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One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers & Raw Scans | Vegapunk & Dragon’s Connection

Last updated on November 1st, 2022 at 04:01 pm

The glimpse of confirmed spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1064 is out. So, let’s deep-dive into it after reviewing some greatest plot twists and Blackbeard’s goal from the last chapter.

One Piece chapters are getting more and more exciting since Wano ended. The manga just revealed something that will change the course story. Yes, you are thinking right; we are talking about Law versus Blackbeard Pirates.

On one side, the Emperors and the Worst Generation were fighting to claim who was stronger. Blackbeard, on the other side, was happy securing his position and getting his hands on as many useful and powerful devil fruits as possible to boost his crew even more. Now, he has been obsessed with getting his hands on Poneglyphs.

First, we witnessed Teach being chased off Amazon Lily by Rayleigh and Boa Hancock, kidnapping Koby, and now he has ambushed Law, who was on his way to the next island after leaving Wano.

Teach has planned everything since the beginning. He knows his next move and has already constructed a path to reach the last island. While he and Law are preparing to clash, the panel shows that Aokiji, who has teamed up with Blackbeard, has invaded Big Mom’s territory.

He not only took her Poneglyph but also abducted Pudding, one of the few characters who can decipher the Road Poneglyphs.
As many people already predicted, Blackbeard will successfully defeat Law because it will be nearly impossible for Law to defeat the whole Blackbeard Pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Spoilers and Raw Scans

And here, Teach has a chance to add Kaido’s and Mink’s Poneglyphs too. Remember, Law was already there when the Minks showed them their Road Poneglyph. It means after the fight, Blackbeard may have 3 out of 4 Road Poneglyphs.

Not only this, but Teach also has a chance to get his hands on Law’s Legendary Devil Fruit powers. But in our opinion, Law will manage to evade Blackbeard’s hands after being defeated. Enough discussion. Let’s go through the spoilers part first. We know you are craving it more right now.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoilers

The spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1064 have revealed multiple unbelievable events. The title of One Piece Chapter 1064 is “Egghead Lab Phase,” where we will witness Vegapunk’s research lab.

  • On the cover page, we will see that Aokiji and Van Augur have kidnapped Pudding. And below the page, the title is “Kuzan and Augur of Blackbeard Pirates.” Now manga has officially revealed that Aokiji is a member of the Blackbeard Pirates.
  • The first half of the chapter will display Law versus Blackbeard, where Law will use “Amputate,” and Blackbeard will counter it.
  • On the other side, Pudding is a hostage on Blackbeard’s ship. She will sense danger and awaken her third eye, through which she can see anything. Remember, Pudding is from the Three-Eye tribe, and this is the first time we will see an awakening of the third eye.
  • Pudding will see that Big Mom is dead, and the fight is going on between Blackbeard and Law.
  • Akainu will hear about the outgoing fight between Law and Blackbeard on “Winner Island.” It will be great to see Akainu’s reaction.
  • The second half of the chapter will focus on Egghead Island. Bonney’s rage will change the age of the group to four.
  • Bonney will reveal that Kuma was sentenced to life in prison back then. She will also unveil that he is from a special race.
  • Zoro and Brook will decide to stay on the ship while the others have moved with Punk 02 with new clothes.
  • At the end of the chapter, we will see Shaka (Punk 01) talks to Dragon. Shaka will say that Vegapunk will probably die soon.

Here’s the summary of the spoilers of One Piece Chapter 1064. Below we have attached the detailed spoilers with an interesting theory.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Raw Scans

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Interesting Theory” (Why Blackbeard abducted Koby?)

As we all know, Blackbeard abducted Koby when he didn’t get Boa Hancock’s fruit. But we don’t know the reason behind kidnapping him. Recently a theory surfaced by some fans.

According to the theory, Aokiji, who is currently allied with the Blackbeard Pirates, is working as an undercover of SWORD. And Blackbeard got this information from someone.

So, he waited for his moment to leverage it. Possibly, he will use Koby (another SWORD member) against Aokiji to carry out his difficult tasks.

One Piece Chapter 1064 Release Date

One Piece Chapter 1064 will release this Sunday, October 23, 2022, as there is no break this time. Now, after the fight, what will Blackbeard’s next move be? Will he only take Poneglyph or take Law’s devil fruit too? We don’t know yet, but we will back with pretty interesting theories that will blow your mind.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1064

Fans can read One Piece Chapter 1064 from the official websites of Mangaplus Shueisha and Viz Media on October 23, 2022. The new chapter will carry out many unpredictable events that will blow everyone’s mind. Now everyone is discussing on how Vegapunk is connected to Dragon. We will be back with another post. Till then stay tuned with us and read the articles below.

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