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Second Life Ranker: Wiki, Characters & Story Review

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Cha Hyung WooCha Yeon Woo, and their mother lived happily until little brother Yeon went missing one day. The mother was already ill, and her son’s disappearance broke her down completely.

The older brother Hyung was caring for her, but as a mother, she was always dead and worried about her son; after three years of struggle, his mother passed away, leaving Hyung alone.

While Hyung is sitting in the dark, solidified room thinking about what to do next, he receives a watch. It was the same piece that his little brother used to wear. Suddenly, the memories of his brother get transferred to him.

He realizes that many people tricked and deceived his brother as he tried to look for a cure for their mother but was killed by betrayal. Hyung decides to exact revenge on them and begins his journey.

Author Nong Nong writes the Second Life Ranker webtoon, and Sadoyeon illustrates this fantastic series.

Second Life Ranker Wiki

Cha Hyung Woo

Name:Second Life Ranker
Writer:Nong Nong
Genre:Fantasy, Action


Cha Hyung Woo and Cha Yeon Woo were two very close brothers, had a great bond, and always used to be there for each other in difficult times. They always looked out for each other.

Unfortunately, life had other plans, and their mother got infected by a disease and was slowly dying. Even after spending a lot of money, they could not do anything for her.

One day, Yeon Woo received a message from an unknown number that briefed him about this adventure and said that if he completed it, he would get a portion that would cure her mother.

Without telling anyone, he agreed and went his own way; seeing her son disappear took a toll on her, and in a few years, she passed away without seeing her son for one last time.


After his mom passes away, Hyung joins the military and leaves Korea to find peace, but is called back as his little brother’s body is discovered and sent to him for the final ritual.

Yeon Woo was found holding a watch gifted to him by his older brother. Shocked by everything, Hyung was sitting in his room when he suddenly heard his brother’s voice. The only thing that remained of his brother was a watch Hyung gifted him on his birthday.

The watch suddenly showed the memories of his little brother and how he was betrayed by everyone in his group and even his girlfriend; even though he got the reward, he was killed and unable to go back.

He was part of a group called Artia, which was very strong, but over time, they started to turn on each other and betray the group, putting all the blame on Yeon and making him a villain.


Hyung Woo gets angry and swears to destroy the people who killed his brother. Surprisingly, a system pops out, giving him all the details to enter the challenge.

He also has access to his stats and has many abilities, such as dragon eyes, which allow him to look through things, sense danger ahead of time, and quickly respond.

The main aim of the players is to reach the god’s tower, which possesses tremendous power. It is believed that if you pass the Obelisk, you can make your wish come true.

To exact revenge on the people who were the reason behind his brother’s demise, he needs to become one of the strongest people in the community, and for that purpose, he needs the Obelisk.

Second Life Ranker Characters:

Cha Hyung Woo:



Cha Yung Woo is the main character of the series. He was once a friendly and funny guy, but after his little brother went missing and his mother passed away, He became one of the cold-hearted guys.

Even in the series, he is well known as the guy who would murder anyone without a second thought if it served him right. However, he has started to change since meeting Edora and others.

2)Cha Yeon Woo:

Yeon Woo

Cha Yeon Woo is the little brother of Hyung, and he is the most important person to his older brother. Yeon always considered Hyung, a role model and looked up to him.

He always admired his older brother’s way of treating people with adequate respect and sincerity. He accepted the invitation to that world because he did not want his brother to get caught up in this problem.



Edora is his first wife, Hyung, and one of the primary reasons he started to change. When he entered the game, he was filled with vengeance, craved revenge, and was not interested in anything besides killing the top clans.

However, Edora constantly tried to open his heart but kept failing until one day, Hyung understood the importance of her in his life and decided that it was time to start his own family. If his brother had been alive, he would have wished the same.



Yool is one character who met Hyung on the first floor and had no ulterior motives. He was betrayed by his group, used as bait to escape the monsters’ attack, and left alone to die. Luckily, because he was a prodigy, he managed somehow.

Hyung saw him as a brother since their groups betrayed them in unexpected situations. While Hyung was about to leave, he rewarded his teammates for betraying him.



Doyle is among the highest-ranking players on the first floor and is highly smart, but he must trust people without expecting anything.

This habit has caused him a loss numerous times, but he does not hold it against anyone due to being appropriately raised. Doyle was looking to recruit Hyung into his group but was rejected because he was on a mission to avenge his brother.



Doyle and Kahn were friends and did not go anywhere alone. If you see Doyle, you can expect Kahn to always be near him.

Kahn is the 3rd highest rank player on the first floor but keeps to a low profile as he is at war with the leading clans, and drawing attention to him would mean Doyle getting crossed up in the battle, which he would like to avoid.

He is the reason Cheon was able to defeat the lizard king and queen.



Galliad once had a family he loved more than his life, but unfortunately lost his wife and child. However, he did not let it affect him and moved to a mountain where he helped with all the adventures in return for nothing.

Not only that, but he is highly skilled as well. He was tremendously fast, and even Cheon was unable to catch him. He was also lucky, as he met Yeon and provided him with all the necessary armor.

Second Life Ranker Plot Review

Hyung and Hyeon and their mother were a happy family despite not being financially well. They did not wish for any more, but suddenly, their mother fell ill with no medicine available to cure her. While this was going on, Hyeon got a message to participate in this game which could make him a millionaire and also would be able to help her mom.

Hyeon left them without letting them know about his plans; after a few years, their mother passed away, and there was no person left for Hyung, so he went on to the army but was shortly called back to collect his younger brother’s dead body.

Hyung was wondering what he should do next when his brother’s memories were suddenly transferred to him, and he saw all his brother’s hardships in the end. When he was about to return, he was betrayed and killed.

Is Second Life Ranker Worth Reading?

The series is one of the most well-known and renowned and has a huge fanbase. The series is well-written, with unique plot twists and good character development. The fights in the series are done very perfectly.

The foreshadowing is also one of the most highlighted aspects of the story. The buildup of the series is nothing less than excellent, and the characters are portrayed excellently; there are no forced ships in the series as well.

The story is a work of art and deserves to be read.


It will be a total waste if the series is skipped on not read. The fantastic storyline will make you forget about all the other series that might be similar to this. The journey of the characters, who all are affected by some traumas healing themselves along with the rest of the others, is shown in the series.

The series is one of the best, if not the best, and should be more popular among the masses and the fandom; it is also a good pick for someone just getting into this genre. Once you read it, you will undeniably get hooked on the story.

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