete in the competitions.

But after he was unsuccessful, he was beaten by everyone and almost killed. Figuring out the best way to survive, he switches it to Cheon, who is tremendously powerful and looks like someone he could respect and who is worth it.

Nano Machine Plot Review

Cheon Yee Won was a child of the king who should not have been born. His birth led to many arguments in the royal family and began a life of extreme difficulties. Growing up, he saw his mother suffer without anyone looking at her. They were hated, and no one would even try to save them.

After growing up and successfully meeting Nano, he decided to exact revenge on all the other royal members. Due to Nano’s help, he developed exceptionally quickly without training.

Is the Nano Machine Worth Reading?

The series is filled with major plot twists and unique characters, which will make you laugh a lot. Nano Machine is a very underrated Webtoon series that gets slept on most of the time. The world-building could be more outstanding, but it is decent at best.

The series is filled with major plot twists and unique characters, which will make you laugh a lot. Nano Machine is a very underrated Webtoon series and gets slept on most of the time. The world-building could be more outstanding, but it is decent at best.

The story follows the typical troupe where the MC gets strong. The art in the series is exquisite and extraordinary. The fights are nothing less than impressive and get you hooked on the series.

Although not many scenes, some are highly gory, which might lead to health issues for some readers.


Nano Machine is the average success story of a prince destroyed by society. Now that the turn is in his favor, he starts by killing his mortal enemies gruesomely and won’t stop until he gets the head of the king and pays for all the problems he has caused his mother. But he still needs to be made aware of the truth about why the king left them.

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