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Power of Orochi in One Punch Man Explained

Last updated on January 27th, 2022 at 08:40 pm

Orochi, also known as the Monster King, is a major antagonist in the One Punch Man series. Along with Psykos, he is one of the two secondary antagonists of the Human Monster Saga and one of the three main antagonists of the Monster Association arc alongside Psykos and Garou.

He is the self-proclaimed king of the monsters and the leader of the Monster Association. Alongside his partner, Gyoro Gyoro, he plans to transform the human species into monsters and start a new age of monsters.

Power of Orochi
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In the past, Orochi was a regular human until he was taken by Gyoro Gyoro. Gyoro Gyoro was able to transform him into an all-powerful being. While he may be a monster, Orochi controls his violent urges and doesn’t crush humans immediately if they strike his interest, such as the case with Gouketsu

Power of Orochi in One Punch Man-

Orochi is officially classified as being above the dragon, placing him in the same level threat as Boros. This makes him the most powerful one in the Monster Association, fitting for his title as the Monster King. Even Bofoi showed signs of fear while describing Orochi to Child Emperor. He is also a successful result of Psykos’s many attempts to break the limit of growth. He is able to breathe fire from his mouth and from all of the dragons over his body.

  • Metamorphosis/Shapeshifting: It is Orochi’s main and most terrifying ability; he can change the shape of his body at will. He is capable of shifting from his humanoid form to a more abstract form, unveiling his ‘unreleased form‘. He can also sheathe and project tooth-like protrusions, which act as his fingernails. Shapeshifted his horns into an entire avatar of Psykos and his body also took on the shape of a jet.
  • Horn Extension: Orochi can extend his horns, change and alternate their trajectory very quickly at his will. Even Bofoi’s drone was destroyed by his horn.
  • Monster Cell Generation: He is capable of producing monster cells with his body through the process was never shown. As he is a source of the cells, he can create monsters whenever he desires.
  • Electrokinesis: In the final form, he can also generate electricity, allowing him to shoot out large rays of electricity. This ability is powerful enough to melt durable substances like steel in an instant and unground to rumble. After the fusion of Psykos and Orochi, it was able to temporarily stun Tatsumaki and make her lose power.
  • Absorption: Absorbs organisms that touch him, grabs and pulls other creatures in his mass using his tentacles. After Psykos fused with Orochi, his powers were greatly amplified by absorbing the energy from others and the planet itself through his tendrils, which were rooted in the ground.
  • Regeneration: Utilising the blood of the absorbed creatures, he can regenerate his body when he is on the brink of death. In the series, the ability to regenerate from his heart was only shown. After fusion, it was able to extend its fingers into spears.
Power of Orochi
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  • Immense Strength: Full extent of Orochi’s strength was not shown, but he defeated human Gouketsu in combat, and even after Gouketsu became a monster, he deemed Orochi as his superior. He was also able to casually restrain Garou within his hands and force his way past Garou’s guard with pure strength. 
  • Immense Speed and Reflexes: He impaled Bofoi’s drone so fast that its self-destructive mechanism was broken. Awakened Cockroach, too, couldn’t fathom his attack despite having a sixth sense. Aside from Boros, he is also the only monster to stop and dodge Saitama’s punch.
  • Immense Durability: During his fight with Garou or Gouketsu, no damage was received by him. Later he was able to wear the flaming garment for an extended period of time, set on fire by himself, without sustaining any damage. Also, he stayed alive and conscious after he was blown to pieces by Saitama’s punch.
  • Endless Growth: According to Psykos, Orochi gains in both size and power after consuming other creatures. It also contributes to his progressive cycle.
  •  Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist: A martial art Orochi copied from Garou. He used Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist with his horns and his multiple dragon tendrils against Garou as arms. He was also seen using this technique against Saitama. 

Current Power Level-

After a complete fusion of Psykos with Orochi, she believed that they could merge with the Earth itself as a perfect celestial being. During the fight with Tatsumaki, its strong psychic barrier was observed, and its strong psychokinesis power could seize Tatsumaki’s barrier and turn it inside out, causing her power to work against her.

Infused state could manipulate gravity and also expelled great amount of heavy smoke to create a cover for itself, which caused opponents’ senses to hamper.

Its energy attack was so powerful that it cut through the Earth’s surface and also overwhelmed Geno’s Thunder Drill Canon. It is also capable of destroying a huge meteor in one strike, as stated in the series. 

Power of Orochi
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Even Melzargard, Groribas, and Geryuganshoop working together to combat Orochi can’t defeat him, as stated by Murata. His immense strength scared many of S-Class Heroes; Child Emperor admitted he did not wish to challenge the monster who destroyed Metal Knight Drone.


In terms of strength, he is superior to or equal to most S-Class Heroes, and after his fusion with Psykos, he surpassed the heroes and instilled fear in many of them. Though he can’t beat Saitama in terms of strength as he was blown to pieces by his punches, and also one of the few to acknowledge Saitama’s power. In his fusion state, its psychokinesis power was in terms with Tatsumaki but only because she was injured. Later, she turned the tables and tore Psykos’s real body from it.

He is above Dragon Level Disaster and equal to Boros in terms of power, stated by the series’s artist Murata. He also stated that he is uncertain who is stronger between Orochi and Golden Sperm, but affirmed in terms of techniques Orochi is superior.

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