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(Imu vs. Sabo) One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw Scans & Spoilers | Luffy’s Dream & Imu’s Power

Last updated on September 24th, 2022 at 05:07 pm

One Piece Chapter 1060 surfaced with an unexpected twist in the plotline. No one would have ever thought Blackbeard was planning to take Boa Hancock’s fruit, Mero Mero no Mi. It is still yet to confirm the motive behind his move because, as justified by Boa Hancock that her beauty makes the power of Mero Mero no Mi formidable. So, why does Teach want her fruit’s ability, and how can he use it? Let’s discuss everything in One Piece Chapter 1060 spoilers and release date.

The last chapter began with the cover page, where we witnessed Katakuri and Oven punching each other. It was due to the effects of Caesar’s Hallucinogenic gas. Caesar saved Germa and asked them to take him.

Germa and Caeser have now successfully escaped from the Totto Land. After that, we witnessed a great conversation between Marco and Luffy, where Luffy thanked Marco for saving him during the Marine Ford battle. It was the first genuine conversation between Luffy and Marco. Following the discussion, Marco left Wano and rode on Red Hair’s ship to Sphinx Island.

After all these events, the center panel arrived, where we witnessed the continuation of the attack on Amazon Lily. On one side, the Vice Admirals deployed new Pacifistas, the Seraphims, to attack the Amazon Lily.

On the other side, the Blackbeard Pirates arrived to take on Boa Hancock’s power. These new Pacifistas, the Seraphims, are very powerful, and their composition is almost the same as a Lunarian. They have high durability, and their single sword swing can cut a mountain. Only two Seraphims were enough to take down the whole Amazon Lily.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers & Raw Scans

One of them even attacked Teach. This was the first time we witnessed Teach using Armament Haki. He had to use his Dark-Dark Fruit’s ability to get rid of Seraphims. Also, as justified by Hancock’s sisters, one of them looked exactly like Boa Hancock when she was in her adolescent age. So, how were they that much powerful, and why Vegapunk decided to construct them in the form of childhood?

During the fight between Boa Hancock and the Blackbeard Pirates, Boa petrified both Devon and Vasco; however, her ability didn’t work on Teach because of Dark-Dark fruit that can nullify any fruit’s ability. At that time, the chapter unveiled the bounties of these two former Warlords.

  • Marshal D. Teach: 3.996 billion berries
  • Boa Hancock: 1.659 billion berries

Koby was also there to compromise with Boa Hancock. He told her to come with them. But they both were attacked by Blackbeard Pirates. Also, after defeating Boa Hancock, Teach recognized Koby as the Hero of the Rocky Port Incident and told him that he assisted him in defeating Wang Zhi at the Rocky Port and became the Boss of Pirate Island. To know more about the Rocky Port Incident, visit the article below.

Following all discussions, Rayleigh arrived at Amazon Lily and ceased the fight. He justified that he was not powerful enough to take down Teach, but his Haki was assertive sufficient to halt the war. In the end, the newspaper displayed all the incidents the next day, along with information that Blackbeard Pirates had abducted Captain Koby, and his current status is unknown. So, why teach abducted Koby? Let’s discuss.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Spoilers & Raw Scans

Finally, the spoilers and raw scans of One Piece Chapter 1060 are out. The next chapter is going to be 10/10 as it reveals some unexpected moments.

  • One Piece Chapter 1060 will begin with the title, “Luffy’s Dream.” Finally, we will witness Luffy’s actual dream. And remember Luffy and Roger shared the same dream.
  • It will be exciting to see the crew’s reaction after listening Luffy’s dream. 
  • After that, we will witness Sabo’s panel when he continues his call with Dragon.
  • He will mention that he is Lulucia Kingdom and also tell about a person sitting on the empty throne. Finally someone apart from the Five Elders witnessed Imu sama.
  • Lulucia Kingdom is located in Paradise. It is located south-west to Marine Base G-2, and close of Momoiro Island. We have already witnessed the island in some panels. First, the series revealed its name when Ace was searching for Blackbeard. He heard that about a town where Teach had been seen. After that, when we saw the entrance of all the Revolutionary commanders, meeting at a town against the Peachbeard Pirates. It was Lulucia Kingdom. 
  • On the other hand, Imu is seen with  map that has Lulucia Kingdom crossed out. Now here, it states two meanings either Imu has decided to destroy the kingdom from history or the WG has taken the major action to eliminate Sabo, so that he will not able not reveal this to anyone.
  • In the skies of Lulucia Kingdom dark clouds will begin to gather and lightning will start to strike everywhere. And then an object will fall down from the sky onto the country. Lulucia Kingdom will be destroyed in no time. So what about Sabo?
  • In the end, the Straw Hats will meet Jewerly Bonney with a bounty of 320 million. Now she will be the one who continues her journey with them.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Raw Scans

Other short details:

  • The chapter predominately comprises discussion between the Straw Hat Pirates.
  • We will also witness a short conversation between Imu and the Five Elders.
  • Imu’s next target is Sabo as he knows about them. So, who will protect Sabo from the ancient technology/ability/power. 
  • Robin will read the newspapers and tell the current happenings of Sabo. She will tell her that Sabo killed Cobra.
  • Luffy will reply that the newspaper must be wrong because Sabo wants to free everybody. And he will reveal his dream to his crew. Unfortunately, we will not see Luffy’s dream as it is only revealed to his crew. 
  • Then, Luffy decides to go to Alabasta, but Zoro interrupts him by saying Vivi is not there. So, he will say to go, Mariejois, but Zoro will stop him one more time by saying the same line. Hence, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji will insult Zoro for talking too much. 
  • Something gigantic will appear above the Lulucia Kingdom, above the clouds. It will start shooting laser beams over the island, producing a huge explosion in the form of a sphere. 
  • The straw Hat crew will find Bonney. They will see her in the sea (in kid form), near a winter island with a strong climate. 

Here, we have attached the raw scans of One Piece Chapter 1060. 

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Previous Predictions:

Presently, the primary topic of the discussion was the reason behind taking Boa Hancock’s fruit and abducting Koby after the incident. In our opinion, Blackbeard desires to de-petrify someone who was petrified by the previous user of Mero Mero no Mi. However, Boa Hancock justified that her beauty makes the power of Mero Mero no Mi formidable. So is it really true, or can anyone use its ability?

Someone on Reddit surfaced that the power of Mero Mero no Mi comes from the people’s expression. It depends on how everyone will react on seeing that user. If everyone hates to see Teach, then he could use the power of Mero Mero no Mi on them just like Boa Hancock do. However, it is only theory, not confirmed in the original series.


On the other hand, many fans predicted the reason behind Koby’s abduction was to get his bounty. As we all know, Alvida is in the Cross Guild, so there is a high possibility that she may put a very high bounty on him. That’s why Teach took Koby so that he offered him to the Cross Guild. If that’s so, we will witness a conversation between Crocodile and Blackbeard.

One Piece Chapter 1060 Release Date

According to the Shueisha, One Piece Chapter 1060 will release next week on September 19, 2022, as there is no hiatus. But this time, the chapter will air after a day’s delay from its regular schedule. There is no official announcement of the reason behind this delay. Also, the confirmed spoilers of Chapter 1060 will surface in the next two or three days. The next chapter will show the Straw Hat’s journey to a new island.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1060

Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media are the best platforms to read One Piece manga officially. Chapter 1060 will release this week, so you need to wait. Also, to read One Piece unofficially, you can advance to TCB scans or other private sites. We will be back once we get the confirmed spoilers and raw scans. Stay tuned with us and follow this post to get the latest updates.

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