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20+ Strongest Dragon Ball Characters Ranked (Based on Current Manga)

With the end of Granolah the Survivor Saga in Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 87, as well as the introduction of various new transformations and powerups to popular Dragon Ball characters.

In this article, we take a look at the Top 20+ strongest characters introduced so far in the Dragon Ball verse, including its manga as of chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super. However, we won’t be taking fusions or characters with borrowed energy into consideration.

22) Hit

Hit Dragon Ball Super

Considered as the Legendary Assassin of Universe 6, Hit is the Team leader of Universe 6 in the Tournament of Power arc.

Being alive for near a thousand years and a couple of centuries as an assassin, Hit has an arsenal of techniques to himself, the foremost and the most powerful being the “Time-Skip,” in which he moves incredibly fast in a tenth of a second in a certain area effect around him and all his opponents.

His extremely fast movements give a pseudo-illusion of him being able to stop time. This technique was later refined by Hit to half of a second. However, the major disadvantage is that his moves only apply to those weaker than him.

21) Buu

Buu Dragon Ball Super

Buu is one of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball Series, but it is nearly impossible to measure his power level. Buu can be a useful fighter in many situations, even though he doesn’t have enough strength.

The same case we witnessed during the battle against Moro. The reason for putting Buu in the 21st position is that he lacks raw strength and power compared to the characters mentioned above in the list and is not a fighter. 

Also, we know Hit is stronger than Buu, but Buu has extreme durability, and it’s nearly impossible for Hit to take down Buu in a “no-rules” fights. Also Buu with Daikoshin magic was very powerful but it was temporary and not his own power. 

The Good side of Majin Buu and the host for The Great lord of the lords, Innocent Buu, was supposed to be the final member of Team Universe 7 in the tournament of power.

Chosen due to his healing skills and being able to recover completely even after only a small part of him remains, Buu can be considered a powerhouse himself even after losing the divine powers of The Great lord of the lords to Evil Kid Buu.

Even though his innate temperament is not to provoke enemies and only cares about sleep and food. Still, Buu is a very strong contender for being one of the Strongest Dragon Ball Characters simply due to his immense powers, inherited from Majin Buu.

20) Orange Piccolo

Orange Piccolo

Piccolo is Earth’s best defender and the first one to respond in danger, especially in times when Goku and Vegeta have been off the planet for training and his actions at the start of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie proves his stand.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, Piccolo asks to use Earth’s 7 Dragon Balls to wish that all his latent potential be brought forth so that he could fight against Dr. Hedo’s androids.

In addition to getting a power up from the dragon, Shenlong also gives a bonus power boost which allows Piccolo to attain “Orange Piccolo” form, which is very powerful in comparison to Dr. Hedo’s androids but a bit weaker when compared to Cell Max. That’s why we have placed him in the 20th position.

19) Cell Max

Cell Max Dragon Ball

Cell Max is the most powerful entity that has overpowered everyone in Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes movie. This most powerful creation of Dr. Hedo, made with the help of Dr. Gero’s findings and notes which were preserved long after his death, Cell Max is the superior version of The Cell.

Due to having immense power, Cell Max lost his power to regenerate, but his raw power made up for it. Although being released early before his completion and without restraint, he was still powerful enough to serve as a catalyst for Gohan’s powerup and even defeated Orange Piccolo.

18) Kefla


Kefla is the strongest fusion of Universe 6 in the Dragon Ball series, alongside Vegito, Fused Zamasu, and Gogeta. This powerful form is attained by the Potara fusion of Kale and Caulifla.

Kelfa fusion was so powerful that Goku had to attain the Ultra Instinct form to overpower her. She even claimed she could destroy an entire universe if she used her full power. Like Broly, the actual peak of her power is still unknown; that’s why we have ranked her in the 18th position.

17) Merged Zamasu

Fused Zamasu

Merged Zamasu was a very powerful immortal being in the Dragon Ball series. He was powerful enough to overpower the combined efforts of Super Saiyan Blue Goku, Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta, and Super Saiyan Rage Future Trunks with ease.

The strongest ability that Merged Zamasu had was immortality and super regeneration, which made him nearly invincible. However, many fans believe that TOP in Destruction form may defeat him.

There is a discussion going on between Fused Zamasu, TOP (Destroyer Form) and Saganbo (with Moro’s Power), who is more powerful. Everyone has their own opinion, so we have placed them in this order.

16) Top (Destroyer Form)

Top Dragon Ball Super

Top is Universe 11’s candidate for the next God of Destruction position and is in training to become one. Moved by his strong sense of Justice, he is the leader of the Pride Troopers, known as the guardians of peace within Universe 11.

Throughout the Tournament of Power Arc, Top isn’t shown using any powerup transformations and is seen only using his Destroyer form as a final form, where he gives up on his sense of Justice to access the power of Destroyer Aura.

15) Saganbo (with Moro’s Power)


Saganbo was a powerful antagonist but not on the level of characters mentioned in the list. However, after taking Moro’s power, he attained exponential gain in strength and easily defeated overpowered androids, Piccolo and Ultimate Gohan.

He also fought toe to toe against suppressed Blue Goku. The reason behind putting Saganbo above Toppo is because we think Sagando, in his last stage, was equally powerful to him.

14) Beast Gohan

Gohan in Beast Form

First son of Goku and the first half-human – half-Saiyan in the series, Gohan always has immense latent power, as stated by Goku. This came forth whenever faced with pressure, danger or loss of a close aide, which is shown various times across arcs such as Freeza arc, Cell arc, etc.

As of his new form, Gohan Beast is touted to be his peak form, bringing forth all his potential. He got this form against Cell max after he saw Piccolo falling down, which is analogous to one of his earlier powerups when Piccolo protected him against Nappa. This new form helps him beat Cell Max very easily.

It is safe to assume that Gohan is back into the fray of top Z fighters, and his further potential of “Gohan Beast” will be enjoyable to see.

The true potential of Gohan’s Beast Form is still yet to unveil. That’s why we have ranked him in the 14th position.

13) Black Freeza

Freeza Dragon Ball Super

Black Freeza is the strongest form of Freeza, and in this form, he easily knocked exhausted UE Vegeta and MUI Goku. Not only this, but Freeza also eliminated transformed Gas in a single ruthless blow. He revealed that he went into ten years of worth training to gain this form, and now he is the strongest in Universe 7. 

The main antagonist of the Dragon Ball series spanning over numerous arcs, Freeza had always been a tough opponent for Goku and his companions.

Originally being powerful than Goku in his Kaioken times 20 with his original four body transformations, Freeza was born with immense power in his family, which was even further improved by his Golden Freeza form and the latest Black Freeza transformation in the manga chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super.

Even with his golden form, he was able to fight with Super Saiyan Blue forms, and now, due to his black transformation’s unknown maximum power, he is ranked 13th in this list.

12) Jiren

Jiren Dragon Ball Super

The most powerful member of the Pride Troopers and final remaining fighter from Universe 11 in the Tournament of Power arc, Jiren is one of the toughest opponents Goku has faced in the Dragon Ball series.

Gaining all his power via training alone, Jiren could fight evenly even when fighting two versus one against fully powered-up Goku and Vegeta. He was still tapping his full power, which he used in his final fight against Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku in the last fights of Tournament of Power.

11) Broly


Born on planet Vegeta, The Legendary Super Saiyan of Universe 6, Broly is shown to be a sensible and kind-hearted Saiyan who doesn’t let much affect him but is very attached to his father.

Extremely volatile due to his emotions affecting his power levels in battle, he loses the sense of sanity in his uncontrolled Legendary Super Saiyan transformation, as shown against Freeza and Gogeta in Dragon Ball Super Movie: Broly.

His most recent appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie showed him training with Whiz and Goku to master his Controlled Legendary Super Saiyan state.

10) Planet Moro

Planet Moro

Making his appearance in the 43rd chapter of Dragon Ball Super Manga, Moro is the main antagonist in the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga.

Initially shown to be very weak due to his time as a prisoner for millions of years, Moro has very powerful magic in which he is able to take any being’s or planet’s life form and add it to himself, allowing him to never age physically as long he keeps stealing life forces from planets in the Universe.

Later in the arc, he’s shown to fight equally with Ultra Instinct Sign Goku and still has other kinds of magic to be used; hence he’s ranked 7th on this list.

9) Granolah


The final survivor of the Cerealian race, Granolah is a bounty hunter who is freelanced by The Heeters. Making his appearance in chapter 67 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, he’s first seen attacking other spaceships as a bounty hunter.

Later in the chapters, Granolah uses the Dragon Balls to make himself the strongest being in universe 7, with the exception of being weaker than the divine beings. In exchange for this enormous boost in power, he sacrifices all but three years’ worth of his lifespan.

In pursuit of his revenge against the Saiyans and Freeza, who destroyed his home planet, he’s shown to fight on par with both Goku and Vegeta in their respective most powerful forms at that time.

8) Ultra Ego Vegeta

Vegeta Dragon Ball Super

Originally a villain and later the Deuteragonist in the series, Vegeta is a noble-born Saiyan warrior who has gone through one of the most prominent character development in the series. 

As of the recent manga chapter, Vegeta’s most powerful transformation is the Ultra Ego, in which all damage he takes gets converted into raw fuel for his power. This form greatly increases his endurance, durability and toughness, as well as giving him access to a fraction of God of Destruction’s Power.

7) Gas (Final Form)

Gas Dragon Ball Super

Brother of the leader of The Heeters organization, Gas is the Strongest Heeter who had only ever lost once, to Bardock, prior to his fight with Goku, Vegeta and Granolah and his subsequent death to Freeza.

As wished by his brother, Elec, using the Dragon Balls, Gas had become the strongest being in universe 7, above Granolah’s wish, in exchange for most of his life.

After becoming the strongest, Gas was finally defeated by the combined effort of Goku, Vegeta and Granolah. In the end, it was Freeza who completely destroyed him.

6) MUI Goku

Goku MUI

The main protagonist of the Dragon Ball series, Son Goku, is one of the most powerful warriors in all of the Universes as a non-Divine being.

Currently walking the path of perfecting Angel’s power of Ultra Instinct, Goku has reached a point where he can willingly enter the mastered Ultra Instinct state after receiving training from Meerus, who was an Angel in disguise.

Even after achieving many extraordinary feats in battle, Goku’s nature as a carefree and battle-hungry character hasn’t changed throughout the series, which keeps him the most beloved character in the series by the fans.

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5) Merus

Meerus Dragon Ball Super

His first appearance as an Elite Galactic patrol in Chapter 43 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, Meerus is claimed as a “little brother” by Whis and is an angel in disguise working for the Galactic Patrol to catch criminals all across the Universe.

In the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Saga, Meerus trains Goku in his will to achieve Mastered Ultra Instinct form by will but is only able to assist him in reaching the Ultra Instinct Sign state by will.

He displayed his powers as an angel against Moro when Goku wasn’t able to stop him, and as a result of violating Angel’s law, he was erased without a trace from existence, although it was later revealed that he was resurrected a mortal by the Grand Priest by the wish of Supreme Kai of Universe 7.

4) Gods of Destruction

Destroyers Dragon Ball Super

Grand Zeno gave the title to certain individuals who destroy plants or beings in their respective universes if they pose any threat to the Universe itself.

Each of the 12 Universes has one God of Destruction who works alongside Angels to keep the order of their respective Universe while being neutral in most cases. Since Gods of Destruction are not allowed to fight with each other as it could result in their universes’ destruction, their power levels are unknown.

Even after this, it is safe to say that these divine beings are the most powerful being in their respective universes alongside their Angles.

3) Angels

Angels Dragon Ball Super

Divine Beings, which are born in the Angel realm, Angels can use Mastered Ultra Instinct naturally and hone this skill over the years. Each God of Destruction is assigned one Angel to keep the balance of their respective universes in check.

Although being allowed to train other mortals, Angels are never allowed to use their full power as it would mean a violation of their laws, resulting in being erased from existence. Angles are stronger than the Gods of Destruction if not equal to them.

2) Grand Priest

Grand Priest Dragon Ball Super

The father of all angels, Grand Priest, is the strongest and the oldest of all the angels while also serving as the personal attendant and advisor of Grand Zeno.

Although little is known about his abilities, As stated by Whis, his power is stated said to be one of the top 5 fighters of all the universes, and his Ultra Instinct is even better than Whis himself, possibly having the most polished Ultra Instinct in all of the Angels.

1) Grand Zeno

Grand Zeno Dragon Ball Super

The Omni King and the Supreme ruler of all Universes, Zeno is the most powerful being in the Dragon Ball multiverse, with the power to delete anything from existence completely and without a trace.

Taking the form of a child and child-like behavior, Zeno is always with his two attendants. His limitless power can be seen in action when Zeno effortlessly erases Universe after Universe in the Tournament of Power, and hence he’s ranked as the most powerful character in the Dragon Ball verse.

Special mentions

Vegito & Gogeta

Vegeto and Gogeta

Different versions of fusions of Goku and Vegeta, where Vegito is the result of fusion by using Potara earrings while Gogeta is the form attained from the Fusion Dance. The series hasn’t unveiled the true level of their power.

Even Supreme Kai mentioned during the fight against Merged Zamasu that Vegito SSJ is even stronger than Beerus. We know that Beerus is a lot stronger than we imagine.

Still, now after attaining the UE and MUI form, there is a high possibility that the current Vegito form can even overpower every God of Destruction.

This concludes the list of Strongest Dragon Ball Characters Based on Current Manga, and with new arcs and foes to come, the adventure of Son Goku and his companions continues in Dragon Ball.

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